Wednesday, April 22, 2009

You Heard It Here First

(Obligatory "I suck at blogging these days for no reason really, so sorry about that" comment.)

My aunt is a high school teacher. One day we were talking on the phone and she mentioned a new book she'd heard of, about a boy who was a wizard. "It might be a bit young for you though," she said. "Uh, yeah," I thought. A year later I had read the first three Harry Potter books and was standing in line to buy the fourth.

The last song I downloaded was Fall Out Boy's 'America's Suitehearts.' A year ago I had exactly zero of their songs. Now I have at least six. I first heard of the band on One Tree Hill (which I first got from Carla) probably three years ago.

When I was in year eight my friend Hel asked me if I'd heard of Britney Spears. "Um, maybe? It sounds kinda familiar," I said, lying, wondering who the fuck Britney Spears was. '...Baby One More Time' was the first single I ever bought, and over ten years later I am still listening to Britney.

Where do you hear things first?

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Easter Is For Eggs

When did Easter become about presents? Seriously, people, there are rules to be followed here. Show some respect for tradition.

Christmas is presents - one big one and lots of little ones. Birthday is presents and cake. Summer is icy poles. Winter is soup and crumpets. Adelaide is trams. San Francisco is fog. You know?

Easter is eggs. Chocolate. Eating badly.

If you have a problem with the amount of chocolate consumed at this time of year, (a) buy less chocolate, or (b) spread it out. I've had years where I still had Easter chocolate left months later.

Easter is not presents. Easter is for eggs.
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