Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What If Our Parents Had Blogs?

What would it have been like if our parents had blogs, if we could go back and read them now?

Did my mum like being pregnant with me? Would she have written my birth story? Was I a good sleeper or eater? Would she have turned to the internet for help when I got a huge rash all over my back and nothing would shut me up? Would the internet have caned my dad for that time I fell, or sent comforting emails about how they let their kids fall off the bed? I remember a meeting about putting me up to a combined 1/2 class when I was in Grade One. I didn't change classes. Did my parents agonize over that decision, and would the internet have helped them make it? When we had fish and chips I would always line my chips up in height order and eat them in order. Would some helpful internet reader have commented some kind of diagnosis based on this quirk? Would my parents have talked about the eight-year age gap between my brother and I with the internet? Would they have pulled back as we got older or would the teenage years have been just as blog-worthy? Would their relationship, or our relationship with them, have changed if what they wrote was being read?

We can hear the stories now all we want, but blogs definitely provide a unique, on the spot, emotional record of events. And I think it would be fascinating to read.


  1. I would love to read a blog written by either one of my parents. I hope that someday my kids will want to read what I've written about them. And I hope they don't kill me after they do. But I don't think they will.

  2. This is such a sweet, touching post. Sadly, all I can think of is a joke I heard recently:

    "I once accidentally saw my parents having sex. I'll never visit THAT web site again!"

  3. This sounds weird, but I love going back and reading my own archives, and I wonder how I managed to remember things prior to the blogosphere.

  4. I wish they did ...I wish I had one when I was young ...like high school era. It would have been so helpful.

  5. To have kids and blog about them is a tough decision in itself. But the very reason I decided I would do it is so they can look back at what I was thinking adult to adult. It will be their own story right there for them to read...even when all they remember is Mom said no to ice cream because she was cranky that day.


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