Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Me, on the way to Ultimate Frisbee: I have a good feeling about this. We are going to be awesome. My goal is to be that person who catches the frisbee and gets a point.
B Myles: You have to visualise it. See yourself scoring.
Me: Oops, in my head I dropped it. It was a little embarrassing.
B Myles: NO! I will visualise it. You didn't drop it this time.

Me, in the actual game: *drops the frisbee*
Me: Oops. Damn visualisation!

Me, later in the actual game: *gets passed the ball frisbee. catches it, for a change*
Other person: Pass it to me!!!
Other other person: Uh, she's in [the goal square].
Everyone: Oh yeah, so she is. Good work.
Me: WHOOOOOHOOO!!! *does the dorkiest victory dance ever*

So yeah, I had an amazing game. (Me and B Myles both got heaps better this week. Ask her to tell you about her brilliant diving catch.) I got another goal later, and I also caught this hell hard pass and did a little pass off of that to a guy who scored. So two points, one assist? That's pretty frickin' awesome. I am totally going to be an Ultimate Frisbee star. It is clearly my calling.


  1. sounds like fun.. wish I was there :-)

  2. When does it get included in the Olympics, or go fully professional.

    either of those should totally ruin it.

    But 2 points!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go girl.

    SkyW was complaining about bball refs, so I told him we'd start a Northern region comp, so he can ref himself!

  3. It's all fun and games until someone breaks a collarbone!

    But until then, it DOES sound like a lot of fun!

  4. You're way more ultimate than I'll ever be. I can't play FRISBEE, let alone ULTIMATE.

    And thanks, you have now added an Australia dot! :o)


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