Sunday, August 19, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me

I don't know if I've mentioned this, but I love holidays. Christmas is so exciting, with the secrets and the tinsel and the food and the presents. Halloween means you get to be anyone you want, and it's also me and the boyfriend's anniversary. But my birthday... My birthday is the best of all.

Sadly, a few weeks before my birthday this year, my old car (like, older than my little brother) started to have some problems. Luckily,  my dad was coming down to visit for my birthday so instead of letting him rest from his flight, I dragged him off on a weekend of car looking at.

Now, people in fiction always seem to get a car for their sixteenth birthday. Veronica Mars got one as a graduation present. I got neither of these, but finally, FINALLY, I did get a car for my birthday.

In addition to getting a freaking CAR for my birthday, I also had The Best Present Idea Ever.

I didn't throw a party this year, instead opting for drinks, a breakfast, a lunch, a dinner, other drinks, and a football game with various groups of people. Therefore, according to my Theory of Birthday Presents, I wasn't entitled to real presents from people who weren't family or otherwise obligated to give me some.

Enter, The Best Present Idea Ever.
I bought this pretty pretty recipe box and forced asked all my friends to give me their favourite recipes for my birthday. Major success! I got all kinds of recipes, and plan to try out one new one every week.

Am I a genius or what?
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