Thursday, August 13, 2009

Error Patrol

Why, Sea Patrol? Seriously.

I have just finished watching Season 3 of Sea Patrol, and I'll tell you what, it annoyed me.

One. Sometime last season, I realised that the reason they are all "Charlie-eight-two" and "X-ray-eight-two" all the time is because their boat's number is - ready? - 82. I was so proud of myself for figuring that out, and it only took me two seasons to do it. Hence, them including the 82 on a shot of a different patrol boat was just insulting. Here's a five minute lesson in photoshop: go crazy.

Second. A massive (well, for one episode) storyline involved the acquisition of a tattoo. You would not believe how much of this episode was devoted to a tattoo. The very next episode? Shirtless sailor, no tattoo. Ok, we'll call this one even.

C. And this is the worst one. The one I waited all season for. Early on, the Nav gets a goldfish from her fiancee who (spoiler!) dies. She soon notices he (the fish) is getting fat. Good little tv-watcher that I am, I can see this shit coming a mile away - he is not a she, and she is totally having the dead fiancee's babies. Hints of the "gosh he looks a bit off-colour" nature continue to be dropped throughout the season, and I am all over it. I bet I know what she names the first baby fish! And here we are, season finale, drumroll please, and she ... lets the fish go.


Are you fricking kidding me, Sea Patrol?

I really think this could be a great show. I appreciate all the sailor boys running around both shirtless and in uniform promotion of Aussie tv talent, and I think you should keep up the good work. But please, for my sanity, get a fish pregnancy continuity editor. Please.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Cake and Resolutions

Tuesday was my birthday. Many people have cake on their birthday. This year my cake consumption has been off the charts.

Friday: Order cakes to take to work. Buy 1/4 blueberry cheesecake to eat, just cos.
Tuesday: Pancakes for breakfast. A massive slice of Cheesecake Shop Treasure Cake for lunch. More Treasure Cake for dessert.
Wednesday: Passionfruit Cheesecake for lunch. A Vili's matchstick for an after-frisbee snack.
Friday: Chocolate and sprinkles-covered apple for lunch, as I was saving room for my Hog's Breath steak, where I also downed a mudslide. And for dessert, home-made banana cake.
Saturday: More Treasure Cake for breakfast. And afternoon tea.

I am currently in possession of about a quarter of Treasure Cake, a few slices of passionfruit cheesecake, and two and a half banana cakes.


Gratuitous frisbee photo, from the Keith Calippo Classic, my first tourament. Am hungover.

I am starting a new exercise plan, as I have discovered I am totally not league fit, and also I have been invited to play mixed nats (as in Nationals!). And you know, the cake thing. It will involve frisbee, running, skipping, weights, crunches, lunges, and, as ever, some kind of reward chart. Maybe the reward will be cake!

Also, randomly, I have made a birthday resolution, to basically be nicer and happier. That means no sentances starting with "S/he is such a ..." as I have decided that sentances like that rarely finish well. Also I will stop saying I "only" work at A Sports Store and A Bookshop, and become invested in them. Or I will get a job somewhere I will be invested.

That took a bit of a different turn there, but look! Cake!

Mmm. Cheesecake Shop Treasure Cake. Chocolate mud cake with custard-filled profiteroles. And much chocolate.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

What's My Age Again?

Today is my birthday and I am wishing for summer on my birthday candles.

I'm also wishing for these things, or a time machine so they could be around when I would be age-appropriate for them.

Last year Montana and I heelyed around on Christmas Eve. I would love to wear them to work but alas, we don't sell them in my size.

When I went up to Darwin for skywalker's birthday this year, my neighbourhood kids (all grown up since I've been away!) let me have a go on theirs. I was pretty bad at it, but I could be awesome with a bit of practice!

Kids' Jeep.
How awesome is that?! It fully goes, none of this pedaling or push along like I had to do with my fire engine. Uphill, in the snow, both ways.

The obsession continues.

What was your best birthday present ever? What did you always wish for?
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