Monday, July 30, 2007

...But not too busy to bitch

We arrive for dinner at 6:35.

[Just so you know, 6:30 is the START of second sitting. It is not the END of first sitting. (And even if it was, it would be the middle, since tea finishes at 7.)]

There was
NO potato
NO rice
NO pasta*
NO bread rolls
NO chocolate pudding
and by 6:50
NO cold drinks.

*Also, and this is what pisses me off the most, is that when I asked - for the second time - whether more pasta was coming out, I was told that no, there was none cooked, and it would take 20mins for some to be ready. "That's okay," I told her, "I'll wait." "I'm not putting some on now," was her outraged reply. Perhaps it wouldn't have seemed so outrageous if you'd put some on TWENTY MINUTES AGO WHEN I FIRST ASKED FOR IT, AT THE START OF THE SITTING WHICH YOU'D THINK WOULD BE A GOOD TIME TO HAVE FOOD AVAILABLE, NO?

I understand. You're punishing me for this, aren't you?

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sorry, I can't, I'm busy tonight...

That is all the days from Monday 23/7/07 (the start of Week One) to Saturday 24/11/07 (the last day of Exam Week Two - the day I can reclaim my life). All those word thingies next to the dates are assignments that I have to finish by those dates, and next to them, dates that the assignments have to be handed in by.

It all looks very organised but it doesn't diguise the fact that I have 19 assessment items to do in a thirteen-week semester.

See you in November!

What's Wrong With This Picture?

(On a side note, does anyone remember when posts used to have more words than pictures? Nah, me neither.)

Anyway, does anyone have any problems with this picture?

Saturday, July 28, 2007

O2 Week: Back to School at Tav

(Which looks very much like Porn Party, if you recall.)

O2 Week: We Wouldn't Make It In The Army (But At Least We'd Look Hot)

O2 Week: Kids Party

Bonus points if you can name all three of the dances being uh performed here.

Still to come because SOME people don't understand how to upload alllllllllll their photos to Facebook: my amazing victory over Jordan (and everyone else obviously) in Musical Chairs: The Use Your Arse Years.

Far Far Away

I've been back here for a whole week. I can't figure out if it seems longer or shorter than that. On the one hand, it seems like a long time ago that I was warm. On the other hand, it's hard to believe that one thirteenth of my semester (and therefore one thirteenth of my essay-writing time) has already gone.

Besides all that, that means it's taken me only/a whole week to post a post about what I got up to when I was home.

Basically, I worked. And I went to the markets. (Late. Sorry Carla.) But I don't have photos of those. Things I did that I have photos of include:

Carla and I have now had drinks in Shennanigans in two states ...

... I woodturned a Buckingham Palace guard, and a bowl ...

... I went to the beach (where the sun and the heat live) ...

... and I learned how to play chess (not).

Don't you just love my drawings there?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hell Day

Things I have learned in my first two days at uni:


Books are still being banned. Dymocks at Marion refuses to order The Killer Inside Me byJim Thompson. Dude, it's a set text. You will make a killing (hee!) off Flinders Uni if only kept a few copies behind the counter.


We've already covered this but it seems we have to do it again. If you are a teacher of internetness-slash-computer programming or whatever, it doesn't inspire much faith if you can't press F5, or even go Slideshow - View Show, but instead click through the individual slides while they're still in the editing pane thingy.


1. Do not brag about your timetable. You will receive a letter from your letter stating that they've had a look at your timetable, noticed that you have eleven am Tuesday free, and that they've moved you into that tut time. They do not mention if they've noticed that you already have four classes in a row on that day, and that one makes five THANKS A FREAKING LOT.

2. Students in this class are expected to sixteen hours a week for this class.
2.1 Students overall are expected to do thirty hours a week per class.
2.2 Some basic maths.

24 hrs in the day x 7 days = 168 hrs in the week.
30 hrs per class x 4 classes = 120 hrs of work per week.
8 hrs of sleep x 7 nights = 56 hrs of sleep per week.
168 hrs in the week - 56 hrs of sleep per week = 112 hrs available.

Hours available in the week = 112 hours.
Hours of work "required" = 120 hours.

Hmmm. Yeah, ok.

3. Lecturers are stupid. This maybe doesn't mean you should have a go at them in the very first class. My bad.


"Be cautious in use of the internet." No really! Look out! Something may fall on your head! Or a trapdoor may suddenly spring open! Or the booby-trap with the knives that fly at your head will be activated if you're not being cautious. Phew. Glad I've been warned.


If you do good stuff throughout the semester, and impress on your tutor the necessity of you getting a Distinction in the topic, they will give you a good mark in your final essay, even if - and I quote - some of your statements are not as clear as they could be [and] the writing lacks some of your usual 'sparkle' (and has uncharacteristic typos!).

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Meanwhile, Back at the Hall

I'm back. It's cold.

Also: I read Harry Potter. And I moved my room around. I'm sure you can guess which order those events happened in.

Actually first, there was a fire alarm, just as Tait and I shut the back gate. And no, the two events were not related. Apparently, it was the fourth in three days. (The one at four that afternoon was the fifth.) So that was exciting.

Then I decided that it was too cold to ride to Marion for my book, but I stole borrowed Rashelle's car keys, and kidnapped Bristol (new girl, no idea how you spell it; it's quite possible she thinks I'm completely insane), and off we drove to Marion. We got there by about 8:00 which was about 30mins later than I'd planned, but considering my plane was late and there was a fire alarm, that wasn't too bad.

Of course there was a huge line, but a nice girl from Boost Juice conned us out of ten bucks in exchange for some smoothies so we were happy for a while. Until we realised that icy drinks in winter were maybe not such a great idea. Eventually the line moved, people counted down, and everyone started to get their books.

One mentally imbalanced person read the last page and started SCREAMING. And screaming. We could hear her screaming all the way to the escalators where I'm assuming someone pushed her and she was knocked unconsious which stopped the noise. Luckily for her, she didn't read it outloud as some idiot did when another Hallie was in the line.

We got home by 9:30am and I read and read and read until 3:18pm when I finished and decided that I didn't have to kill JKR after all.

Then I moved my room around, which was a bit difficult as I can't see my floor. (And yes, that's still present tense. I kinda started to do some more today but then Rikki called and we watched Now and Then in the common room, and then I came on here, and .... yeah. No floor.)

My desk is still pretty much in the same spot, about a foot to the right. On it's left is my new tv and on it's right is my bookshelf. On the other side of the room as you can see is my Home Wall, my bed, and my pinboard. Not pictured is my reward chart and accompanying stickers which will force me to do things like run and drop and give it twenty.

And that was my weekend thus far. Tonight is the Crankin Kids Party which the first event of O2Week (and don't even get me started on the ridiculousness of having a nineties themed week when hello I was in high school when the nineties were happening which yes high school pictures are hella embarrassing but no they're not far enough away for us to be able to recognise 90s fashion when we see it compared to 00s fashion and also they had no huge theme running through it despite what you may say about grunge/short tops and too-high jeans). So. Party, yay, nineties theme, bite me.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Being without internet for the next week (unless I steal some from the uni up here, where my username still works cos I kinda just didn't show up one semester) I feel like I should go and do some awesome post, which will be worth a whole week of ordinary posts, but I've got nothing.

Work is fine, once all the drama died down.

The weather is gorgeous. Fine and 30 degrees every single day, and pretty much confirming that I'm insane to live anywhere else.

I've caught up with most of the important people (hi Carla!) in town.

I've bought one movie ticket (Ocean's 13, meh), one smoothie and one fried ice-cream at Mindal Beach Markets, and two cocktails (a Mudslide and a mango daquiri, if that's important). I didn't buy lunch at Hog's Breath, beacause Carla is a bitchy control freak who is also awesome. Oh and I bought blank dvds which said awesome friend is going to burn stuff onto for me. (How much was that not a proper sentance?) So the saving money so I can pay off my huge credit card bill thing is going pretty well.

I've arranged my timetable for this semester and it's pretty awesome. My classes will be:
Writing and Designing for Web*
Crime Fiction and Film
Themes in Australian Social History
Colonies, Empire and Revolution (which is about America. I thought I should mention it as you really can't tell anything from the title)
*I'm planning for this to be the awesomest class ever and I really hope I'm not disappointed.
Even though I'm overloading again so I can graduate at the end of the year (this year, even) I have ZERO clashes. Other things I have (or not):
NO nine am classes
ONE ten o'clock, ONE eleven o'clock, ONE twelve o'clock, and ONE three o'clock start
(you may notice that this means I also have...)
ONE Friday completely off every single week.

I have some results back. I apparently decided to get one of every possible grade.
P - Publishing and Editing (what do I want to work in again? oh yeah, publishing and editing)
C - Museums
D - Adaptations (Thanks Awesome Lisa the Tutor, I owe you a big big drink)
I'm hoping (ha) that this means I got
HD - History
but since I already got a prelimary summary for that class that looked a lot like a C, I'm not holding my breath.

Right well turns out I did have a bit to say (I didn't say it was going to be interesting did I). I have to go home and watch Gilmore Girls now, or maybe Heroes. Keep clicking on the ScrapBlog, if you wouldn't mind; I would love a holiday.

See you when I get back to uni and my internet!

Stupid Evil Telstra

So, I couldn’t get on the internet last night. I’m typing this with no way of actually posting it. Yeah. Stupid Telstra. (I'm at uni actually, 'borrowing' their internet.)

They recently sent us a broadband pack, congratulating us on making the move from dial-up. (If I had my way, we would’ve installed it that afternoon, which would have solved this whole thing, but that’s neither here nor there.) We said thanks, I said yay let’s do it, and The Powers That Be said we’ll think about it. As they do. Say, I mean, not think.

Anyway, when I went to log on to our DIAL-UP, I couldn’t. Since the (stupid evil) people at Telstra had gifted us with broadband, they’d decided that we no longer needed our dial-up. And I’m sure you can all see what they couldn’t:
NO broadband + NO dial-up = NO FRICKIN INTERNET.

We gave them a call to abuse them see if we could fix the problem. I find it worrisome that one of the very first options is If you’re considering cancelling your account, press 2. Ahahaha. Must be a lot of people that become inexplicably annoyed when they have no internet.

The conversation concluded with the following recording: Thank you for calling Telstra BigPond: Australia’s leading internet service provider (Oh yeah? I really didn’t notice you providing any service OR internet) Please call back from 8am or visit our website at


Saturday, July 07, 2007

RoadTrip BlogHer ScrapBlog

ScrapBlog is offering me a trip to BlogHer07. It seemed to good to pass up, so I went and created a page:

For every view of it, I get one entry. I have no idea if you actually have to click on it or if being here is enough, but just to be on the safe side, why don't you go ahead and have a look at it. Puhlease? Just for me? Cheers.

It's only one page at the moment, but when I get back to uni and my super-fast internet connection, I'm sure I will get addicted and add lots more pages then fiddle with it all for hours on end.

In the meantime, it's here and it's in my sidebar, so if you want me to go to Chicago, let your fingers do the clicking. (And if you don't, click on it anyway. Bitch.)

I always suspected

Mingle2 - Free Online Dating

Things I haven't posted about because...I haven't got around to it yet?

Hi! I'm still alive! It's all good!

Have been meaning to post for aboooout three weeks but, obviously, haven't.

Things I was going to post about:

1. Something about that afternoon at Glenelg which was sunny and kinda NOT-freezing-cold-for-a-change where we had us some crazy silly fun.

2. That day in the mall with Eri, and the little girl who took a photo for us because I keep forgetting that random parents don't know me like my work parents do, and more silly fun at Toys R Us (but WHY IN THE HELL WEREN'T THE GREAT GLASS ELEVATORS WORKING?).

3. That evening at that chocolate place, where I learned all about chocolate and had chocolate soup and the second hot chocolate I've ever had in my entire life.

4. That night at the Fad Bar, where I busted a couple of caps in the wall, learned Swedish (you can see the sum total of my mad Swedish skillz right there on my palm), and had to have other people keep dressing me, after which we all ended up in a huddle at the bus-stop (guess who got to be in the middle because she was the only one to not wear a jacket? In my defence, I thought we'd be DANCING) singing Wonderwall.

5. That night at the airport, where the Crazy continued. Also where Eri made me cry (figuratively) and Eri actually did cry (in joy that I was actually leaving?).

if I lay here / if I just lay here / would you lie with me / and just forget the world?

6 and 7. And oh yeah, the Road Trip, which I think I'll save for another post, and what I've been up to since I got home, which...ditto (stay tuned: rooster decapitation stories to come).

Gotta go and watch Heroes now (ok, yeah, that's the extent of the excitement so far, got a problem with that? and PS there's a new poll - go click things), which DVD Guy sent me, along with a letter beginning To my dearest Missy which .... WHAT THE HELL??? This is not a complicated relationship we have going. Pay attention now: you burn me dvds, I chat with you at uni. Freak me out? No. Send dvds? Hell yes.
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