Thursday, May 31, 2007

McLeod's Daughters Shoot

Will picked me up at about 2 o'clock yesterday. We drove through Adelaide and out the other side. We had instructions to NOT turn off at Gawler, which gave me a huge flashback to when the boys were here. After driving in a small circle we found the Freeling exit and then it was only a few minutes' drive to the Freeling Institute, where we had to go.

We were directed into a hall with seats around the edges of the room and a buffet table set up. The cast and crew were all having lunch in a room off the main hall. We sat down, had a chat to the other extras, and had a bit to eat.

After a while they all finished eating and started bringing out their plates and collecting dessert. Lots of crew, obviously, but also saw Michaela Banas, Luke Jacobz, and Riley Ward. They had ice-cream, incidentally, with choc/strawberry/caramel topping - just like being back at the Hall.

They all went off to do cast-n-crew type stuff, and we started doing extra type stuff. We filled in forms, then the costume chick went around the room sorting out everyone's outfits. We'd been told to wear black, or some type of Halloween costume, but not to put too much effort in, as 'we don't do that kind of thing here.' Unless you live at the Hall, in which case you do that type of thing like every week. So most people were in black, some of the guys had teeth or masks, and heaps of girls (including me) had devil horns.

I got to keep basically what I was wearing, but they wanted some more colour and I had a red top on, so they gave me a black top to keep me warm and then a red one so I could be all bright and colourful. So I had black pants, red belt, red top over black, devil horns, and a red streak in my hair. Oh and open-toed shoes. Note to self: stupid self.

Then we all got to sit around for ages.

I got the last cream biscuit.

Some crew guy came over with a page of signs (sign-language signs) printed out. Since we're associated with Deaf SA, we should know signs right? Anyway, he wanted to know if they were the right thing. They weren't, they were American. He came a bit later, to me this time, cos I was now the resident expert on signing, with another page - still not Auslan. Best of luck buddy.

Then eventually (they were apparantly running late with the days' shooting) we were off to the Gungellan Pub! We had to walk through this 'alley' which was more like a gravel path. One with no lights and lots of overhanging trees and shrubs.

Then we got to stand around in the carpark while they finishing up filming a scene inside the pub. (It is worth noting that I never actually went inside the pub.) Then they started setting up for the scene we were to shoot in the beer garden. When they were nearly finished that, the Third AD (who was going to be in charge of us now - the rest of the time we had the extras costume chick and maybe the extras casting? or casting? woman) came over to sort us out.

As we'd already been told, no phones, ask if you need to go to the toilet or faint from the cold, no photos, no autographs, watch out for the cables etc, don't look down the camera. Then he gave us a run-down of the scene. Here is my way-more-detailed run-down of the scene:

The Drovers girls have set up a movie night for the town. We're all in the beer garden watching the movie. Me and Will and a few other people were at Table One, which was the closet table to the front, with a couple of rows of chairs, and the projector, between us and the screen. The main cast was sitting on the chairs front left. On the table to our left (which later was moved to be right right next to ours) were the Heckling Boys (speaking extras).

Three extras come in late and find seats right on the grass in front of us.
Another one (an experienced one, not like us) stumbles over with three beers, hands them to his mates, then sits down.
One of the Drovers girls says something and is shushed.
Frankie (whoever the hell Frankie character? waitress?) goes to the table right near the screen to collect drinks and is told to move her fat head.
The Drovers party do a round of 'who wants another one?' 'i'm good' 'i do' then Abi Tucker gets up and goes for drinks.
Luke Jacobz reaches his arm around Dustin's back to tap Michaela on the back, scaring her. She sreams, we all jump (for real, even though I knew it was coming!) and she knocks over a small table as she jumps up.
The Hecklers give her shit, but she almost manages to get the table upright. As she stumbles again, they call out 'Have another one for me, love!' and she turns around to glare at them.
Dustin helps her out, telling her to ignore them and sit back down, but she shakes him off, says 'I'm alright, I'll be back in a sec,' and storms/stumbles off.

Aaaand CUT!

It was freezing cold (even for the people who had not-open-toed shoes on).

There was some kind of problem with the DVD - there was one that had the zombie movie looped 17 times, but there was supposed to be a different one. In the end they solved it by fully blurring the screen. Round of applause for whoever thought of that.

The last lot of takes were close-ups on the main cast and hecklers, and the 3AD came by to tell us that we could 'amp up' our reactions to the Heckler Boys heckling Michaela.

I couldn't wear a Uni Hall hoodie or top unfortunately, but I did have my key lanyard looped around my belt loop and into my pocket. Unfortunately it was on the wrong side, and so was my red streak, but it can say it was on TV.

I stole a beer cup. They didn't give us real beer which was a shame. Actually all I really wanted was a bowl of steaming hot wedges, but I didn't get that either.

And that was about it. Sorry it was so long and so full of boring details. It was ... fun? Not amazingly, but it was great to be able to be on a set and see how they actually construct a scene, especially after all these classes of analysing films. And despite that, I couldn't shake the feeling that this was some kind of home movie we were shooting in someone's backyard. It will be so interesting to see what it actually turns out like, and what happens in the other 38 minutes of the episode.

Oh! And then when I got back to my room, my adoring public had already left me a box of chocolates! Actually, no, they were from Gerry and Mirinka for winning the Scav Hunt at Harbourtown.

Monday, May 28, 2007


A public service announcement:

I do not recommend doing a one-and-a-half hour training one morning and playing a fully timed game that night, especially if the most energetic thing you've done for the past year is three games of SAAUCC basketball.

You're welcome.

I'm going to go die now.

Sunday, May 27, 2007


Ok, everyone just CHILL. (And by everyone I mean me.)

I am playing tonight.

A real game. For a real team. Where they expect me to have real skills.

Freaking out? Me? Why do you ask?

Saturday, May 26, 2007

A Day Without Internet...

Q: How do you get through a day without internet? (Stupid uni.)
A: Go to Harbourtown!

Gerry and Mirinka's Shopping Safari, to be precise.

Scav Hunt Item 1: Pics of bored husbands/bfs who are sick of shopping.


Item 2: A receipt from Wanted!
Actually we didn't buy anything so I stalked some random guy who did and asked for a pic of his receipt and the bag.

Item 3: Two of pretending to be an engaged couple looking for an engagement ring.
I go into the jewellery shop and start looking around.
My phone rings. "Hi Dad! I'm looking for an engagement ring! Can I call you back?"
The lady starts blabbing about princess cut and white gold solitaires and whatnot. She then tells me I can't take a picture in the store, not even to send to my fiance who's currently serving in Iraq and that's why he's not here with me. Nope.
Luckily the non-jewellery store jewellery places were fine with us taking pics.


Item 4: A pic of you holding up a plane as it flies overhead.
Turns out overhead is much harder than on the ground. I didn't want to bore you with lots of pics of our hands in the sky so...


Item 5: Photo of you with a security guard.


Item 6: Victorian number plate in the carpark.
Not only did we get the Vic plates, we got every single other state as well (except Tasmania but do they even know how to drive cars down there?). Plus this one which is just awesome:


Item 7: Sing the Flinders song as you shop.

Item 8: Get the phone number of a shop assistant.
In my phone: "Nick from Wanted!"

Item 9: Pretend to have a lost child and get it announced over the loudspeakers.
The reason I won the Scav Hunt.
I grabbed Anais and dragged her to the office straight away before anyone else could do it and make them suspicious. She has glasses and a foreign accent and therefore they would believe her.

The Lady Behind The Counter: Can I help you?
Her: No please. I have lost my leetle brother. You must help me.
The Lady [seriously concerned]: Ok, what's his name?
Her: Gerald. He is twelve. He is lost now.
The Lady: Ok, do you know what he's wearing?
Her: He's wearing... a shirt.
Good one.

As we walked out to "keep looking" for "Gerald," (and you have to say it with a French accent - he apparantly doesn't speak English) we heard some security guard's radio telling him about a little lost boy in the centre. Two seconds later the announcement went over the PA system. High fives! Then we stopped the next security person we saw to tell him we'd found him. The look on his face was like, 'then where is he, genius? you just lost him already. again. some more.'


And then we actually did some shopping.

Fashion Parades all around when we got back to the Hall:

That's me with my new top ($2.95 thanks) and Bec, the winner, with her new shoes and $70 dress.

Friday, May 25, 2007

I am going to be famous... either a basketball or tv star.

I went to the gym today and asked about non-social basketball. I got to talk to the head bball chick who invited me to training on Sunday morning. They're half-way through the season but apparantly that's ok. I'll get put into Div 2, 3, or 4, after, I assume, they see how I go on at training on Sunday.


I am going to be on McLeod's Daughters. I know!

Apparantly Deaf SA has some thing whereby they get money if they supply extras, and a guy from uni has done some Deaf SA stuff in the past so he signed us both up. We're going next Tuesday afternoon for about four hours I think. Wonder if the Gungellan pub supplies real alcohol?

A guy from the hall suggested I could try and wear a UNI HALL hoodie or sports shirt or something so we can get a sartorial shout-out to the hall. And yes, ok, more than likely you won't even see me, but I will find out when it'll air so you can tape it and slow-forward to try and catch a glimpse.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

This is why we can't understand U wen u tYpe lyk dis kk loLzz!!!1

Australian people: Watch this. It's funny.

American people: Watch this. You have some funny ads.

Everyone else: Watch this. The Americans have some funny ads.

It's A Grand Old Dog In Your Pond

We fit nine girls in Jeana's car
We fit nine girls in Jeana's car
We fit nine girls in Jeana's car
And the shark had to go outside

The fellas played awesomely against Marks. They stayed with them and got ahead... when we had to leave [there is totally a side rant about how us and Marks had to leave to play when our boys vs Marks was still going] they were five (or something) points up. Dun dun DUN!

And then they lost.

And we lost. And it was all very sad.


(And now I have to go and do more of my essay so that I can finish it (without the aid of the internet tomorrow and Saturday) before Sunday so I can go and watch Marks get their arses handed to them by our footy teams. Bye!)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Turns out more people were still trying to kill their targets than I thought (ie, more than no-one). Assassins is over though, and I survived til the end. We have one more "mission" to complete which I think is knowing who got killed first, who had you at the end, etc (ie things you had to be invested to find out). The grand prize winner will be announced at dinner at Friday. (Hint: it won't be me.)


The Austen/Wharton/Lee/Scorsese essay is done and handed in.

The Miss Snark/Evil Editor/Agent Kristin one is done and will be handed in in about an hour.

Your options for the history essay are as follows:
3. Consider the history of coerced emigration from the British Isles before 1788.
8. Consider the history of mortality on board British emigration ships.
12. Consider the careers of four well-known British emigrants and say what they tell us about the process.
22. Write an account of the ideas of any political figure or economist in relation to emigration from Britain.
24. Write a short biography of EG Wakefield and explain the significance of his ideas for emigration.
29. Consider the role of charitable organisations in British emigration.
33. Write a short history of emigration of South Africa.
35. Consider the history of British emigration to some of the lesser destinations – eg Argentina, the Falklands, Tristan Da Cunha, Hong Kong, Montserrat, Kangaroo Island, St Lucia.
38. What were the implications of the ideas of Thomas Malthus for British emigration?
46. What happened to British emigration in the first half of the 20th century?

I've chosen number 12, even though I don't even know one "well-known" British emigrant. (I suppose there must be some somewhere. Right?) Anyway, this is in accordance with my new philosophy (honed during the Snark/EE/Agent Kristin essay) of writing a bunch of 500-word essays, tacking on an intro and conclusion, and calling it a major essay.

(It's due Monday, by the way, you better get writing.)


There were messages on FLO, my Flinders email, and my phone this morning all telling me the same thing: the computer department at Flinders is an idiot.

A power outage in the central computer room is planned for the weekend of 26/27 May. ... All central services will cease during this period - including, but not limited to, email, web site, HR, Finance and Student systems, network connectivity, FLO (Flinders Learning Online), ASMS servers, FMC backup servers, Citrix and Library on-line services. We apologise for any inconvenience this disruption may cause to staff and students but it is necessary for the growth and continuation of central computing services.

I don't quite understand all that IT-geek-speak, but it seems to me they are telling Flinders students that they will have NO INTERNET on the weekend before the second-last week of uni - basically the busiest essay-writing weekend ever. Does this seem a bit suicidal to anyone? (As in, they should shoot themselves before we all go batshit-crazy and kill them. Also as in, students may suicide if they can't do essays they need to finish in order to graduate.) Seriously guys, this is what semester breaks are for. Semesters are for writing essays, breaks are for breaking the internet. DO NOT MIX THE TWO OF THEM UP.

Monday, May 21, 2007


Assassins was supposed to finish at noon today. I say supposed to because it turns out the nice safe feeling I had when getting off the bridge today was all a lie: Assassins has been extended til midnight tomorrow, giving everyone a chance to kill their new targets. Honestly, we're all over it. Essays to write, bridges to jump off.

Sunday, May 20, 2007


My current essay (actually not anymore, I've moved on) is on Austen and heritage film and theme parks of the past. Whatever. Anyway, in it I discuss lots of travel websites and tours and movies and actors and locations. What I think would be awesome is if I could hand it in as a webpage, meaning instead of random web addresses (which look so messy), and explanations of where things come from, and lots and lots of footnotes, I could just have links instead.

For example:
British Tours offers two and three day tours to the locations of the 2005 film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice.
In Lee's Sense and Sensibility, Emma Thompson, with "the face of a character actress and the raw-boned stature of a farm wife," nevertheless has "her talent [which] has made her a leading lady."

Wouldn't that be so cool? Seriously.

[Ok, I'm back. Sorry. But I'm confused/annoyed. Remember to include a copy of your target market publication with your essay. The hell? It's an assignment. For uni. My lecturer is my target market. Anyone with decent English skills is my target market. People who don't understand/know how to use correct grammar and punctuation are not my target market. People who like to read essays on Austen that finish abruptly when I read my word count are my target market. I get it, we have to write to an audience. But seriously. This is just dumb. Plus, how are we supposed to include a copy when we have to staple the cover page to the essay and... the essay to a magazine? Seriously???]

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Assassins Update - Create custom images

New Target

I didn't actually kill Bec, they did a big switch-around at midnight last night. We all got new people to kill, so if you'd figured out who was after you, you have to figure it out all over again.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!

(Oh and a netball update: it didn't suck tonight, so I'm gonna go back next week.)

(Might as well do an essay update while we're here: handed in a tut paper for history today. She made some crack about us all leaving it til the last minute. Yeah, well, if you'd assigned ones at the start like the smart tutors do, you wouldn't be suprised when you get essays. Also, shut up. I have a fricking timetable up on my wall of when I'm going to do what, and this is when I could fit you in to my busy busy life.

Moving on to my Adapations one which is a bit over half done. If it's lucky it might get finished tomorrow before PUB CRAWL! And then I get to start on my Pub&Ed one which is going to be about these three websites which will be just so easy. I hope.

And then I have to do a 3000-word history one. That one will kill me. That is the super-assassin essay. Say your goodbyes.)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bang Bang You're Dead

I killed my target this morning. Because I am super-stealthy. Or not.

I was going down to breakfast at my usual late hour and I saw my target also heading down from the opposite side of the courtyard, and about twenty steps further on than me. I debated running up and killing her, but if I ran up and them we weren't alone, she'd know I was trying to kill her, which would make my job hella hard. So I kept walking until she couldn't see me anymore and managed to catch up about five steps there and five steps between the top of the stairs and the walkway to the dining hall.

As I walked along there, she was at the door, but turned around and saw me, then went in. Dammit! BUT THEN, she turned around and... held the door open for me.

"Hey," she said. "I thought it was you."
And we wandered into the dining hall. There was someone (damn them) going up the stairs as we were going down, so we (she, actually, I was so nervous lol) chatted about the early hour and whatnot until....

"Oh and by the way, bang bang you're dead."

I killed her! And oh my god I was shaking! I don't think I could actually be a killer in real life.

And now I have her target who is the hardest target ever. Wish me luck!

Monday, May 14, 2007

WTB?!'s Fifth Symphony

After being very slack, may I present my entry in the 5th somewhat weekly ass hat contest: Choose Your Own Adventure Ass Hat-Orama.

I have to do a huuge quote here because nothing else could really do it justice. For the moment, let's just say that I am so genuinly offended right now.

From a full-page real estate ad:
Koalas, Kookaburras and picket fences [where did the caps go? are they only for K-words?] are part of this everyday life style.

A classic solid brick coloured style residence [how about some punctuation?
and less adjectives] proudly constructed by leading by leading [I'm going to
stop with the commentary so I don't give myself an aneurism] master-builder Ian
Waite where quality and attention to detail is evident throughout this gracious
home. The wide welcoming entrance hall flows through the double doors to the
fabulous lounge and also to the bedroom wing. The generous size lounge features
an enchanting bay windows [an windows??? seriously???] and slow combustion fire
for easy winter nights. A separate dinning room makes entertaining easy and
adjoining step saving kitchen a pleasure to cook in. There are three quiet [well
sure, all the noise is in the dinning room] airy bedrooms build on a mostly
scale [built mostly to scale?] and a spotless bathroom with exquisite terazzo
finish. A peaceful office in TV room has access to the wide rear patio with a
picturesque backdrop to distant evergreen hills and stately gums where you can
watch the colours of the seasons change in your own beautiful backyard.

We accept no responsibility and disclaim all liability in respect of any
errors, omissions, inaccuracies or misstatements.

Dude. I don't even know where to start. (Obviously I didn't know when to stop my commentary either but some I just couldn't let go.)

If this guy is still in business I am shocked and appalled. I hope the owners of the house sued the shit out of him. There's bad spelling and grammer... and then there's this. I can forgive an over-abundance of adjectives because really, that's the industry. As long as they're well-punctuated. But this. No.

I hereby proclaim Alf Talotta of Ray White my Asshat Of The Week, for letting this piece of shit go out with his name on it. I'm sure the company was happy to be represented by such award-winning prose. Maybe if he spent less time watching the TV in his peaceful office, he might get some proper work done.

Dood: lern to right good lolz!!!1111!

Mornings? Still not a great idea.

This morning I...

fell down the stairs
broke my shoe
had my toast literally catch itself on fire.

All before 9:30am.
Oh yeah.

Assassins update: Despite that somewhat less than promising start to the day, I am still alive. (So is my target.)

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Assassins has started.

Target acquired.
Seek and destroy.

And don't get killed.

Operation Rubber Duckie: Mission Accomplished

We put one dog in your pond
We put one dog in your pond
We put one dog in your pond
And now it's fucking pink

We put two fish in your pond
We put two fish in your pond
We put two fish in your pond
And now it's fucking pink

We put three eggs on your wall
We put three eggs on your wall
We put three eggs on your wall
And we stole your fucking bench!

Ok maybe a little background is needed for this one.

1. Marks are wankers. (Marks = St Marks = St Marks Residential College = like Uni Hall but wankers.)

2. A bunch of Hallies mounted Operation Rubber Duckie on Marks on Easter Weekend, as detailed in our charming song above.

3. Battle of the Bands was last night, with the Flinders band being named Operation Rubbie Duckie.

4. St Marks have won BotB the past three years.

5. WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As ever, Flinders had the best supporters (including Carla, thanks babe, couldn't have done it without you!)

and due to the band being awesome AND our cheering/chanting (Flinnnnn-ders)/mean songing (see above)/Flinders songing (Sharks song and our dadadadadadada dada dada boomboomboomboom) and quacking (quack quack quack quack quackquackquack) WE FUCKING WON!

Best Hall event ever.

From the phone message this morning thanking everone who came out to support the band:
Marks came either fourth or fifth, we're not sure. Maybe everyone would like to ask them. HA!

Thursday, May 10, 2007


I suck at netball.

And I missed the game-winning shot at basketball last night.

Go Sharks!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Smackdown at the Debating Corral

Anyone who thinks debating isn't a sport (ok, me) should have been at Lincoln last night.

The topic was "A woman's place is in the home" which was going to be controversial from the start, really. We were negative and St Marks (wankers) were the affirmative. Now, they decided to play it in a certain way and they were committed to it, but they had to realise they'd have to live with the results of that.

In the words of the adjudicator, they were "funny like Borat is funny." They were crude and sexist and way over the top. But that was their angle and good on them for going all in. The adjudicator didn't see it like and they had to know that was, if not likely, a distinct possibility, and be willing to live with it. According to the adjudicator, they were disrespectful to us* and didn't even try and basically wasted everyone's time.

The (large and mostly male) Lincoln supports did not see it that way, and neither did the team, in particular their sole female member who could have been the brains(?) behind their strong stance. They "asked a question" and didn't like the answer and there were rumblings from the crowd (loud abusive ones, heading in the direction of the adj.) and the adj. held his ground when he really should have said, debate's over, move on, but one of them was smart enough to get them to leave. It kinda looked like they were walking out in protest, but really it was over and they had another debate to attend.

It would have been interesting to see how the adj. we had last week (hot and female) would have judged the same debate. She seemed really intelligent and not into that kind of crass humour but would/could a female have taken such a strong stand against anti-female thinking. I don't know but I'm glad we're not playing Marks tonight.


*He also said "since Flinders came so far" which was stupid and irrelevent. It's funny that they all think we're so far away when we don't really see it like that. We're further from them than they are from us if that makes sense.

Catch Up

This will be a general catch-up of things that've been going while I was too lazy to be blogging.


I finished my Museums evaluation and handed it in. Two weeks later she said we'd be getting out essays back the next day and sorry it wasn't earlier. The next day we got our essays back - the ones we handed in in like, Week One. Might be a bit of a wait on the evaluations.

I finised my History presentation. Then I woke up at 10:58am for an 11am presentation. Good work. And I could tell she didn't believe that I hadn't been working on it all morning and that's why I was late.

I wrote a History tut paper on the weekend and I'm supposed to have an English one finished before Carla gets here. (Good luck with that.)


We had Academic Dinner which was where's the wine speech wine? speech wine?! pumpkin soup WINE?! speech WINEWINEWINE?!?!?! fish or steak WINE YAY! speech winewinewinemmm dessert wine wine Shenannigans.

Tarryn and I had a good time passing a way drunk Hallie who kept hitting on us back and forth (until he settled on her. hee!).

I stole a tie. Again. This one I gave back though.

And I got invited up to another drunk Hallie's rooom.
Him: I'm heading back now.
Me: K Bye!
Him: You could come up to my room when you get back.
Me: .....
Him: Anytime.
Me: [nodding cos I'm listening to him. realise what I'm nodding at and start shaking my head]


This guy from one of my classes asked me to dinner. We went. It was fine.
I've had a cough for weeks now. He bought me butter-menthols.
He burned me Greys and House and Veronica Mars.

But he is shorter than me and while we are good friends I think that's all it's going to be. But he's a really nice guy. But he's short.

Friday, May 04, 2007

What day is it?


Qn: And what happens on Fridays?
Ans: We can cross off another week on our countdown.

"Ten percent of nothin' is... let me do the math here. Nothin' into nothin'. Carry the nothin'..."

ONE WEEK!!! (Ok, so not quite nothing. Yet. But Stuart lent me Firefly. Thanks Stuart!)

I really should get started (or rather, finished) on that timetable: How To See All Of Adelaide In Just Forty-Eight Hours.

Another What the Hell?

Someone stole my butter.

That is all.
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