Monday, March 16, 2009

"He just broke a few legs"

My new housemate, B Myles, moved across the country to live with me and HHannahh (Housemate Hannah > H Hannah > HHannahh. Yeah no?) and go to Flinders. This is pretty brave, really. We (or she) could have been psycho killers. Thankfully, we are not. What is even cooler, I think, is how B Myles can go out somewhere, like to the library, and come home with a new friend and an invite to an awesome party. I admire this. I can't do that.


Eri is here! Do you remember Eri? Honestly, I forgot how important Eri was. I suck. Eri was truly my first and best friend at Flinders. She is so grateful for everything that I did for her (not much) but she continues to not realise that I will be forever in her debt for everything she did and allowed me to do. She is here for two more days and we plan to make them the best two ever, before she has to go home and be a good Japanese girl and work in a cubicle and do exercises on the roof. (I may be assuming a little.)


These two days will no doubt be the best two of my recent history as they are the only two I have had off in a row since B Myles moved in and probably a couple of weeks before that. What is strange is that working 9-5 seven or eight days in a row is starting to feel normal. Before you ask, no I do not actually have any of that money I may appear to be earning. I just have a slightly smaller BlogHer08 debt.


The title refers to a line that made be laugh for five minutes straight, one of those brilliant laughs that makes your stomach hurt and your head get a little light for lack of oxygen and everything seem better somehow because if you laugh like that, the world must be a hopeful place. It occurred on our Eri Reunion Tour Girls' Night (movies, - we're introducing our internationals to Western culture via Sex And The City. Last time it was Bring It On - pizza, chocolate, popcorn, etc) and I love it and all the girls that came to what is actually the first event to be hosted in our new girlhouse ("Oh no, what if no-one comes?" "They told us twelve hours that they'd be here").

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  1. Sounds like an amazing time! Ah, it kind of sucks getting older and not doing girl stuff.


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