Wednesday, August 01, 2007

On My Mind

Last night I dreamed I was at BlogHer. I wasn't there there, cos I didn't have the pass on a lanyard that the Dream BlogHers had, but we were walking past this big kinda botanic gardens thing and snuck in the back gates.

The people I was with were very confused and a bit embarrassed when I started asking random people if they had seen a girl named Super Tiff! Then one of the organiser-type people came out with a sign that said what the next two surprise sessions would be. One of the speakers was apparently someone so awesome that everyone got crazy excited, jumped up and RAN to get a seat in the tent thing. (I can't remember who - either Dooce or Goon Squad Sarah, I think.)

Then this one girl saw me standing there (looking jealous probably) and said, "No energy to run for a spot hey?" and I said, "No, no little pass thing." She hadn't even noticed I didn't have one which means I totally could have gone in anyway!

What is my dream saying to me?

Edited to add:

Things I got wrong in my dream that Real World Me knew were wrong:

BlogHer07 being in some park thing. It was on like a wharf thing right?
That people would be randomly sitting around on the grass. Duh, they were all drinking cocktails on the roof.
That Dooce was there.
That I was there.


  1. um, i vote for all of the above. except i don't think dooce was there. but, who knows? i was drunk almost the entire time.

  2. I vote that Dooce and I need a vacation to Adelaide.

    Really I just want to come to Adelaide. That sounds awesome.


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