Wednesday, January 09, 2008


As far as I'm concerned, there are certain times to start (and finish) celebrating holidays.

The Christmas tree goes up on the first of December and comes down by the last day of January. (Ideally it would be twelve days after Christmas, whenever the hell that is. You can tell I still have my tinsel up.)

If I was at all interested in celebrating Valentines Day, I would say you can't start selling pink hearts and red roses before New Years.

Valentines Day also seems as good a time as any to use as a marker for selling Easter eggs. As in: before = don't. Let's get one holiday over with before we start forcing the next lot of commericalness on each other, mkay?

On some level, I agree with Kelley.

Obviously, not on the 'I love eating hot cross buns, would eat them all year round if I could, and may in fact be eating one right now' ... level.


  1. carlabalala8:24 pm

    Big W was selling small EASTER EGGS on CHRISTMAS EVE. I made my feelings clear by bitching loudly about it. (who, me? NEVER!)

    And the whole Valentines Day thing? No-one plans this far ahead for Valentines Day! Start selling your crap in February, not right after Chrissy!

  2. Heathen.

    Loves ya anyway...


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