Monday, July 30, 2007

...But not too busy to bitch

We arrive for dinner at 6:35.

[Just so you know, 6:30 is the START of second sitting. It is not the END of first sitting. (And even if it was, it would be the middle, since tea finishes at 7.)]

There was
NO potato
NO rice
NO pasta*
NO bread rolls
NO chocolate pudding
and by 6:50
NO cold drinks.

*Also, and this is what pisses me off the most, is that when I asked - for the second time - whether more pasta was coming out, I was told that no, there was none cooked, and it would take 20mins for some to be ready. "That's okay," I told her, "I'll wait." "I'm not putting some on now," was her outraged reply. Perhaps it wouldn't have seemed so outrageous if you'd put some on TWENTY MINUTES AGO WHEN I FIRST ASKED FOR IT, AT THE START OF THE SITTING WHICH YOU'D THINK WOULD BE A GOOD TIME TO HAVE FOOD AVAILABLE, NO?

I understand. You're punishing me for this, aren't you?


  1. no...carbs? of any sort?

  2. carlabalala5:23 pm

    Seriously? How do they expect you to study and pass units if you're not getting nourishment?! Fight the opressors! Get your carbs!!!


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