Sunday, June 08, 2008

What I Want To Do Weekends, Part 4: Los Angeles

Here's my thing about California in general: I'm pretty sure many famous people could walk right past me and I wouldn't recognise them. Or I would be so busy taking a photo of a sign that said 'Orange County' or something that I totally wouldn't be paying attention to all the famous people I would recognise. Famous people? Pretty much wasted on me.

However! LA is a big city; I'm thinking we can find something else to keep me occupied.

On a side note, I have been to LA before. Twice, actually. The first time all I saw was LAX. The second time, I'd been from France back to England, a day or so there, then to New York, a day (more or less) in JFK, then to LAX, then several hours there while they realised that a door was broken and couldn't be fixed. So I got to see lots of neon signs on the way to the hotel they put us up in. That night in the hotel after ten bajillion years of travelling was heaven. AND I got to see photos from Fashion Week in New York that this Australian photographer had just taken.

So no, I haven't been to LA, or seen any of the things on the list below:

I want to take a photo of the Hollywood sign, and a sign that says The OC. Also signs that say UCLA and the Staples Center.

There seem to be a lot of streets that I should see: Rodeo Drive, Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood Boulevard. Ok that doesn't seem like a lot when I put it like that. What did I forget?

I want to see Venice Beach. Ooh, we could go surfing! Do I know how to surf? Not in the least.

If there's time, Disneyland and/or Universal Studios would be awesome.

Oh, and? I just remembered something that wasn't on my USA list but I'm pretty sure we could do in LA: one of those hotdogs from the carts like on the sidewalk. Yeah!

Now that I've demonstrated I know absolutely nothing about LA, could you help me out? What do I need to do in LA?


  1. Universal Studios is fun to see, even though they had a fire on one of the sets there last week. Disneyland is the only other thing I've been to there, except Orange County where I had business.

  2. my cousin lives on venice beach, so you're covered there.

  3. I can't be of much help, because I really dislike LA. I live in Northern California - LA is a very short flight away (or a not too long drive), but I've only been there once.

    In Beverly Hills, I was bothered by how plasticky (own-word, I know) everyone looked. And they all looked the same: dyed blond hair, fake tans, small figures and noses, large breasts.

    I felt sorry for the young girls who were growing up under so much pressure to look "perfect".

    Other areas of LA are filthy, crime-ridden and so poor that your heart just goes out to the residents.

    Nah, I didn't enjoy LA at all.

    Now, San Francisco is another story - it's one of my favorite cities (and not just b/c I live 20 minutes from there). It is beautiful, diverse, open minded, lots of culture and great food, and the people are a fascinating mix different cultures. Oh, and while being fit and eating right is really important over here, people look NORMAL.

    See you at BlogHerCon. :)

  4. I've never been...but I'd for sure walk by the Ivy...where all the famous people do lunch so they can get their picture taken.

  5. Don't go for a hot dog; in LA (or anywhere in SoCal) you want street tacos.


    Disneyland if you like Disney and nostalgia more than rides (I am definitely in this boat), but I really liked Universal Studios the last couple of times I went.

  6. as an la girl myself (well pasadena, close enough) i would recommend eating an in-n-out burger, it's amazing. hollywood and vine to see some of the stars and grauhman's chinese theater. but i think you've got the major spots covered. sounds like you have a fabulous trip planned!


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