Friday, March 02, 2007

Ass Hat of My Week

Because Tiffany (and Jen and Mikala) told me to.

Scene: First lecture for my Publishing and Editing class.

Someone's phone beeps but during a period of random discussion, not while the lecturer is, y'know, lecturing. He was cool about it, which made me think he was going to be an ok lecturer to have for four months of my life.

And then he goes, "Yes, mobiles. I have one, and it too is on. You should turn yours off. Unless you have a family member in a serious medical condition."

Everyone kinda chuckled at that, not sure why, but anyway. And then he sort-of embarrassedly added, "That's the situation I'm in." Which sobered me (and the few other people in the class who were paying attention) up quick smart.

Later on, we got onto a discussion of magazines vs novels, and magazines as glimpses of a time, and age-old magazines in waiting rooms. And then the lecturer said something about the three twenty-year-old mags in the ICU waiting room.

And here we get to the point of the story. Thanks for waiting.

The Ass Hat of My Week: That's cos they're all going to die anyway.

Thanks for your sensitivity, asshat.

Sorry it wasn't actually very amusing, but it was the most asshattish thing I could come up with on the spur of the moment. Hopefully next time I'll have one we can laugh at and shake our heads over why in the hell people are so goddamn ridiculous but heehee it makes good blogging-fodder.


  1. vsquared10:39 pm

    I think I missed something!

    Who's all going to die anyway??

    Apart from everybody, of course.?!

  2. the people in the ICU aka the relative that the lecturer has in there.

  3. people are such ass hats.

    i wonder if that person even realized that they had put their foot in their mouth.


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