Saturday, July 12, 2014


You learn so much about yourself when you travel.

The first thing you should know is that I am apparently a TOTAL PACKING BAD-ASS. The Fiance left over a week ago for his part of our him alone-us together-me alone holiday. He packed in about 20 minutes with no prior preparation and his bag weighed 10 kilograms. There was no way I was going to match that. For a start, I am a girl, with hair-straightening and facial product needs. And he is a fairly basic traveller, and while I would like to be, I just can't.

I started packing (if you can call it that since nothing actually went into my bag until today) about a week ago, when I dumped all the clothes that could be considered summer weather-appropriate onto the spare room bed. A few days later I culled a bunch of them. And then today when I actually started packing I dumped even more of them. And all this time I was randomly tossing other holiday-items into the spare room.

I was worried that my bag would be considered overweight by either the airlines or my body, since it is a travel backpack and - as I was assured on a recent frisbee trip when we saw a fellow teammate carrying his wife's bag as well as his own - even when we are married, The Fiance will not be carrying it for me. So yeah. Packed it, weighed it. THIRTEEN KILOS, BOOYAH, HOW BOUT THEM APPLES, ETC.

To be fair, I realised after I'd weighed it that I hadn't yet included my hair straightener, but I doubt that is going to account for the extra seven kilos I was expecting.

Other things I have discovered recently:
While every single packing advice thing you will read demands you roll your clothes, rolling clothes is actually really tiring.
I own way too many navy blue tops. I actually packed colourful tops over navy tops I like more, just so I had some extra colour variation.
My tablet can really not handle having more than one filed copied to it at a time, but hopefully I have enough sports- and Europe-related movies to get me through.
Life is super boring when you live by yourself, there is no organised frisbee, and it gets dark about thirty seconds after you get time leaving you no motivation to go for a run. Evenings are so long!

I am really not looking forward to one bajillion hours on various planes and trains. I think I am getting old and cranky. I want to BE places, and I don't even mind interesting journeys, but Europe is such a long way from Australia. I don't know if you knew that but it's true.

I have a stopover in Singapore that is just long enough and perfectly timed so as to enable me to jump on a free two-hour tour. And despite all that perfection, I don't know. I really hope I can overcome my don't-want-to-miss-my-plane urge to sit by my departure gate for seven hours.

See you when I get back!
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