Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas Pageant!

When we were young, we would fly down to Adelaide for Christmas, and since we would always have missed the Pageant (which is held in November, way too early for school holidays to be on), Grandma would have taped it for us (on videotape!). Watching the video of the Christmas Pageant was one of our Adelaide Christmas traditions.

Then I moved to Adelaide, but between my liking for sleep-ins and the fact that I was working in retail, I never made it to the Pageant.

UNTIL NOW! The moment I've been waiting 25 years for finally arrived, and It. Was. Awesome.

Step One: Pancake breakfast! For extra fun, require that the pancakes be Christmas-themed!

Step Two (not shown on tv, for maximum suprise fun on the day): Draw on the road with chalk! Age is not a factor on Pageant Day!

Step Three: Find a good place from which to watch the Pageant. As you are walking the route and searching for the perfect spot, pretend you are in the Pageant.

Step Four: Enjoy the Pageant.

Realise that your dream of riding Nimble in the Pageant will probably never come true, despite your excellently thought-out plan of having the little girl currently riding him fall off just in front of where you are standing, and then being the one picked to replace her for the rest of the Pageant.
4.2 Realise that the clowns probably won't be coming all the way back there to high-five you; make do with police officers instead.
4.3 Enjoy making people smile by your energetic waving, and sincerely love the ones who are enjoying it as much as you are, especially the kid in the toy truck who was going crazy with the dancing and the waving and the thumbs up.

Step Five: Wave to Santa. Have Santa turn to wave to the other side of the street as he goes past you.

Have Santa turn back to you at the last possible second, and wave to you AND BLOW A KISS DIRECTLY TO YOU OMG that was so awesome. Pass out from the excitement of it all.

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