Thursday, August 23, 2007

Flashback: Girls Day

This one has been a while coming, but y'know, essays and whatnot. (Incidentally, I am four assignments down, fifteen to go.) (Also, I handed one in on Tuesday this week and got it back today. That's bloody fast.) (By the way, I got a Distinction. One out of nineteen's not bad, right? And P's get degrees.) Where was I? Oh yeah, Girls Day.

We started off the day with a bruch, then moved on to packing Birthing Kits for an organisation called Zonta, which assists women all over the world. Ours were going to be going to Afghanistan? maybe.

So we packed a sheet of black plastic, gloves, soap, clamps, and a scalpel into teeny tiny plastic bags ready to shipped off to women who have to have their children on dirt floors. Or dirt ground. And so we got to feel all very self-sacficing, and self-congratulatory on doing such a good thing for womankind.

All day long there was a Chill Out in the Abbey, with massages, manicures, beaded jewelry making, lollies and choccies, and lots of girly magazines to read.

In the afternoon, there was a Self Defence class held, inconveniently right after Jesseh and I had our manicures, so there a very girly element to it, what with trying to let our nails touch anything. Makes it hard to twist someone's thumb if you can't use your fingers.

Wine Tasting was also in the arvo, luckily (or not) after self defence. We had proper wine people who came to try and teach us a bit of appreciation for proper wines - a bit hard at the Hall when many many girls live on goon, but they did a good job of it.

We learned how to hold a wine glass - by the stem, but that always makes me feel like I'm going to drop or tip it at any moment. I always thought you did it that way so your hand's not cold when you're introduced to someone but apparently not.

In no way could I be considered a wine drinker. I prefer it if I can't taste whatever it is that's destroying my liver. But they had a range of some different ones, including dessert wines, the orange one of which was so nice that I managed to swipe the unopened bottle for later.

And finally, we had a sleepover in the Ballroom, complete with games, jumping on the beds, chocolate fondue fountain (minus the fountain), and what would a sleepover be without a little Dirty Dancing.

PS We're trying to ignore the fact that Boys Day is tomorrow and they get to go go-karting and paintballing. Stupid smelly boys with their cool fun activities.

Not that Girls Day wasn't awesome. Cos it was. I think everyone had a great time, and it was one of those events - unlike Pub Crawl for example where all the girls are happy to get involved and enjoy themselves in a Hall group setting. So yay! Go girls!

Now, everyone go and give their girl friends lots of hugs! Go!

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