Monday, January 28, 2008

Who the hell am I?

I've turned into one of THOSE people.

You know, the ones who get things done.

Yesterday, I woke up. I had breakfast, a shower, dressed, make-up even. I went to Ikea and bought my wardrobe and Shelle's mattress. I organised delivery and flirted mildly with the guy at the counter. I went to Marion and did my grocery shopping. I went home and had lunch.

All before midday. What the hell?

Then, I went to work. I got there early on purpose so I could buy a quilt cover for my new bed. I managed to get a seven-piece set,* plus a sheet set. Then I went to work.

You see all that? That's THINGS. That I did. Bizarre.

*Kinda like this one, but only in that's it's a set, with cushions and stuff. Not in the colour, design, size, matching curtains and pictures on the wall oh my lord.


  1. Freaky. Alien probe in the middle of the night?

    If so, send em around my place will ya? I have a serious case of the 'meh's....

  2. Getting stuff done is awesome! Wish I got more stuff done. When I'm in the mood to, I just take it and run with it. I'm lazy a lot of the time, too, so it all evens out.

  3. carlabalala5:57 pm

    Whoa! Em... is that you? What the hell has "education" done to you?! Stay true to your uni student roots, just because you completed a degree doesn't mean you can become a fully-functioning adult!


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