Friday, January 25, 2008

I may have overreacted. (No, I didn't.)

Yes, I got a haircut. No, it is not 'short' in most people's view. (Where most = everyone except me.) Yes, it is much much much a bajillion times shorter than it was. Yes, I told her I wanted my fringe ('bangs', I believe) shorter. Yes, she was supposed to be psychic and tell me I wouldn't like it when she had done it.

Ok, yes, I am almost used to the fringe already. But dude! My hair doesn't even touch the counter when I'm writing tickets at work! That's hell short.


  1. I think it looks nice!

  2. The hair definitely looks good. :-)

    It was good to see you at the meet-up. Thanks again!

  3. carlabalala12:20 am

    Hair looks good, don't stress, you are over-reacting... or looking for compliments.

    I'm gonna say it's the latter ;)

  4. It looks gorgeous...and besides hair grows.

  5. Thanks all. It's growing as fast as it can (well, it better be).


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