Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hot Chocolate

I am sure I have mentioned on here before that I Don't Drink Hot Drinks.

I kind of blame it on growing up in Darwin, but I know plenty of people who grew up in Darwin who drink hot drinks, so that doesn't really fly.

I remember my grandma tried to get me to drink tea once when I was fairly young. I didn't like it. I have always hated the taste of coffee. I will drink soup from a spoon, but not a cup. Two winters ago, I had one hot chocolate. Last winter I may have had two.

This winter, in the course of my new job, I was taken out for 'coffee' on multiple occasions. I had four hot chocolates in one week that week. This week I discovered Cadbury mint hot chocolate which is the best thing ever. So far this week I have had four hot chocolates in two days.

I may have a little bit of a problem. (A DELICIOUS ONE.)

I suspect next winter I may even end up drinking tea. (But never cofffee,  no never.)


Adding this here because it's really not a whole post...

Overheard on the train: "She just should have divorced him seventeen years ago when he had the affair."
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