Monday, June 30, 2008

Hair Thursday For The Win

I love Hair Thursdays. I even had a mini-HT of my own. My hair is a major part of my life, and has even rated a mention a time or two.
Moosh In Indy is awesome and generous.
I really, really want to win a Hair Thursday of my very own.

Which is why I am going to show you this, and apologise profusely. No-one should have to see this shit.

My computer only goes back to 2005, so that's where both these photos are from. Ok, they're not hideous,* but they illustrate my issues rather nicely. Dead straight fringe and kinky little curls? That does not work. Dry, frizzy, poofy wavy shit? Not cool. Also perpetually pulled back hard off my forehead.

*In fact, I think the main problem is my smile. I just don't look confident then. What a difference three years makes. See photo below for what I mean.

To give your eyes a little relief, here is me having a good hair day:

Wow, we like that aqua colour, don't we?

And, as per the rules, here is the current state of my hair:

Long, dark, was coloured (at home) a lighter brown/red ages ago so kind of has some highlights in it when I go in the sun, thick, naturally wavy, gets straightened (takes 40mins) once a week, some layers around the front, a side fringe that's slightly grown out, but mostly one length (read: boring, but I have no idea what would be better).

That's gotta be great to work with. So many options! Style, colour, you can go to town!

PLUS, I believe the winner is announced during BlogHer,* so if it's me, I will get it done while we're in San Francisco, whatever Whoorl advises, and video it, whatever. It could be awesome.

*I have been saying for weeks, months even, that I need a trim. I've put it off and put it off, and now I'm way too scared to get it cut this close to BlogHer. I don't trust anyone that much.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

What I Want To Do Weekends, Part 7: The Ranch

Welcome to the last ever What I Want To Do Weekends weekend. (This does not ensure I will not change my mind between now and next weekend.) In case you missed the first few rounds of torture incredibly helpful comments, here's what happened:

Part 1: USA
Part 2: San Francisco
Part 3: Bloggers
Part 4: Los Angeles
Part 5: Las Vegas
Part 6: BlogHer Sessions - Day One and Day Two.

Since it kind of degenerated into more feedback from you than me telling you what I want to do, we're just going to embrace that and carry on letting you do all the work.

So, Part 7, The Finale: Questions For You.

Q1 Describe this blog to someone who has never read it, in one or two or maybe three sentences.

Q2 (a) Aussies: What should I take to America that best represents Australia?
Q2 (b) Non-Aussies: What should I bring you that will make you think of Australia?

Q3 Any other random ideas of things I have to do/see/buy/photograph while I am in any of the above-mentioned cities?

If you answer me these, I promise I will try so hard to not get suckered into any of these weekly things, or things that demand you answer so many questions so frequently. I love you for doing it though, you've been truly awesome.

And one last thing:

Friday, June 27, 2008

Saving and Spending

As I was cycling today, I was composing a post in my head. It went something like this:

"I've always been fairly good about not spending money. Every now and I'll splash out, and buy a laptop or a trip to England, but usually, I'm pretty good.

Lately, I've been trying to save up for a certain trip, but it's very inconsistent, resulting in days like the one with me deciding I didn't need the second hand on my watch to actually tell time (cost: $10) and then going and blowing half a paycheck on three pairs of shoes.

Or today, when I bought two 50c stamps instead of ten, and then spent $45 in the uni bookshop."

I didn't really finish it, but I feel it was building up to a pithy conclusion that would generate a ton of hilarious comments.

But then I actually went to buy some books, took my three Conan Doyles to the counter, and the chick showed me this one...

...that I could get instead for the low low price of FIFTEEN DOLLARS.

I hate when real life interferes with a blog post.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Why I Should Never Get Twitter

missy: started writing my essay. 81 words!
missy: 329
missy: 618. oh my god.
missy: 1001. i think i'm out of words.
missy: 1633! it's getting there. slowly and painfully.
missy: 2050!
missy: 2486
missy: 2718
missy: 2885 and done. thank the lord.

Just be happy you weren't the one getting these update texts all yesterday. And you can be happy the essay's done. I am officially finished everything uni-related for this semester (or will be when I hand this in tomorrow). Now I can concentrate on watching House (for my thesis!) and finding an America/Australia power adapter.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Oops, I Lied

Typical. I brag about how well I've been doing in the cycling department, and the next day I simultaneously gain a cold and lose the inclination to go out to a freezing cold shed and cycle for any period of time at all. So I've missed two days in a row. I'll make them up.

Speaking of people who lied...

(That was the best segue in the history of lame-arse segues, wasn't it?)

... remember that essay I asked my supervisor to review for me? And she hadn't, at that point?

Well, she got it a week before it's due date. Since then, I've handed it in, procrastinated the hell out of a different essay, written a bunch of blog posts and read a whole heap more, started writing the new essay, and got the original one back. I still haven't heard from my supervisor. This does not worry me particularly; I wasn't really holding my breath waiting for it back. But still:

Dear Supervisor: Not Cool.

But don't worry, I have indeed learned my lesson about getting things done before the night before. So not worth the hassle.

So I got a 75 on the essay. Basically, the lowest grade they could give me and still give me a Distinction. Which is fine. But what if I got a Credit? Supe is lucky I can be just slightly above average without her.

Monday, June 23, 2008


(Ok, I'm going to mention BlogHer once, right now, and then we'll have a totally SF-free post. Deal? Deal.)

I think the reason I was a bit sooky at the end of last week was due to BlogHer. Specifically, all the time and effort I've laid out. And what do I have to show for it? Nothing. A bunch of confirmation emails. I'm just glad the exciting 'Yay BlogHer!' posts elsewhere have kept things more in perspective.

I have been keeping up with the cycling thing. My reward chart now looks like this

which means I'm halfway there. I've discovered that music is essential, that I need a countdown to focus on, and that I get way more excitement out of putting up a new sticker than I should.

I've started reading books again! I used to go through at least two books a week when I was at home, but since uni and tv in my room and cable and dvds on demand from Carla, I just haven't. Plus, my ginormous book collection is home, so don't judge what I'm reading. Down here, I basically have a collection of Books I've Read On The Plane To/From Home. Anyway, books I've read in the last week and a half:

Remember when I was so excited about last days? Well I actually had another one, two weeks ago almost. It wasn't very exciting, because I still had an essay to write, plus this stupid thesis that I'm fairly certain will never be written. (Not totally true.) But yay! I finished first semester of Honours!

I have one more essay to do. And I have procrastinated the hell out of it. Seriously. That pile of books up there? Essay procrastination. My clean bedroom? Essay procrastination. I read and highlighted the readings for Christ's sake. Major procrastination. But it's due Friday, so I'm thinking 1000 words today, tomorrow and Wednesday, and then it'll be done. (See what I mean about needing a number to focus on?)

Oh yeah. One more thing. The topic of the essay. Remember when I was all "Now I never have to hear the word 'postmodern' ever again"? Well. The subject of the essay? Postmodernism. The subject of the whole freaking topic? Postmodernism. The world is just mean sometimes.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

What I Want To Do Weekends, Part 6: BlogHer Sessions (Day Two)

Back again. Let me know what seminars to attend on Day One and Day Two of the BlogHer Conference. Your Day Two choices are:

Break-Out Session #1
1. Who We Are: Women Without Children and the Blogosphere
2. What We Do: Pursuing Your Passion Never Gets Old
3. What We Believe: Beautiful Blogging and Positive Posting
4. How We Communicate: Building Traffic via Content and Community
5. MommyBlogging: The Commercial Momosphere: Policies, Ethics and Outreach
6. Blogging Birds of a Feather Meet-Ups: Home/Garden and Crafts/DIY
7. Room of Your Own: Talking About War & Peace/Open Slot

Break-Out Session #2
1. Who We Are: "Coming Out" via Blog
2. What We Do: There's More to Monetization than Advertising
3. What We Believe: Tools for Online Fundraising and Activism
4. How We Communicate: Photography
5. MommyBlogging: Blogging About Our Children with Special Needs
6. Blogging Birds of a Feather Meet-Ups: BlogHims and Health/Fitness
7. Room of Your Own: BFD Blog and Feminism & Gender Meet-ups

Break-Out Session #3
1. Who We Are: Can You Take Back Naked Blogging?
2. What We Do: Blog to Book Redux
3. What We Believe: Blogging Community as Healing Force
4. How We Communicate: Open Source Participation: How to advance to the next level
5. MommyBlogging: When the Road To Motherhood Is Anything But Smooth: Infertility, Adoption and Miscarriage Bloggers
6. Blogging Birds of a Feather Meet-Ups: Queer BlogHer and Boomers & Beyond
7. The First BlogHer PhotoWalk and Room of Your Own: Chicago Bloggers

While we've established that none of you guys know what the hell you're doing - except going to cocktail parties - any ideas of which ones I should pick for Day Two?

Cos this such a fascinating topic, I'll be back AGAIN (in a 'Ross married Rachel in Vegas and got divorced - AGAIN' tone of voice) (OH MY GOD SHUT UP ABOUT VEGAS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD) (umm, where was I?) tomorrow to let you know the seminars I'm thinking of attending. Can't wait!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

What I Want To Do Weekends, Part 6: BlogHer Sessions (Day One)

For those who were sick of me talking about Vegas, you're in luck. Hopefully the next Vegas post will be when I'm, you know, actually in Vegas.

For those who are sick of me talking about BlogHer (and I am definitely in that group), too bad. Once you start these weekly things, you're stuck. And for even more torture, we have a two-part special this weekend! But again, you get to tell me what to do, and everyone loves a bit of bossing around, right?

What I Want To Do At The Conference:

Break-Out Session #1
1. Who We Are: Introversion, Blogging and BlogHer
2. What We Do: Taking Care of Business
3. What We Believe: Top-notch Political Opinion Commentary
4. How We Communicate: FAQs for Beginning Bloggers
5. MommyBlogging: Is MommyBlogging Still a Radical Act?
6. Blogging Birds of a Feather Meet-Ups: Green/Social Change and Food/Entertaining
7. Room of Your Own: Entertainment Bloggers and Twenty-Something Bloggers

Break-Out Session #2
1. Who We Are: Race and Gender: What are the lessons of 2008
2. What We Do: DIY Content Syndication and Promotion
3. What We Believe: How To Take Names and Be Taken Seriously as a Political Blogger
4. How We Communicate: Why Bloggers (Even Non-Programmers) Benefit from Participating in Open Source Projects
5. MommyBlogging: Public Parenting & Privacy
6. Blogging Birds of a Feather Meet-Ups: Style/Fashion and Travel
7. Room of Your Own: The "Mother Load" and

Break-Out Session #3
1. Who We Are: Blogging with a Global Perspective
2. What We Do: Writing Workshop
3. What We Believe: Two Concurrent Sessions: Progressives (with NetRoots Nation) & Conservatives
4. How We Communicate: Video Blogging
5. MommyBlogging: Mirrors: Ours, the Media's, Our Cultures' and Our Kids'
6. Blogging Birds of a Feather Meet-Ups: Personal Finance/Career and Sex & Relationships
7. Room of Your Own: Funding and incubation opportunities

There you have it. Which one should I go to for each session? Which ones would you go to? And which one do you think I will wake up in time for?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Times it sucks that the internet is the person you tell things to

I have ordered my business cards for BlogHer. They are pretty, at least I think so. I would love to show them to you, but since you are getting one, that would completely ruin the surprise aspect of it.

I have also ordered a bunch of awesome Australia presents for you, but again. PRESENTS. SURPRISE. CAN'T SHARE.

It sucks.

Also, I just wrote a post basically recapping the Vegas comments, but hello? You don't want to read them. YOU JUST WROTE THEM. And I thank you for that. Best suggestions: hire a scooter, get a hooker, get married.

I'm currently working on the Vegas hotel issue, because Holly basically just said "Dude, you're insane. Here, I've done all the work for you, now PICK ONE."

Another instance of the internet-tell-suck phenomenon? When you just used a totally good line in an email, and now can't repeat it here because THEY'LL KNOW. You didn't just make this blog post up. You wrote a couple of emails and copy/pasted them all together and called it a post.

Anyway - and this is a direct quote - "i've got it down to TI and the stratosphere, through a complicated and technical process known as 'hey, that looks cool!' i dont know. flip a coin?" So which should I pick? Rock scissors paper? Vegas experts, I need you again!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Going A Little Crazy

I have had no internet for approximately WAY TOO LONG.

Yes, I admit it: I may have something of a problem here. Whatever.

I seriously considered signing up for Twitter last night, when my internet was being super-slow, just so I could give you all updates such as these:

'Slower than dial-up is TOO FREAKING SLOW.'

'I'm trying to read my Bloglines by clicking on posts by writers who are unlikely to have added pictures.'

'If this doesn't email send, I will bitch-slap my internet into next freaking week.'

'Considering the pic-lite policy above, maybe clicking on FRICKING POST SECRET was not a good plan.'

'Laughing (and refraining from punching the screen) when the message "If this screen appears for more than five seconds, you may have to send the information again" appears. Try FIVE HOURS. OR DAYS.'


Wow. Little bit of aggression there. On the plus side: yay for free uni internet. Jeez.

PS: Can you help me out on the Vegas issue? I'll buy you a drink.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

What I Want To Do Weekends, Part 5: Las Vegas


After having no internet for the whole entire weekend, except for ten minutes last night, during which I managed to post about my shoes and jewellery (lucky I didn't have anything important to say), I now have my internet back, at a ridiculously slow pace. We're talking slower than dial-up. Hopefully, it won't die completely before I click post.

I have important emails to reply to and 160 unread posts in my Bloglines list. If I don't answer or comment, it's because I tried to but got timed out or decided ten minutes was too long to wait to tell you that your post was hilarious.

HOWEVER. I owe you a What I Want To Do Weekends post, so here it is.

Things I Want To Do In Vegas:

Go to Vegas.

That's it.

I'm sorry. I suck at this. I just seriously have no idea what you do in Vegas. There are lots of hotels and casinos there, but what am I actually supposed to do? You can't gamble all day. You could sip cocktails by the pool all day. That does sound fun actually. But what else is there to do there? Please, pretty please help me out.

I may even be able to read your reply sometime before I get there.


Today is the 15th of June. Guess when I leave? THE 15TH OF JULY. A month to go. Wow.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bits and Pieces

My necklace broke. I feel so naked without it.

My new heels got to go out for the first time on Wednesday. They did wonderfully.

What is it that I'm doing in my sleep that made me a lose an earring and an earring back, on two separate nights?

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Dark Side of the Gym

I am a fairly anti-gym person.

I have a few questions that I feel should be answered with something along of the lines of "... Well, I don't know. That's a good point." These questions include the following:

"Why would go for a run on a treadmill when you could just go for a run?"
"Why would you do push-ups in a gym when you could just do push-ups?"
"Why would you cycle in a gym when you could just go for a ride?"*

As it turns out, there is a valid answer:

"Because it's fricking freezing outside, and also is pitch black by 5:30 in the afternoon."

*The other question is "Why don't you just play a real sport?" but the answer is "A wacky schedule and limited funds does not a team sport make."**

**I was seriously looking for the button to make a numbered footnote just then.

At home (Darwin), skywalker and I would often be at the basketball courts at the local school til 7pm. Us and the rest of the neighbourhood 'kids' would be out in our cul-de-sac every afternoon until whenever we got called in for dinner. Cold and/or dark were not even issues.

Back to Adelaide. Cold and dark. I have been cycling for half an hour each day for the past two weeks. I need thirty stickers on my reward chart if I want to go to BlogHer. Somehow, this gave Shelle the impression that I was one of those Exercise People, one of those Heading Off To The Gym For A Workout People. (She is one of those people.)

Her gym (the brand new, fancy one near my house) was having a launch class Wednesday night. Since it was a spin class, and I am, as of last week, a cyclist, she thought I might enjoy it. Ha! I don't like the idea of exercising on purpose. With basketball, it just happens. With my cycling, at least I get to listen to music. The gym seems more like torture.

So we got there, Shelle being very encouraging. I filled out a bajillion forms that all asked for the same information. Having learned my lesson from HaMad getting insistent phone calls from them, I gave the nice gym people my old phone number. NOT A GYM PERSON. GO AWAY.

We went into the spin class: totally packed. Well damn. Now we have to just go home without any forced exercising. Except not, because Shelle came here to do all that exercisey shit, and I hadn't done my 30 minutes a day.

Ok, I'll just say it: I had fun. We went on the cycles first, cos that's what I know. We did some 'stretching' aka gossip catch-up. We did ten minutes on the cross trainers, and I swear to god, the first two minutes nearly killed me. Then I started using the arm things, got into a good rhythm, and actually enjoyed myself. We even carried on a conversation most of the time, which does make it go quicker. Then we went to the rowing machines, which looked kinda scary but this was where we struck freaking gold: There was a FISH GAME! I loved it! The serious work-out guy next to us thought I was insane, but I'm ok with that. Last we went on the sitting down cycles, which felt like a cop-out. But I'm pretty sure I can blame them for any problems I may have had with the "She hit the floor / Next thing you know / Shawty got low, low, low, low, low, low, low, low" parts of the songs at the Tonsley. (I got back up again, which is all that matters.)

In conclusion, I am off to do my cycling for today. I understand why people would go to the gym, but not why they would pay that much money to do it. Anyone else wants to offer me a free guest pass, I'll take it and enjoy it. Then I will eat some chocolate.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

BlogHer Progress Report

Hopefully you're all sitting because here it comes: Only THIRTY-FOUR DAYS til I leave for BlogHer! Whoa man. Here's where we're at:

Flights to San Francisco (via Auckland!): Booked.

Entertainment for the flight: Planned. I am way behind on my planned May/House June/Holmes thesis preparation thing, but if I finish House before I go, Holmes can be studied while on the plane. That should put me to sleep, if nothing else.

BlogHer registration: Booked.

Business cards: Designed. Not yet ordered but I'll get on that.

BlogHer hotel room: Booked.

Company for BlogHer: Planned, but still need a pic.

Getting to know people who'll be at BlogHer: In progress. If you're going to BlogHer and don't appear on my blogroll over there, let me know. I'm trying to get at least a little familiar with everyone's blogs before I get there.

San Francisco plans: coming together.

People to road trip and eat with between San Francisco and Vegas: Done and done.

International licence: Acquired. Intention to actually drive, especially anywhere remotely near LA: Notably absent.

LA plans: coming together. Thank all you guys for your great comments on the last post.

Flights around the country: Booked. In between flights into and out of San Francisco, I get to see Vegas, Charlotte, Huntsville, Detroit and Phoenix airports. Does America not do the whole direct flight thing?

Stressing: Done and finished with. At least for a while.

Funny paper money: Thanks to vsquared, kinda done. Not really though. Closer to the actual date. When I hopefully will have some money.

Phone: Still trying to figure out if/how I can use it while I'm over there. Anyone with any phone expertise, help!

Shoes: Definitely done.

Cute summer outfits: Not done, and not likely to be. It should be illegal to be 12 degrees and raining (icy cold rain) in the middle of the day.

Outfits nevertheless planned out: Getting there. I'm working on my on-the-plane outfit, and will move on to my first-day-of-BlogHer one in a bit. And then there's the party ones! I still think cocktail party dress shopping in SF is a good idea.

Reading a new "I'm going to BlogHer" post at least once a week and getting crazy excited each time: Hell yeah!

Where are you at on BlogHer? Bored? Excited? Scared? Let me know!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

What I Want To Do Weekends, Part 4: Los Angeles

Here's my thing about California in general: I'm pretty sure many famous people could walk right past me and I wouldn't recognise them. Or I would be so busy taking a photo of a sign that said 'Orange County' or something that I totally wouldn't be paying attention to all the famous people I would recognise. Famous people? Pretty much wasted on me.

However! LA is a big city; I'm thinking we can find something else to keep me occupied.

On a side note, I have been to LA before. Twice, actually. The first time all I saw was LAX. The second time, I'd been from France back to England, a day or so there, then to New York, a day (more or less) in JFK, then to LAX, then several hours there while they realised that a door was broken and couldn't be fixed. So I got to see lots of neon signs on the way to the hotel they put us up in. That night in the hotel after ten bajillion years of travelling was heaven. AND I got to see photos from Fashion Week in New York that this Australian photographer had just taken.

So no, I haven't been to LA, or seen any of the things on the list below:

I want to take a photo of the Hollywood sign, and a sign that says The OC. Also signs that say UCLA and the Staples Center.

There seem to be a lot of streets that I should see: Rodeo Drive, Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood Boulevard. Ok that doesn't seem like a lot when I put it like that. What did I forget?

I want to see Venice Beach. Ooh, we could go surfing! Do I know how to surf? Not in the least.

If there's time, Disneyland and/or Universal Studios would be awesome.

Oh, and? I just remembered something that wasn't on my USA list but I'm pretty sure we could do in LA: one of those hotdogs from the carts like on the sidewalk. Yeah!

Now that I've demonstrated I know absolutely nothing about LA, could you help me out? What do I need to do in LA?

Friday, June 06, 2008

Letter To My Body

Dear Body,

I'd like to thank you for bringing me this far. We've had almost 23 years together and I'm planning on having a lot more. You've been with me through the hot and humid wet seasons in Darwin, when I made you sweat like freaking crazy. I'd like to think that taught me enough to keep you well-hydrated year-round. You came to America with me, for three months in the summer of 2005. That was a fun one. We were active and tanned - we looked hot! Then we moved to Adelaide, and I am so sorry I subjected you to this dry, cold climate. I'm working on finding the perfect moisturiser for us, but it has yet to appear. And in 38 days, we will be heading back to America, this time for BlogHer08! Between you and this blog, I'm hoping I will make an awesome impression. If I seem to be abusing you, in particular, your liver parts, that's just because I'm nervous, or having an awesome time. Possibly both. I promise to eat lots of greasy fries and drink lots of water; neither of us likes throwing up the next morning, and luckily, we rarely do. You've been with me through the basketball six days a week seasons, and the laying on the beach or the couch times, and now we're into the cycling 30 minutes a day routine. Hope that's ok. I'm feeling pretty good about it so far.

I would like to make special mention of a few parts in particular:

To my toes: When I was a little kid, I had a bit of an issue with you. There was a huge space between my big toe and the one next to it, caused, I believe, by wearing thongs (flip-flops) year-round. My parents did not believe in closed-in shoes for kids in Darwin, and I have to say, I don't believe in closed-in shoes for adults in Darwin. Hot and humid, baby. I was, however, very happy that my second toe was bigger than my big toe. I felt so sorry for my poor friend whose toes were in decreasing size order. The imperfections we have to live with. These days, I am perfectly happy with you. I force you into all kinds of painful but hot-looking shoes, and paint your nails bright colours. That makes me happy.

To my legs: I feel like we have a meh relationship. My calves are generally fairly shapely, and sometimes reach the level of tannedness that I like. My thighs are generally a tad thicker than I'd like, but hey, that's the price of Maccas and double-choc ice-cream. I shave you, except when no-one is going to see you, and you get me from point A to point B. We're a decent team.

To my hips and arse: (Oh, my god. 'Baby Got Back' just came on my computer. Spooky!) Arse verse same as the thighs. Honestly, I like the curves you guys give me. Sometimes you go a little overboard with it, and you are a freaking pain to buy jeans for, but you know what? I like you. We're cool.

To my tummy: From looking at older female relatives, you are going to be my downfall. I do not want to be mistaken for a pregnant person if I am not pregnant. At the moment, you're doing ok. Right at this moment, you should have a fricking six-pack, with the constant work-out you're getting from my 24/7 coughing. ('I Got It From My Mama' just came on. Now you're just messing with my mind.)

To my arms: You guys are so good. Always slim, voted most likely to be at an acceptable level of tan, unlikely to win any wrestling competitions, but I'm ok with that. Stay cool, dudes.

To my boobs: You were always a little less than I would like. When I look at pictures of you (with the rest of the body, naturally) from a few years ago, you were so little! And then I put on a little weight, and bam! there you were. It was a huge thrill buying my first C-cup. I doubt you're going to get any bigger, and I am perfectly fine with that. We had a little thing there for a bit, and that 2.8cm lump is still there. Just keep an eye on yourselves ok?

To my face: I always liked my lips. My mouth on the other hand ... my smile is just weird. I'm working on both the smile and the caring about it. My nose is ok. Cheekbones are decent, especially in photos where I blow a kiss - then they rock! My eyelashes could stand to be a little longer and thicker, but that's why God invented mascara. My eyes are green, which I love. They could stand to be little darker or more dramatic, but I was always glad they weren't boring old blue or brown. My eyebrows I have left alone, but I'm thinking they could be slightly improved. They've done their job so far (whatever that may be) and I'm happy to leave them to it.

And finally, to my hair: Oh, my hair. Right now, you are long, dark, and straight. Through most of my childhood, you were around shoulder-length, thick as, and way curly. I was never not happy to have curly, as I understood - theoretically - that I had more options this way, that people would kill for curly. What I struggled with was how to control it. And that was my mistake. I actually got quite good at controlling it, but the awesomeness would have been in letting it go free and crazy. Away from the humid influence of Darwin, it is straight maybe five days out of the week. This is so much easier to deal with, and worth the half-hour it takes me to straighten it. I do worry that it's getting thinner, and forgetting how to be curly. Please don't; I really love you, the more so because I only see the thick glorious curls on special occasions.

And so, my body, that is you. Way more than the sum of your parts, because you are me. You, this blog, and my brain (which I worry about sometimes: yes we get High Distinctions, and know the difference between your and you're, but what do we really know?) - you three are Me. And that is awesome!

Worth My Time

Sometimes when I'm riding to work I think about how long it takes me. Say thirty-five minutes there, thirty-five minutes back. Some days I only do a four-hour shift. Four hours for an hour travelling time. Is that worth it?

The other day we had a staff meeting. Or, more accurately, "staff meeting." It turned out that an hour and a half of the three hour "meeting" was us doing normal work. When you combine that with the fact that only half the staff were actually there, my crazy-annoying cough that still hasn't gone away, and the fact that I had a not-yet-finished presentation to do at uni the next day, I'm thinking that no, an hour's ride (at night, in fricking freezing temperatures) was not worth it.

It's going to take me approximately a bajillion years to get to San Francisco from Adelaide. In actual Earthling time, that equals about sixteen hours. Bor-ring. Is more than thirty hours flying time worth twenty days of BlogHering, drinking, touristing, meeting, and summering?


Thursday, June 05, 2008

Picture That

I have a new camera. Isn't it pretty?

My new camera lets me take photos of this:

and this:

Which means that not only have I exercised three days in a row, but that I am actually going to talk to a real live awesome blogger. Yay me!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Action

Hey, SAFM. If you advertise your Ad-Free Fifty in between every single song, it ceases to be ad-free.

Everyone else, is singing while cycling more aerobically effective?

Monday, June 02, 2008

Health and Fitness (HA!)

I have a cough. It sounds like a fake cough. And I can't control it. I am going to stab myself in the throat soon.

On the plus side, it's really working out my stomach muscles, which is a great segue into my second point.

In our backyard, there is a shed. In the shed, there is an exercise bike.

Being that my physical activity has gone from playing (two grades plus social), coaching (two teams), and reffing basketball, to um, nothing, I thought maybe I should do something with this bike. Like, I don't know, exercise?

I'm sure this is all fascinating, but the point is that you can now pop back in any weekday and nag ask me if I've done my thirty minutes of cycling. And then kick my arse for being lazy. Deal?

Sunday, June 01, 2008

What I Want To Do Weekends, Part 3: Bloggers


Here are some of the things I would do if I could have a day with each of these awesome bloggers.

FCM and Ricky: Luckily, I don't have to imagine, cos I will actually get to hang with them in San Francisco!

Sit in The Bar all day while SuperTiff makes me drinks and tells off stupid customers.

Go to her kids' wrestling or t-ball games with Aimee.

A day at the park with Zoot, LilZ and NikkiZ (and now AndyZ!).

Cosmetics advice from Amalah and hair advice from Whoorl.

Have to get a photo of Kelley and Dooce.

Eat at Outback Steakhouse with Holly. Bitch about Freakin MM.

A trip to Monkeytown with Chris and Beth and Mia and Owen.

Then I have a whole bunch of people I just want to hang with, and yes, that means you.

Plus, no doubt there are people I don't even know I want to meet yet that I will get to meet at BlogHer and wish I'd met sooner!

What bloggers do you want to spend a day with, and what would you do?
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