Monday, January 07, 2008

Read-A-Picture: The Pine Log

This post was brought to you by the fact that I am completely unable to remember the name of a book skywalker had when he was little or find anyone who can based on my description, and vsquared and skywalker's mad photography skillz.

When I was little, and did lots of cool stuff. We especially liked riding our although I don't think he liked the part where I kicked him in his back from my little seat on the back of his . When I graduated to a of my own, sometimes we'd go on rides together when he'd always pretend he was lost, and sometimes I would ride while he walked.

We went to the a fair bit. I loved the and could push me so high that he'd run underneath me. Awesome. There was also a which I think we used to pretend was a or something like that. Also at the park: .

I challenge you to walk past a without experiencing the urge to walk along it. I was an expert walker, and never missed an opportunity to show off my skill. This particular day, I had ridden to the park, and had walked, and we'd bought along some (the park had a ) and probably a or something. We'd played and swung and fought and it was time to go - by way of a of course.

Some of the were close together, and some were a bit tricky, but as I said, I was an expert. So I'm walking along, and 's jumping me over the really huge gaps, but I was feeling stubborn and independent and insisted I could do the rest. And of course, I fell. I missed the , and stepped into and scraped all my up on the I'd just left.

Dude, it really hurt.

So picked up and and the and the and ran as fast as we he could. As far as I can remember, there was a scrape from my tailbone to my shoulderblades, but I'm thinking my memory may be exaggerating. I don't have a scar, but both have the lovely memories of our time at the .


  1. carlabalala7:38 pm

    That's a brilliant post!

    I remember being fearless. Bumps and bruises were the order of the day. Jumping off the monkey bars and twisting my ankle. Landing so hard on my arse that it bruised my tailbone and I couldn't sit properly for ages.

    Aah, those were the days!

  2. you stepped into the sky? and what is that green court thinger?

  3. That was way cool.
    I love that idea!

  4. Sky / air / empty space / not the next pine log. Take your pick.

    Oh, and it's called a cricket pitch.

  5. you must have had a VERY strange childhood!

    It's lucky you survived, after all those risky things that fat old bloke let you get into.

    It's a wonder the Children's Protection Agency didn't come and take you away.

    Pine log walking should be illegal - we must make the world a safer and more boring place.

    Great post. Well done.

    Did you ever hear the story about the little girl who climbed trees, then called out "Catch Dad".!!

  6. Hmmm.... An interesting story, I will take 100% of the credit for all photos provided by me.

    I also seem to remember a certain young bow fell off the playground at school and everyone thought he had broken his arm, so they went and got is X-rayed and sure as anything..... There was absolutly nothing wrong, apart from a little double jointedness


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