Monday, March 19, 2007

She shoots! She...misses a lot!

I played basketball with the Smelly Boy crowd today.

I really have mixed feelings about playing with boys, as I know they have about me playing with them.

Smelly Boys: Really it's ok if a girl is there to make up the numbers, otherwise you can go sit on the sidelines. No, not there, you're kind in the way of our awesomeness. And you better bring some of your own if you're gonna play with us. But you can't look like you're trying cos we are too kool for school with our mad skillz.

Me: Oh my god please don't pass me the ball too hard. I'm not here don't look at me. Yeah I can guard these three seven-foot guys all on my own. DUDE! I'M WIDE OPEN HERE! STILL OP-Oh my god, now I have to shoot it. FRICK! The chick with the miss. Ok, now you're kinda justified in not passing it to me. But for the love of god, PASS THE DAMN BALL. You missed. Get the rebound, pass it to me, I'm actually cutting here - THE CHICK WITH THE LAYUP - SHE SHOOTS! SHE SCORES!!! Blah blah blah cherry picking. Next goal wins. How cool would it be if I got it. Really cool considering I'm not even down that end of the court. Guys you missed! Now I have to play defence. The hell? Ha! He missed too. Ok, I'm coming. Dude you passed to me? Ok, guess I'll shoot since I'm WIDE OPEN. AGAIN. She scores! We win!!!

Smelly Boys: Man we rock. And PS don't think you can do this all the time. We need our manly game. You're bringing down the tone of the neighbourhood here.

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