Sunday, August 19, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me

I don't know if I've mentioned this, but I love holidays. Christmas is so exciting, with the secrets and the tinsel and the food and the presents. Halloween means you get to be anyone you want, and it's also me and the boyfriend's anniversary. But my birthday... My birthday is the best of all.

Sadly, a few weeks before my birthday this year, my old car (like, older than my little brother) started to have some problems. Luckily,  my dad was coming down to visit for my birthday so instead of letting him rest from his flight, I dragged him off on a weekend of car looking at.

Now, people in fiction always seem to get a car for their sixteenth birthday. Veronica Mars got one as a graduation present. I got neither of these, but finally, FINALLY, I did get a car for my birthday.

In addition to getting a freaking CAR for my birthday, I also had The Best Present Idea Ever.

I didn't throw a party this year, instead opting for drinks, a breakfast, a lunch, a dinner, other drinks, and a football game with various groups of people. Therefore, according to my Theory of Birthday Presents, I wasn't entitled to real presents from people who weren't family or otherwise obligated to give me some.

Enter, The Best Present Idea Ever.
I bought this pretty pretty recipe box and forced asked all my friends to give me their favourite recipes for my birthday. Major success! I got all kinds of recipes, and plan to try out one new one every week.

Am I a genius or what?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hot Chocolate

I am sure I have mentioned on here before that I Don't Drink Hot Drinks.

I kind of blame it on growing up in Darwin, but I know plenty of people who grew up in Darwin who drink hot drinks, so that doesn't really fly.

I remember my grandma tried to get me to drink tea once when I was fairly young. I didn't like it. I have always hated the taste of coffee. I will drink soup from a spoon, but not a cup. Two winters ago, I had one hot chocolate. Last winter I may have had two.

This winter, in the course of my new job, I was taken out for 'coffee' on multiple occasions. I had four hot chocolates in one week that week. This week I discovered Cadbury mint hot chocolate which is the best thing ever. So far this week I have had four hot chocolates in two days.

I may have a little bit of a problem. (A DELICIOUS ONE.)

I suspect next winter I may even end up drinking tea. (But never cofffee,  no never.)


Adding this here because it's really not a whole post...

Overheard on the train: "She just should have divorced him seventeen years ago when he had the affair."

Monday, May 28, 2012

Here comes the bridesmaid

Guess what? I am going to be a bridesmaid!

I am going to wear a pretty dress* and stay in a castle (yep, a CASTLE) and oh yeah help the bride out a little, maybe.

The wedding is in February and it belongs to my very first frisbee friend, and it's all very exciting.

Any tips for being the best bridesmaid ever?

*If you are going to the wedding and you don't want to spoil the surprise of how pretty I will look, I suggest you don't click that link.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

So much to tell you

Hello imaginary internet friends. I feel like I have so much to tell you. Yes, well, that's what happens when you tell NOTHING for half a year or so. Today I will just tell you about work (fascinating, no?) and then maybe soon I will tell you all kinds of other stories.

I have a new job! And not just any job. A Full Time job. And it's also an Office Job. And an Into The City, On The Train job. It's only until next January, but hopefully it will look so awesome on my resume that many other people will want to also give me Full Time Jobs. The first couple of weeks I felt like my brain was going to explode, what with all the learning of new things, but it seems to be better now.

At the moment, I am training for it three days a week, but at the end of the month I will be training full time, and then soon I'll be on my own!

The other two days a week I am doing a placement for uni at a small digital library (also in the city), which has been fun and also good-on-a-resume-ish and also good to just talk to people who were/are on kinda the same path.

In addition, I am doing half a day of cataloging at a public library each week, for another uni class, which means on the weekend, since you went and got yourself a weekday job, didn't think that one through, did ya. Actually I did think it through, and it's all working out how I planned, as everyone has been extremely accomodating of the days I allocated to them, which is nice.

And it's all been so educational and everyone's been so helpful, I'm just really enjoying all this practical stuff after learning it all in lectures last year.

And then those last two will end soon, and I will just have my regular 9-5 job, five days a week. You know, as you do.
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