Tuesday, March 10, 2009


We currently have no internet at home, due to the suckiness of internet "service" "providers" around here, so I would like to leave you with these three snapshots of life in our girlhouse:

Scene One: I am straightening my hair, watching One Tree Hill. Housemate Hannah* knocks and comes in and plugs in her hair dryer and asks if she can borrow my mascara and can I curl her hair. Girlhouse!

Scene Two: The electrician has arrived, and I have let him in to our house and pointed out the things he (of course) needs to fix, including my bedroom light. I knock on Housemate Hannah's door, say "Can I sleep with you?" and crawl into bed with her for a good hour while Electrician Dave does his thing. Girlhouse!

Scene Three: B Myles and I decide on the spur of the moment to go out. We spend much time on outfits and shoes. B Myles borrows my nail polish. We go out and get very drunk and dance all night. The convenience of having a party buddy right there in the girlhouse!

I love girlhouse.

*This is what I've been calling her to differentiate between the Hannah Montana I have at work, and the Uni Hannah that B Myles went out and made friends with even AFTER I told her about the abundance of Hannah's we already had. I think I've referred to Housemate Hannah as HaMad here in the past. Is this confusing?


  1. So is there a connection between the plethora of electrical activity in Scene One, and the need for an electrician in Scene Two? As in "And then the outlet started spewing flames and the wiring all melted right before the fuses blew/circuit breakers tripped"?

  2. My first apartment was a girlhouse too. Lots of fun!!!

  3. Awww! That's just super sweet. Watch out, though, because with girls come drama. Drama sucks.

    Miss you!


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