Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Oops, I Lied

Typical. I brag about how well I've been doing in the cycling department, and the next day I simultaneously gain a cold and lose the inclination to go out to a freezing cold shed and cycle for any period of time at all. So I've missed two days in a row. I'll make them up.

Speaking of people who lied...

(That was the best segue in the history of lame-arse segues, wasn't it?)

... remember that essay I asked my supervisor to review for me? And she hadn't, at that point?

Well, she got it a week before it's due date. Since then, I've handed it in, procrastinated the hell out of a different essay, written a bunch of blog posts and read a whole heap more, started writing the new essay, and got the original one back. I still haven't heard from my supervisor. This does not worry me particularly; I wasn't really holding my breath waiting for it back. But still:

Dear Supervisor: Not Cool.

But don't worry, I have indeed learned my lesson about getting things done before the night before. So not worth the hassle.

So I got a 75 on the essay. Basically, the lowest grade they could give me and still give me a Distinction. Which is fine. But what if I got a Credit? Supe is lucky I can be just slightly above average without her.


  1. It's impressive, Missy that you didn't wait until the last moment to get 'caught.' I think I might consider bypassing the old supervisor in the future. Sometimes I have noticed that in that similar situation, although the supervisor took the item and said she/he would look at it, they really don't feel any real obligation to help you out and actually do it. They're just sort of being 'polite.' Good going, girl!

  2. Eh, I don't blame you not wanting to be cold. I hate the cold!


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