Saturday, June 21, 2008

What I Want To Do Weekends, Part 6: BlogHer Sessions (Day One)

For those who were sick of me talking about Vegas, you're in luck. Hopefully the next Vegas post will be when I'm, you know, actually in Vegas.

For those who are sick of me talking about BlogHer (and I am definitely in that group), too bad. Once you start these weekly things, you're stuck. And for even more torture, we have a two-part special this weekend! But again, you get to tell me what to do, and everyone loves a bit of bossing around, right?

What I Want To Do At The Conference:

Break-Out Session #1
1. Who We Are: Introversion, Blogging and BlogHer
2. What We Do: Taking Care of Business
3. What We Believe: Top-notch Political Opinion Commentary
4. How We Communicate: FAQs for Beginning Bloggers
5. MommyBlogging: Is MommyBlogging Still a Radical Act?
6. Blogging Birds of a Feather Meet-Ups: Green/Social Change and Food/Entertaining
7. Room of Your Own: Entertainment Bloggers and Twenty-Something Bloggers

Break-Out Session #2
1. Who We Are: Race and Gender: What are the lessons of 2008
2. What We Do: DIY Content Syndication and Promotion
3. What We Believe: How To Take Names and Be Taken Seriously as a Political Blogger
4. How We Communicate: Why Bloggers (Even Non-Programmers) Benefit from Participating in Open Source Projects
5. MommyBlogging: Public Parenting & Privacy
6. Blogging Birds of a Feather Meet-Ups: Style/Fashion and Travel
7. Room of Your Own: The "Mother Load" and

Break-Out Session #3
1. Who We Are: Blogging with a Global Perspective
2. What We Do: Writing Workshop
3. What We Believe: Two Concurrent Sessions: Progressives (with NetRoots Nation) & Conservatives
4. How We Communicate: Video Blogging
5. MommyBlogging: Mirrors: Ours, the Media's, Our Cultures' and Our Kids'
6. Blogging Birds of a Feather Meet-Ups: Personal Finance/Career and Sex & Relationships
7. Room of Your Own: Funding and incubation opportunities

There you have it. Which one should I go to for each session? Which ones would you go to? And which one do you think I will wake up in time for?


  1. oh, please.
    please do not ask me which seminars i'm going to.
    i really don't know how i'm going to decide.
    i was hoping you would have the answers!

  2. I think the proposed seminars provide an excellent opportunity for you to catch up on your sleep after the parties and such.

  3. I can only make it to the cocktail parties this year. :)

  4. I have no idea what I am doing yet. I have time, before I need to figure it out... really, I do!

    I am looking forward to it, though. I like your blog, and wow, you are coming all the way from Austrailia to attend Blogher?

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I guess I'll see you there. Are you going to the party on Thurs night?


  5. tiff: No, decision-making is your job this week.

    psychicgeek & vered: Glad we're all on the same page.

    tlc: Let me know when you figure it out! Yep, coming from Australia. I'll be at the Newbie Party and the People's Party on Thursday night. See you there!

  6. PsychicGeek,Com has it pretty well summed up!

  7. #1 - #5. Because I'll be up there, babling like an idiot.

  8. im: in that case, i'll be there!


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