Friday, March 23, 2007

Let's kill a lot of trees

Lady at the MVR: Is it registered in joint names?
Me: Yes.
Lady at the MVR: You'll need to provide proof of SA address for both people.
Me: The other person doesn't live here.
Lady at the MVR: So you want it just in your name. If you want to change any details you'll need an inspection.
Me: I'd like to keep it in both [so I don't have to get an inspection].
Lady at the MVR: Ok, just bring in proof of SA address for both of you.
Me: Ok, guess I'll just go get an inspection then.
Other customer chick at the inspection place: ~plays with her phone. beep. beep-beep. beep. beep-beep.~
Me and a bunch of blokes also waiting in this tiny little room: ~exchange glanes because honestly.~
Me: Excuse me? Could you possibly turn the sound off?
Her: I'm not playing anything ~shows me her phone so I can see that indeed her phone is making all these annoying noises without her 'playing' anything at all.
Me: Um, ok [crazy lady] [shut your phone up mkay thanks].

Different Lady at the MVR: Ok, have you got the forms for that?
Me: Here's the registration one, and the license one, and the inspection one, and the current registration, and the proof of address, and my current license.
Her: Right. You just need to fill out this form for me.
Me: Sure [are you fucking kidding me?].
Her: Was it registered in joint names?
Her: Why did you get an inspection?
Me: [Grrrrr].
So, the Scarlet Lady was inspected and is now registered and her owner licensed. And out two hundred and forty bucks. Good work MVR. Now I just have to figure out how to put on the new rego plate (and get the old one off first).

The essential scootering kit.

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