Friday, July 21, 2006


Scene: Darwin Airport
Time: too early
Cast: thousands
Important places: Red Rooster

Due to a "security scare" it took roughly forever to be allowed through security and onto the plane. Once there, admired the view of the runway while we waited for everyone else to be allowed back through security. Very glad we were at the front of the line.

VirginBlue did their typical "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Oodnadatta," when we arrived at what turned out to be Brisbane. So amusing. And the whistle, in case any of you were wondering, is for attracting sailors. Good to know.

Instead of hanging around at Brisbane airport for an hour, got there with about eight minutes to spare, had a ride on those flat escalator things, then got to board the plane.

Annette and Danny picked me up from the airport right on time, and after a quick detour to steal Lisa's doona, managed to find our way to Flinders Uni Hall.
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