Monday, February 02, 2009


Guess what?! It's Delurking Day!

But Missy, I thought that was ages ago, like when you were on the Great Ocean Road Trip, or meeting your future husband while entertaining your family, or when your computer shat itself. You know, you totally missed it.

Nope. Actually, it just seems like that because ... of the time difference! Yeah, it's an upsidedown thing. I'm actually right on schedule here.

This is also a majorly important Delurking Day. In my new clean-slate state, I have deleted a shitload of blogs with the aim of giving the ones that are left some VIP treatment. And you all are totally important, right?

So if you read this blog (when there's actually something new to read, I know) leave me a comment and let me know. Otherwise I may have in a delete-button seizure accidentally deleted your blog. But I will absolutely be adding you back!

If you need a topic to start you off, how about telling me the most essential song ever so I can add it to my now non-existent music collection. Or you can tell me about how it's totally colder where you are.


  1. Hmmmmmmm is 85 colder? Yeah, probably not by much.

    Welcome back to the land of the wired.

  2. Hurrah, we were the coldest capital in the WHOLE OF AUSTRALIA last week for ONE WHOLE NIGHT! Go the freaky records! And who said we were affected by global warming?!

    Songs... um... how about "Days like this" by Van Morrison? I quite like "Warwick Avenue" by Duffy... Erm... that's all I've got at the moment. I'm having a major fight with my itunes, and I think this current break-up might be permanent...

  3. Well, I've never really lurked, but I would be thrilled to know that you visit Another Monkey once in a while!

    "Essential songs" are very subjective. I would suggest "Just Like Heaven" by The Cure, "Cherub Rock" by Smashing Pumpkins, and "Winter" by Vivaldi.

  4. I'm Delurking because you told me to, and I do what you say, but frankly I'm a little dizzy and disoriented what with the upsidedown time change of this all.

    You're worth it.

  5. Adrienne: Yep, 85 is a lot cooler. According to Google's calculations, it was 113 here.

    Carla: The other morning it was 37 here and 26 in Darwin. What the hell man?

    D.B. Echo: Thanks for the comment anyway, even though I know you're usually around. As everyone else on my list can attest, I suck at commenting, but hopefully that will get better.

    Deb: You're dizzy? How do you think we feel, we have to live this way.

    Miss Grace: Well hi there.

  6. Hi!

    Yes, I'm still here. No, you aren't getting rid of me. Good try, though.

  7. I thought delurk day was a few weeks ago?

    I'm here.

  8. Okay, it is totally colder here in Michigan. It's frigging snowing.

    Also essential songs...anything by the Kings of Leon.

  9. Come get my gigabytes of music any day, Emma! :P

    Essential song; "Cry for you" with September. Just because she's Swedish and born in the same month in the same year as me. lol

  10. 'The Saga Begins' by Weird Al, but dont worry, I will send that up...

  11. So it's way colder here than where you are. And it sucks. I have not been able to pull it together for a delurking day yet, so you're like six steps ahead of me.

  12. i know you would never delete me!
    also: i'm glad you're finally admitting that you are, in fact, upside down.

    essential songs?

    the entire albums: little earthquakes by tori amos, blue by joni mithcell...ummm, southern cross by crosby stills and nash...any live DMB in the rain...strawberry fields...something i can never have by NIN...need more?


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