Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Samson and Delilah

I've been sick for about two weeks now. It started with a bit of a cough, oh and also a disinclination to play beach frisbee. That should have been a massive warning sign. Then I had to crank the heater in the middle of a heat wave. Then I freaking fainted! Then a massive loss of energy, appetite, blah blah. (And - boys stop reading for a sec - coughed so hard I got my period two weeks early. Weird, right?) I've been calling it bronchitis, because that's what the antibiotics I'm on treat (among many other things, including impetigo, which I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's not) but it's probably some random, unspecified chest lung infection thingy. Anyway, it's all over pretty much, except the crazy annoying cough.

How did I get this? I have a theory.

I cut off all my hair. And with it all my strength and resistance that I'd been hanging on to since before Mixed Nats, when everyone I knew was sick and I refused to get sick.

(That's what's known as a segue.)

I hate the idea of regret, because I am very much 'look at what's in front of you, deal with it.' Therefore, I've been saying that I'm glad I cut off my hair because if I didn't I'd still be wondering what I'd look like with it short, and that's true - actually, no, it's not. I wish I didn't cut my hair. There, I said it. Not because it's not a nice cut, because it's fine - on someone else. I like my hair long, and maybe I've read too many books where characters are completely defined by their long, thick, beautiful hair, but I miss having that characteristic about me.

How fast does hair grow? Hair extensions aren't that expensive, right?

Sunday, November 08, 2009


Try Sarah's Tops: League Champions.

Wednesday was League Grand Final night, and Flinders had three out of four teams in the finals (Seven Wonders, Donna Hay and the Cupcakes, and Try Sarah's Tops - yes, it is necessary for you to know this, so you can understand our awesome sign, below). The Div 2 game was first - Go Wonder Cakes! - and was tight the whole way, before a rather anticlimactic win by the Cupcakes. About which I feel a little bad, as I may have made some comments about the undefeated Wonders team not being my favourite for the win. Oops.

Then the Div 1 game in which the legendary Tops defeated AU. By a lot, although they had me worried for a second there in the middle of the game. But our boys were awesome as usual, and our girls were useful, and I did an awesome cut (or so I've been told) and dropped it (should've layed out), and I caught some other goals, and I need to play better D on the wing (I've been a point the whole season) but did ok with the help of my sideline who I dragged away from their pizza and chillaxing time to help me out, and then WE WON!!!

Also, I won joint Most Improved Female. And got equal third Div 1 Female MVP with a whole bunch of other people, which I think is kind of more impressive. Pretty sure I am going to have to be way more awesome next season if I want to win any kind of individual award. So it was that Flinders won both grand finals and most of the individual awards (and Tops players won both Most Improveds). And so ended my first year of frisbee.*

I didn't get to make a speech on Wednesday, but I would like to thank a few people now. First of all, the game itself, which is such an awesome environment to play and learn and get better in. Secondly, everyone that plays frisbee in SA and Australia, especially the people I've had the enjoyment of playing with and against. And finally, anyone that has taught anything about the game, especially the ones who went out of their way to teach me new things when they could have been improving their own game. And I would like to make special mention of the two people who have helped me the most, my first two captains. You guys are awesome. Yay frisbee!

*Except for the Flinders Social Grand Final that myself and the rest of the Rasczak's Roughnecks will be winning tomorrow night coming damn close to winning and beating an updefeated team, but sadly it is not to be. Awesome game though in crazy hot weather. Would be better if I learned to catch, however. Yeah Roughnecks!

(Also, I forgot to mention that three times this League season I got 6/6 tips right. I am a tipping superstar. Not as much as the people who actually won money from it, but pretty close.)

Monday, November 02, 2009

Before and After

Before [so loooong!]:

After [so shoooort!]:

Halloween (as Sookie Stackhouse) [so blonde and so long!]:

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