Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Me, on the way to Ultimate Frisbee: I have a good feeling about this. We are going to be awesome. My goal is to be that person who catches the frisbee and gets a point.
B Myles: You have to visualise it. See yourself scoring.
Me: Oops, in my head I dropped it. It was a little embarrassing.
B Myles: NO! I will visualise it. You didn't drop it this time.

Me, in the actual game: *drops the frisbee*
Me: Oops. Damn visualisation!

Me, later in the actual game: *gets passed the ball frisbee. catches it, for a change*
Other person: Pass it to me!!!
Other other person: Uh, she's in [the goal square].
Everyone: Oh yeah, so she is. Good work.
Me: WHOOOOOHOOO!!! *does the dorkiest victory dance ever*

So yeah, I had an amazing game. (Me and B Myles both got heaps better this week. Ask her to tell you about her brilliant diving catch.) I got another goal later, and I also caught this hell hard pass and did a little pass off of that to a guy who scored. So two points, one assist? That's pretty frickin' awesome. I am totally going to be an Ultimate Frisbee star. It is clearly my calling.

Monday, March 23, 2009


I just played my first game of Ultimate Frisbee. Wikipedia defines it as "a limited-contact team sport played with a 175 gram flying disc." I call it bloody hard work and also heaps of fun!

B Myles decided we should play a sport together as housemates. Oh sure, no worries. I'm thinking, like, social netball or even soccer or something. Nope, she comes home with Ultimate Frisbee. Hhannahh piked out on us, so it was just me and B Myles - and the rest of our new team.

We are ... very bad. The cutting and leading I know how to do from basketball, so that wasn't too bad. The throwing to someone (and not to the ground), and the catching, and the fitness, my god the fitness, all need some work. But it was very fun! And positive! And sportsmanlike.

There aren't any referees, we spent more time deciding on a cheer to do than on tactics, and everyone is totally upbeat. All the time. Basically, if the hippies invented a sport, this would be it.

I expect to be back tomorrow to whinge about how sore I am.

Monday, March 16, 2009

"He just broke a few legs"

My new housemate, B Myles, moved across the country to live with me and HHannahh (Housemate Hannah > H Hannah > HHannahh. Yeah no?) and go to Flinders. This is pretty brave, really. We (or she) could have been psycho killers. Thankfully, we are not. What is even cooler, I think, is how B Myles can go out somewhere, like to the library, and come home with a new friend and an invite to an awesome party. I admire this. I can't do that.


Eri is here! Do you remember Eri? Honestly, I forgot how important Eri was. I suck. Eri was truly my first and best friend at Flinders. She is so grateful for everything that I did for her (not much) but she continues to not realise that I will be forever in her debt for everything she did and allowed me to do. She is here for two more days and we plan to make them the best two ever, before she has to go home and be a good Japanese girl and work in a cubicle and do exercises on the roof. (I may be assuming a little.)


These two days will no doubt be the best two of my recent history as they are the only two I have had off in a row since B Myles moved in and probably a couple of weeks before that. What is strange is that working 9-5 seven or eight days in a row is starting to feel normal. Before you ask, no I do not actually have any of that money I may appear to be earning. I just have a slightly smaller BlogHer08 debt.


The title refers to a line that made be laugh for five minutes straight, one of those brilliant laughs that makes your stomach hurt and your head get a little light for lack of oxygen and everything seem better somehow because if you laugh like that, the world must be a hopeful place. It occurred on our Eri Reunion Tour Girls' Night (movies, - we're introducing our internationals to Western culture via Sex And The City. Last time it was Bring It On - pizza, chocolate, popcorn, etc) and I love it and all the girls that came to what is actually the first event to be hosted in our new girlhouse ("Oh no, what if no-one comes?" "They told us twelve hours that they'd be here").

Public Service Announcement

If you get the message

ANIWZCS2 service launcher has encountered a problem and needs to close

and when you try to repair your internet connection you are told

Windows could not finish repairing the problem because the following action could not be completed: renewing your IP address

and you are running a D-Link wireless usb thingie

then you do not need to spend hours on hold and/or talking to tech help desk guys, and you do not need to do the recommended but only on the downlow system restore, and you do not need to reinstall your operating system, all you need to do is

in the options for setting up your D-Link device, click on use the D-Link connection thingie instead of letting Windows do it.

You're welcome.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


We currently have no internet at home, due to the suckiness of internet "service" "providers" around here, so I would like to leave you with these three snapshots of life in our girlhouse:

Scene One: I am straightening my hair, watching One Tree Hill. Housemate Hannah* knocks and comes in and plugs in her hair dryer and asks if she can borrow my mascara and can I curl her hair. Girlhouse!

Scene Two: The electrician has arrived, and I have let him in to our house and pointed out the things he (of course) needs to fix, including my bedroom light. I knock on Housemate Hannah's door, say "Can I sleep with you?" and crawl into bed with her for a good hour while Electrician Dave does his thing. Girlhouse!

Scene Three: B Myles and I decide on the spur of the moment to go out. We spend much time on outfits and shoes. B Myles borrows my nail polish. We go out and get very drunk and dance all night. The convenience of having a party buddy right there in the girlhouse!

I love girlhouse.

*This is what I've been calling her to differentiate between the Hannah Montana I have at work, and the Uni Hannah that B Myles went out and made friends with even AFTER I told her about the abundance of Hannah's we already had. I think I've referred to Housemate Hannah as HaMad here in the past. Is this confusing?
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