Saturday, June 28, 2008

What I Want To Do Weekends, Part 7: The Ranch

Welcome to the last ever What I Want To Do Weekends weekend. (This does not ensure I will not change my mind between now and next weekend.) In case you missed the first few rounds of torture incredibly helpful comments, here's what happened:

Part 1: USA
Part 2: San Francisco
Part 3: Bloggers
Part 4: Los Angeles
Part 5: Las Vegas
Part 6: BlogHer Sessions - Day One and Day Two.

Since it kind of degenerated into more feedback from you than me telling you what I want to do, we're just going to embrace that and carry on letting you do all the work.

So, Part 7, The Finale: Questions For You.

Q1 Describe this blog to someone who has never read it, in one or two or maybe three sentences.

Q2 (a) Aussies: What should I take to America that best represents Australia?
Q2 (b) Non-Aussies: What should I bring you that will make you think of Australia?

Q3 Any other random ideas of things I have to do/see/buy/photograph while I am in any of the above-mentioned cities?

If you answer me these, I promise I will try so hard to not get suckered into any of these weekly things, or things that demand you answer so many questions so frequently. I love you for doing it though, you've been truly awesome.

And one last thing:


  1. Hello! I hope we meet at BlogHer and have a pint together! My sister in law is from Aus. so your country is near and dear to my heart. Q1, this is my first visit to your site so am interested to read others comments. Q2b, I think the aboriginal (sp?) art is fantastic. Its all over my brothers house and I love it. Yanks are facinated with kangaroos, boomerangs and the fact the aussies do NOT drink Fosters - lol.
    Oh and when you're in Vegas? Maybe you have to visit the "Thunder from Down Under" and have a laugh!
    Enough from me, see you at BlogHer!

  2. tcmom: We'll definitely catch up at BlogHer. Thanks for the answers. I'll look into getting something outback-australia-ish. See you soon!

  3. OK...

    Q1) The Blog is the result of one rather annoying person relising than none of us were listening.. She then decided to get somebody else to listen to her whinging.. despite that she manages (somehow) to make her blog moderatly interesting (I mean, I am reading it)

    Q2)(a) Weeelll... either a croc.. and I'm not sure if I could ship one down before you leave OR something (as above mentioned) aboriginal art or kangaroos

    Q3)You have to play at least 1 hand of:
    for me in a LV casino.

    Take random pics of the sky, grass, desert etc. just to satisfy my need for completly RANDOM pics.


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