Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Adelaide/Darwin The differences between my two cities. Major Adelaide/Darwin events.

Before There Was The Internet Flashback posts. Things that happened before I would blog everything that happened.

BFFs My bestest friends in the world.

Bitchy McRant I get annoyed. I bitch.

BlogHer I sooked about not going to BlogHer07. I planned for and Yay!ed and babbled into infinity about BlogHer08. See you all in San Francisco, bitches!

Eat Me Once upon a time, the Hall cooked for me. Then I had to cook for myself. Then I felt the need to blog about it.

Hair/Clothes/Shoes I have long wavy hair that I usually straighten. I wear clothes and shoes. And maybe I sometimes obsess about all of the above.

Happy Chrismakeastoween Day People have birthdays. And other important Days.

Just Me Because all that other talking was not about me. Uh huh.

Let's Get Physical Sometimes I exercise. Ahahaha. Yeah, right.

My Boys Posts about my dad (also referred to as vsquared) and my little brother (skywalker).

NaBloPoMo07 Posts, posts, and more posts, all through November.

New House/mates I moved into a new house in February 2008. I live with two boys, Housemate (HM) and actually, the other one hasn't got a name yet.

Nights Out The Hall is big on themed events, and college kids are big into Shenannigans on Thursday nights.

Photos A picture is worth a thousand words.

Scarlet Lady My scooter, whose name is the Scarlet Lady.

Shopping Let's just say that living within 5 minutes of Marion Shopping Centre is so not a good plan.

Taggy Post Tip! You're It!

Teh Interwebs Yeah, I'm looking at you.

The Ranch This here blog.

TV/Books/Music/Movies Could I have made that any more vague? Anything entertainment related.

Uni - Classes The classes and the idiots in them.
Uni - Essays The essays that I ignore while I blog.
Uni - Flinders The university itself.
Uni - Thesis The topic of my Honours year: House and Holmes. Due October 2008.

Uni Hall Flinders University's residential college. Where I lived from July 2006 to February 2008.
Uni Hall O-Week Orientation Week. Full of themed events revolving around alcohol.

Weather It Will Darwin has two seasons, the Wet and the Dry, and is hot and humid all year round. Adelaide is not.

What The Blog featuring the Asshat of the Week series. Good times.

WiWtdWs What I Want To Do Weekends. Leading up to BlogHer08, I will post a number of lists of Things I Want To Do.
Part 1: USA.
Part 2: San Francisco.
Part 3: Bloggers.
Part 4: Los Angeles.
Still to come: Australia, Las Vegas, Sessions.

Working Girl Eventually I decided I couldn't be a student for the rest of my life. So I got a job. Then I decided, yes I can so be a student forever. But I kept the job as well.

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