Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Crossing Off The TO DO List

I got so many things done today.

I cleaned my shoes. (Ok, that was yesterday.)

I wrote postcards.
I went to the post office and bought stamps.
I posted postcards.
(I didn't post a parcel I was supposed to.)

I picked up my scooter. (One spark plug, front brake pads, and $200 later...)

I updated my resume.
I wrote a cover letter.
I handed my resume in to two childcare centres. (Ok, it was one. But I'll do the other one in the morning!)

I went to the beach.
I bought an ice-cream.
I rode home.

I'm sure you can now understand the gigantic sense of achievement I'm feeling. How was your day?


  1. My day was good,but probably less productive than yours.

    Black Pearl fine, started first time after 3 weeks rest. I'm glad the Lady only needed TLC, not major surgery.

  2. and I got those postcards! lol...

    thank you btw

  3. yay! sorry i got a bit wordy with them :)


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