Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year: What You Missed and Have To Look Forward To

Everyone in the world is getting all retrospective and comtemplative. Or hungover. Since I am not the latter, we'll give the former a try.

So. What I did in 2007.

I was home when it started, and I got an MP3 player. It broke. I got a new camera. It's fine. (Fingers crossed.)

I made a list of New Year's Goals that I promptly forgot about. How does two-and-a-half out of four take you?

I got back to the Hall. There was a lot of O-Week related madness.

My scooter came back with me. Then I had to drive in Adelaide. Luckily, I got good at it. Then I got worse.

I went back to uni. People annoyed me. A lot. And I totally called this one.

Good thing I had permission to write about all the AssHats I wanted to.

I obsessed over my clothes and my hair. And the weather. I also went shopping. A lot.

We had four Formal Dinners. And lots and lots of events. I even participated in some of them. Plus lots of SAAUCC (and other) sports, like tennis, swimming, debating, basketball, and soccer (which we won!), I became a true Hallie. We hated St Marks, stole some bathtubs and won Battle of the Bands!

Unfortunately, I didn't really like the Tutor Dictatorship here. I also bitched about the food.

I had some awesome friends. And some of them came to visit me! And posted Guest Posts. I even went to Melbourne with some of them.

I read a book called Harry Potter. You may have heard of it. I also watched a lot of TV and DVDs, in addition to being a TV star.

I came back to uni for my last semester. I learned stuff. People were still annoying.

I had my 22nd birthday, which was pretty awesome.

I had a breast lump 'scare'.

I clearly thought about BlogHer way too much.

I participated in The Great Mofo Delurk and I finished NaBloPoMo.

I met one of my best friends. She lost one of her best friends. I realised the power of a well-written post.

I got a job.

There was this little event called Hall Ball.

I had my last class ever. I handed in my last thing. And finally, I shut up about uni.

I got a new phone. It was psychic. (Incidentally, it had balls on the tree at Christmas, and fireworks last night. Freaking fireworks! How awesome is that?!)

We started cooking things.

And then we had Christmas Day. And Boxing Day. And New Year's Eve.

And now here we are. Jeez I am a bit repetitive really when you put it all like that.

(I do not imagine that anyone is going to be bored enough to click on all those links. It was a fun exercise for me, however.)

400+ posts, a year and a half, tons of photos, and some not particularly well-written sentences. The Ranch would like to wish you a happy 2008, with good friends (blog or otherwise), humourous and heartfelt posts, and lots of hot sunny weather!

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  1. carlabalala9:00 pm

    Happy New Year Em!

    I think you've done a fantastic job on your blog - you've certainly kept me entertained (particularly during NoBloPoMoFoSho) and we all know how hard that is ;)

    Here's to many more posts this year! Cheers!


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