Monday, June 30, 2008

Hair Thursday For The Win

I love Hair Thursdays. I even had a mini-HT of my own. My hair is a major part of my life, and has even rated a mention a time or two.
Moosh In Indy is awesome and generous.
I really, really want to win a Hair Thursday of my very own.

Which is why I am going to show you this, and apologise profusely. No-one should have to see this shit.

My computer only goes back to 2005, so that's where both these photos are from. Ok, they're not hideous,* but they illustrate my issues rather nicely. Dead straight fringe and kinky little curls? That does not work. Dry, frizzy, poofy wavy shit? Not cool. Also perpetually pulled back hard off my forehead.

*In fact, I think the main problem is my smile. I just don't look confident then. What a difference three years makes. See photo below for what I mean.

To give your eyes a little relief, here is me having a good hair day:

Wow, we like that aqua colour, don't we?

And, as per the rules, here is the current state of my hair:

Long, dark, was coloured (at home) a lighter brown/red ages ago so kind of has some highlights in it when I go in the sun, thick, naturally wavy, gets straightened (takes 40mins) once a week, some layers around the front, a side fringe that's slightly grown out, but mostly one length (read: boring, but I have no idea what would be better).

That's gotta be great to work with. So many options! Style, colour, you can go to town!

PLUS, I believe the winner is announced during BlogHer,* so if it's me, I will get it done while we're in San Francisco, whatever Whoorl advises, and video it, whatever. It could be awesome.

*I have been saying for weeks, months even, that I need a trim. I've put it off and put it off, and now I'm way too scared to get it cut this close to BlogHer. I don't trust anyone that much.


  1. wooooow, gorgeous hair. love how you can be both silky straight and wavy. i'll know you at BlogHer by your awesome tresses.

  2. I'm totally jealous of your hair. I have fine thin baby hair that looks stringy all the time.

  3. Good luck, it would be awesome to get a live one on one with Sarah wouldn't it? So much pressure.

  4. wow your hair is so pretty. and good luck!

  5. hair? who can think about hair?
    we're going to be in san francisco TOGETHER two weeks from freaking TODAY.
    oh my hell.

  6. Hear that? I have 'awesome tresses.' Haha that's because I delete all the photos where my hair isn't all shiny and whatnot. But thanks for the ego boost everyone.

    And Tiff, not all of us been Hair Thursdayed already. But yes, TWO WEEKS!

  7. *screams* DUDE! Why oh WHY is that horrid photo of me up there! You look great but why could you not cut me out?!
    I'm currently having problems cutting my hair also. My hairdresser went had decided she wanted babies more than she wanted to cut my hair, so now I'm stuck trying to find someone who won't butcher my hair. It's in serious need of at least a trim...
    By the way, the photo of you in the aqua dress and awesome hair? Hands down my favourite pic of you!

  8. Dude. I look HORRIBLE. I was hoping you could distract people from the train-wreck that was my hair.

    How dare she put her children ahead of your hairdressing needs? Seriously.

    And thanks, I kinda like it as well.

  9. Gee, thanks. Nothing like armageddon to distract people from a train-wreck!


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