Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hottest Winter Day On Record

It's still winter apparently, but you'll forgive me for being a bit confused.

After this gorgeous day, we've had low twenties during the day this week, but today it got up to TWENTY NINE DEGREES.

Summer? Hell yeah. Bring it on.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Time Check Please Lecturers

Argh! These lecturers are driving me insane.

Classes (are to supposed to) start on the hour and finish at ten to. Is that so hard to grasp? (Hint: No it's fricking not.) Which is why comments like this annoy me so much:

Time: 1:52pm.
Lecturer: Well I see we're running out of time, so I'll just mention this [and blah blah blah].
Me [to myself]: The correct tense is ran. We've run out of time. Not running.

Time: 2:48pm.
Lecturer: Right, we're running short on time, but I'll just hand out this quiz...We'll be going over this in tutorials next week anyway...
Time: 2:50pm.
Everyone: [finishes the quiz]
Me: [packs away cos I have my fifth class in a row still to get to]
Lecturer: Right, let's go through some answers...


Monday, August 27, 2007


First of all can I say one thing.

Hello Summer!

Right. Now that that's taken care of, let's talk soccer.

It was a beautiful gorgeous hot sunny SUMMERY day and I somehow didn't even get sunburnt from it. Of course, I didn't get a tan either.

I braided Bristol and Jollan's hair and threaded ribbons through them which looked pretty good if I do say so myself. Total KSA flashback.

Our first game was against Marks, who we'd decided were probably going to be our hardest competition for the tournament, and our second was against Lincoln. Both were pretty tough, physical as always (yes Bristol and Jollan, I am looking at you), but Carey didn't let a goal in, and Bristol scored! Woohoo!

I played like shit in the first game, but I was much more aggressive at the start of the second one which was good. I think I did a bit much of letting other people have it instead of me when I should have been the one to go for it. Soccer? Still not my sport but I'm on the team now for what it's worth and I really need to make it be worth something.

Our boys drew one and won one (4-1), and we were the only girls team to win a game which puts us on top! Now all we have to do is win twice next week and the cup is ours!

Oh and next week can someone bring the toilet paper? Nothing like a bit of peeing in the bushes to bring a team together.

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Why are soccer boot laces so long?

SAAUCC Soccer is tomorrow. I'm starting on the bench but probably will play. Would rather sit on the side cheering for our team and checking out the boys playing on the other ... field? (Carla? I forgot.)

(Which sounds like what someone who is starting on the bench would say to cover their true feelings but you'll have to trust me when I say my soccer skills are in the Not That Good column and I would have a lot better time if I could sit and watch and cheer.)

Anyway, you can hang out and wait for some pics of me at least looking like a soccer player and hopefully our whole team playing like real live awesome St Marks arse-kicking soccer players!

Yay Sharks!

Wrong Idea

Shelle [as we're watching the preview for Californication]: Can you even say 'vagina' on tv during the day?
Me: I don't know. Maybe cos it's the 'correct' word?
Shelle: Yeah maybe.
Me: OOH! Guess what I saw???

(Just for the record, no I haven't been seeing any vaginas lately. I was actually talking about the abbreviation 'C-U-Next-Tuesday' that I'd read that day. Can it be called an abbreviation if it's longer than the actual word?)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Flashback: Girls Day

This one has been a while coming, but y'know, essays and whatnot. (Incidentally, I am four assignments down, fifteen to go.) (Also, I handed one in on Tuesday this week and got it back today. That's bloody fast.) (By the way, I got a Distinction. One out of nineteen's not bad, right? And P's get degrees.) Where was I? Oh yeah, Girls Day.

We started off the day with a bruch, then moved on to packing Birthing Kits for an organisation called Zonta, which assists women all over the world. Ours were going to be going to Afghanistan? maybe.

So we packed a sheet of black plastic, gloves, soap, clamps, and a scalpel into teeny tiny plastic bags ready to shipped off to women who have to have their children on dirt floors. Or dirt ground. And so we got to feel all very self-sacficing, and self-congratulatory on doing such a good thing for womankind.

All day long there was a Chill Out in the Abbey, with massages, manicures, beaded jewelry making, lollies and choccies, and lots of girly magazines to read.

In the afternoon, there was a Self Defence class held, inconveniently right after Jesseh and I had our manicures, so there a very girly element to it, what with trying to let our nails touch anything. Makes it hard to twist someone's thumb if you can't use your fingers.

Wine Tasting was also in the arvo, luckily (or not) after self defence. We had proper wine people who came to try and teach us a bit of appreciation for proper wines - a bit hard at the Hall when many many girls live on goon, but they did a good job of it.

We learned how to hold a wine glass - by the stem, but that always makes me feel like I'm going to drop or tip it at any moment. I always thought you did it that way so your hand's not cold when you're introduced to someone but apparently not.

In no way could I be considered a wine drinker. I prefer it if I can't taste whatever it is that's destroying my liver. But they had a range of some different ones, including dessert wines, the orange one of which was so nice that I managed to swipe the unopened bottle for later.

And finally, we had a sleepover in the Ballroom, complete with games, jumping on the beds, chocolate fondue fountain (minus the fountain), and what would a sleepover be without a little Dirty Dancing.

PS We're trying to ignore the fact that Boys Day is tomorrow and they get to go go-karting and paintballing. Stupid smelly boys with their cool fun activities.

Not that Girls Day wasn't awesome. Cos it was. I think everyone had a great time, and it was one of those events - unlike Pub Crawl for example where all the girls are happy to get involved and enjoy themselves in a Hall group setting. So yay! Go girls!

Now, everyone go and give their girl friends lots of hugs! Go!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Friday, August 17, 2007


When I got to uni (after riding the Scarlet Lady - this may or not be important later) there was something wrong with my phone. It was still on, cos the screen would light up, but it wouldn't show anything on the screen except white light.

I managed to set my alarm from memory so I got up the next morning but it was still stuffed. I also got a message that, hi, I couldn't read because my phone was stuffed.

The next morning when I woke up, my phone seemed fine. Until I shut it and everything on the little screen is upsidedown and back to front. Bizarre, no?


I turned my computer on to check my bloglines write my history analysis and NOTHING. The little light went on where the ON button is but the screen was blank. Blank black.

Dude I lost it just a little bit. Not only do I have an essay due (that's been done for weeks) but I have two more to complete (and that's just for this week coming) but uh...blogs to read!

I yanked out the battery cord and let it run down to nothing so it would turn itself off. I glared, turned it on again, and ...

So I'm thinking the universe was just messing with my mind. Cheers for that. Really.

UPDATE: SERIOUSLY? ARE YOU KIDDING ME UNIVERSE? One of the ratings on one of the previews at one of the movies we saw tonight* was UPSIDE-DOWN AND BACK TO FRONT. Dude.

*I am not now nor will I ever admit that we maybe snuck in to see the second movie. Knocked Up is funny though.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Breast Enhancement Surgery: A Play

Wednesday 7:43pm
MISSY and JOLLAN meet TOMMY GUN at Missy's Bathroom.
MISSY and JOLLAN mock TOMMY GUN for his girly shampoo, but admit that TOMMY GUN has good taste in bathrooms.
TOMMY GUN exits stage left to commence his shower.
MISSY and JOLLAN exit stage right into Missy's Room.

JOLLAN: We should totally get him.

MISSY and JOLLAN collect supplies and proceed to MISSY's bathroom where they throw four water balloons at TOMMY GUN.

JOLLAN hurriedly exits stage ... front? while MISSY exits stage right, slamming the door to her room.

Wednesday 7:58pm
MISSY sits in her room, quietly having an aneurysm. From the corridor, we hear the sounds of TOMMY GUN and BURRA planning to throw the unexploded (frick!) water balloons at her. There is a knock at the door.

MISSY: Hell no.
TOMMY GUN and BURRA: [Evil laughter.]

There is a slight commotion at the door, then TOMMY GUN's head appears over the hatch.

MISSY grabs a water bomb threateningly, then slams her hatch shut.

Wedesday 8:11pm
MISSY and JOLLAN have a conversation on msn.

MissE says:
quick come here theyre holding me hostage
Jollan {hangin'} says:
Jollan {hangin'} says:
they're not
MissE says:
tommy gun was going to throw it through my hatch!
Jollan {hangin'} says:
Think I'm dumb or something?
MissE says:
no for real not kidding
Jollan {hangin'} says:

JOLLAN is no help obviously, so MISSY tries BRISTOL.

b r i s t o l says:
im tempted to get burra and tommy, im sure i could reel them into my room
b r i s t o l says:
the carpet might get a little wet tho outside lol
MissE says:
yeah i dont want to do it in places with carpet
MissE says:

Wednesday 8:18pm
MISSY, JOLLAN and BRISTOL spend some time roaming the corridors for people to bomb, to no avail. They discover a cheap alternative to breast enhancement surgery. JOLLAN collects SHELLE and they depart to watch House. BRISTOL takes her boobs back to her room. MISSY takes hers down to the common room to show off.

Wednesday 8:42pm
MISSY totally calls that the dude wasn't a vegetarian.

Wednesday 9:42pm
MISSY is telling TUTOR GERRY all about her boobs and their origin. JUICY pipes up that no, he was the one helping TOMMY GUN get up to her hatch. Fade out on MISSY's look of resolve to get JUICY.

Wednesday 9:46pm
JUICY leaves the common room, quickly followed by MISSY, taking out her boobs as she goes.

JUICY sees who's behind him, lets out an expletive and books it up the stairs. MISSY is smarter and runs into the courtyard. JUICY reaches the path near the computer room and thinks he's safe. MISSY jumps up the courtyard step and hurls one of her boobs at JUICY. (Unfortunately she misses. Boobs are hard to aim.) JUICY craps himself and sprints up the 3-2 staircase.

Wednesday 10:01pm
MISSY and SHELLE head up to retrieve some chocolate from MISSY's room then do some work. They see JUICY in the hallway about to take a shower. JUICY craps himself, again, some more.

JUICY splashes water all over MISSY's door and floor and hair (thanks heaps, I just straightened it).

MISSY grabs her last remaining boob and takes off. MISSY and JUICY do a lap of the third floor at a full sprint. They suprisingly don't break an ankle or two hurtling down the 3-4 staircase. MISSY picks up JUICY's bottle of water which he drops in his haste. She allows him to retreat into the common room.

Wedneday 10:14pm
MISSY and SHELLE find the chocolate, and SHELLE exits.

MISSY hears JUICY go into the shower.

She sneaks out of her room and into the bathroom...


And now ... I really need to go to the bathroom. Someone want to come help me?

BlogHer Does Adelaide (and a really tangential tanget about pink and silver sequins)

As BlogHer stirred up a whole heap of enthusiasm all over the internet regarding blogging meet-ups, I am now a member of the Adelaide Weblogger Meetup Group.

There are currently 9 members, including Jen/Jaycee (the only one of them that I currently read) so go check her out. There is a get-together planned for November (considerately after all my assignments are due). I'm sure there are more Adelaide bloggy people than that, so if you read this, you should totally come! (I promise not to call you bloggy to your face.) If you happen to live elsewhere, like Darwin or Michigan or the DC Area, but will be in Adelaide in November, you definitely have to come with.

Is this a good idea? I mean, I live in this city now. I talk about Flinders and the Hall a lot. Do I want to make me and the Ranch the same (real) person? (Hint: Not rhetorical questions.)

On a similar note, I was messing with the applications on Facebook, and there's one that shows a clip of your blog, and links to it obviously. Most of my Facebook friends are from the Hall. But how do I know if they're reading it and so I should shut up talking about them? I think it would take too much effort to care, really. Is this bad?

On another similar note (but not really, this time), you know how when you're at camp and Walmart is the coolest, and you have no shame in calling out "MARCO!" "POLO!" or "PEANUT BUTTER!" "JELLY!" or "BUDDY!"? Or like that time when we were on our way home from French Woods, or Iroquois Springs maybe, and we just wanted to run into Walmart for some M&Ms or something. But there were huge-ass lines everywhere as this was apparantly the night that all of the teeny tiny town decided to do their shopping. So I (with my foreigner accent) got picked to ask the nice Orthodox Jewish couple in front of us if we could maybe cut in front of them pretty please, cos I'm not from around here, MATE. CRIKEY. (They let us and we made it back before curfew with about .278503 seconds to spare.)


Living in the Hall is kind of like that. Especially during O-Week what with Scav Hunt, but also when we're shopping for things for other themed events, at which time we tend to see Marion as our own personal playground. Today we were at it again with the "Marco!" "Polo!" which is just common sense really. You don't really want to lose people in Marion.

THE POINT WAS... I bought an awesome pink cowboy hat with silver sequins and a silver tiara on the front. And I wore it all around Marion.


PS Thank you for the suggestions about the photos. If you're reading this and you haven't helped me out, go do that. Please.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Help please!

AKA It's still all about me.

AKA The De-Lurkifier. PLEASE! ANSWER ME! Really. I need help. This is the lasting last impression I will leave on Uni Hall, and therefore like the most important thing in the world EVER.

[Also, you should know that I'm not posting any more posts until I have like, 164 answers, even though I have Girls D-- and the Vict-- and Adel-- (dude I nearly gave it all away) yet to talk about.]


Which pic should I use for my Yearbook Profile?

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me

Yep, I'm still going on about it!

Just thought you might like to see I would like to show you the things I bought from IKEA on Saturday.

All nicely colour-coordinated with my locker there and also my curtains and bedspread.

Feel free to ignore the clothes on the floor. They're not all in the habit of being in boxes or drawers quite yet.

I just noticed that We're Going On A Bear Hunt is there alongside the Style Guide, dictionary, and history textbook. As well it should be.

And for your entertainment:

I just went to SAAUCC soccer training. It was good to get my lazy arse up and running around but I think we've established beyond a shadow of a doubt that soccer is not my sport.

If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go lay down now.

You Can Tell...

...when you've lived at the Hall just long enough...

...that you're not suprised...

...when you find three guys and a bathtub... the common room at five in the morning.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I'll Be There For You...

Shelle and I are taking Jollan to the airport tomorrow morning. Like, early. As in, before the sun. (Who knew such a time even existed?)

Anyway, we were talking about this at dinner tonight, and this new guy who was sitting next to us overheard and said, Wow, you guys are really good friends.

Which is true.

On Saturday night, as I said, Tiff's dickhead boyfriend broke up with her. She was a little drunk, and I was a little birthday-crazy, but I looked after her and the others looked after both of us.

The same thing happened on our awesome girls night at Shags. We just had a really good group out, and we all made sure each other was ok and got home and drank water and got into bed.

Unfortunately, sometimes when we go out, some people are left out of our circle. They have their own friends, and we can't look after everybody, but it makes me a bit sad. I feel bad leaving people when they're (in my opinion) too drunk, but the reality is, they don't care what happens to me or my group, as long as they get drunk / pick up.

We're just lucky that we have a group we can count on.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

This is where the words live

So right now I should be writing an essay. According to my schedule, I have a critical analysis to finish by tonight.

I'm on a study break.

It was my birthday yesterday!

First there was Quiz Night on Thursday night. The power went out for much of the night which added a nice community/school camp feel to the festivities. Unfortunately we didn't come first, second, or last, but I did get Gary to give me, Rikki, and Petey birthday shout-outs, and I scored a bottle of Hard Man Ale. The label reads as follows:

Hard Man Ale
Boys Day 2006
It May Or May Not Kill You.

We weren't drinking but we managed to eat a shitload of junkfood which had much the same effect alcohol would have.

And then it was midnight and MY BIRTHDAY!

Saturday we went to lunch at the casino with Grandma and Aunty Lyn. The apple crumble there is worth its weight in ... apple crumble I guess. Very yummy. Then the girls were introduced to the wonders of gambling, but in the spirit of a cautionary tale I blew twenty bucks on the money wheel thing in about 45 seconds.

Then we went to Ikea because Jollan is Swedish. Also because the rest of us had never been, and because Shelle and I had inherited so many clothes from Bea and Eri that we have nowhere to store them besides my floor or under her bed. I bought a lamp, which means I have to tidy my desk, and some storage box things, which means I get my floor back!

We (which means me, Jollan, Shelle, and Bristol. The four of us. No-one else) went shopping for supplies then headed back to the Hall to start on dinner - lasagne followed by triple choc brownies. Which meant we took over two whole kitchens but hey, we provided music!

And finally (looong day) we headed off to Glenelg spelt backwards. I got an awesome shout-out from the band at the Jetty Bar, and got wished Happy Birthday by a random chick every time we saw each other. Tiff's EXboyfriend is a dick, but all the girls in the bathroom (whether we knew them or not) were able to provide hugs and makeup and advice for Tiff and name-calling for the ex. We finished up begging the guitar man for Wonderwall repeatedly, eating the best chips in the world on the metal squiggly thing, and taking awesome pictures of me (thanks Jollan!).

I would like to wish everyone in the world a Happy Birthday. I hope you feel like a princess.

Party Time!

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