Sunday, September 30, 2007

William Tell Mom Sayings

AKA This is all you get because I'm so far behind my schedule it's not even funny.

I have that line from Good Charlotte's 'Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous' in my head: I think they'd stumble and they'd fall / They would fall.

I don't want to fall.

This one has been doing the rounds. It is very funny, whether you're the "mom" or the one who has to hear it everyday!

Friday, September 28, 2007


Drumroll please... And the winner is - San Francisco!

That is awesome news. I was afraid it was going to be in Boston (due to all the comments in favour). Oops, that sounds bad. What I mean is, I've already been to Boston. And for them to hold it in one of the very few cities I've already been to would have been just rude. So yay! Somewhere new!

I don't know if I like this Tour idea. That means all the cool people who live on the East Coast won't be coming to drink learn stuff with me in San Francisco. Hey! Cool people! Come to San Francisco! I'll buy you a drink!

The sum total of what I know about San Francisco:

1. I always have to think about how I should spell it when I type.

2. The Golden Gate Bridge is there. What is the Golden Gate Bridge? I have no idea. It may be a bridge but Picadilly Circus is not a circus while the White Cliffs of Dover actually are white so really, it could be anything.

3. Charmed was set in San Francisco.

4. It's on the West Coast. (Wikipedia informs me it's it California. That means we can go to Disneyland! Disneyworld? And surf with the Beach Boys!)

5. There's a song about it. Da da da dah, da San Francisco. Yeah that's all I know.

6. UC has a campus there. I know because I was thinking about studying there. But not really. Because...

7. There's lots of hills. And we already have us lots of those here thank you very much.

Who is coming with me to BlogHer08, and what else can you tell me about San Francisco?

Oops, I can't believe I forgot this: I've heard it's very foggy there.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's not a holiday, it's a 'non-teaching study period'

Do you think a lecturer would accept an essay that reads more like a blog post than a formal-essay-style type piece of writing?

What if it had referenced page numbers? Maybe even references to other sources?

What if the alleged author of this hypothetical piece could provide evidence of a blog written in the same lazy-arse style to prove it wasn't some random lazy-arse essay writing, but a well-practiced form of lazy-arse writing? (The lecturer may then appreciate the lack of rhetorical questions in the essay.)

Do you think lecturers can tell the difference between 1000 words (word limit) and 1500 words (the rambling blog essay. Blessay?)?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

7 Random Things

I've been tagged by Foggy City Mommy to share 7 facts about myself: some random, some weird.

Ok, seven things. Why do I have a feeling this is going to be harder than it looks?

1. I hate people touching my knees. Just don't. I have no idea why but it skeeves me out. Even when I can see someone's hand close to my knee I have a minor panic attack.

2. I always brush my teeth in the shower.

3. I hate Nutella on bread. But I keep a jar of it and a spoon on my desk.

4. You can't put anything but Vegemite on a crust. And you're not allowed to cut it, you have to fold it in half.

5. I went to a state that wasn't the NT or SA for the first time when I was almost 16. I went overseas for the first time when I was almost 20.

6. We didn't have a tv when I was in primary school. Therefore, I read books. A lot.

7. My major scholastic triumphs:
In Year 1, I could spell invitation.
In Year 5, I got the highest score on the MAP test, beating Year 7s, even.
In Year 12, I got 19/20 on a Legal Studies essay.
In my last semester at uni, I got a 90 on an English essay.

And...that's my story.

I'm supposed to tag 7 people, but I'm just going to tag all of you. If you just read this, you're tagged. Oh, I'll tag Tiff, cos I always do!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Quick Question

What is the movie where there's like servants and rich people living in like Regency times and the story is about both levels of society?

Seriously, that's all I've got, but I can picture the ad for it on tv.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sensory Storage Saturday (Memory Monday #2)

As you can See, I Struggled for a title there. Am currently accepting Suggestions. On to Some more high School flaShbackS.

In my Year 12 Legal Studies class, there were two of us. And a teacher. So I guess that's three. He was the teacher who advised to get law degrees from an Australian university and then leave the country to work so we never had to pay back our HECS debt.

He was also the one who defended his right not to wear a seatbelt.

He also somehow got the impression that Lolly and I were total hard-arses who would hang or jail anyone regardless of mitigating circumstances. I just think we didn't have much patience for bullcrap. Either that or neither of us understood the complexities of law.

Lolly and I also had Yr 11 History together, with the other [Lolly] and three boys, one of which had a total crush on Lolly, and on whom [Lolly] had a crush for a time. So that was interesting.

She was our favourite teacher ever, not for any brilliance in teaching or anything, but because she always wore something different. Most teachers have a uniform that they wear every single day with minor variations in colour. History Teacher, on the other hand, had a whole bunch of different outfits in different styles. She even had different shoes to go with the different outfits! What more could you want in a role model?

Getting to the point now! One day, History Teacher suggested we have a debate. [Lolly], or possibly Crush Boy, was all, "Yeah, Girls against Boys!"

Lolly: Um, no. They can't even speak.
All three boys: Mmrmbmm.....

I kid you not. They seriously mumbled away into nothing. Best example of the other person winning your arguement for you ever.

Um, There's Something On Your Face

Sorry, I forgot that hadn't posted about this.

Did you know the Royal Adelaide Show goes for nine days? Nine! That's long.

Shelle and I went by ourselves, cos everyone else had already gone (on a dark and stormy and cold and drizzly night - sucks to be you!). It was a lovely hot (for Adelaide) sunny afternoon and didn't even get too cold when it got dark. There were a heap of people and I see why the Show Committee would want to spread that out. It wasn't bad when we got there but got worse as it got later.

First thing we did was get tattoos.

Then we wandered around all the stalls for a while. Bought some earrings. And a bag. My hat, that I was so happy to get early because no-one else at Formal Dinner would have it? All over the Show.

Then we went on the Breakdance, Space Roller, and something else like The Claw but not. It's the last year of the Mad Max but we said goodbye from afar, mostly because they would have charged us ten bajillion dollars if we wanted to actually go on it. In my day, show rides did not cost thirty, ten, or even seven dollars.

And then we ate lots of crap cos there were no parents around to tell us not to!

And finally, we discovered that you shouldn't try to tell the time on my watch (Shelle) but that we have impeccable bus timing anyway.

Oops, I forgot the most important thing: we not only acted like crazy kids for the whole day, we looked like one too:

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I'm In Love

The Bacardi Girl dropped off my prize this morning. It is the bestest thing ever! OMG it's beeyoutiful.

It has a swivel screen and white casing and silver buttons. It can connect to the tv and to a car charger thingie. It has its own case and battery and a bunch of cords. And it has a remote control! I am totally in love.

I need to take a plane trip so I can test it out. Nah, I'll just stay here all afternoon and WATCH DVDS on my NEW DVD PLAYER. Or maybe I'll go up to campus and WATCH DVDS on my BRAND NEW PORTABLE DVD PLAYER. Yeah. People are so obnoxious when they have nothing better to do than BRAG ABOUT THEIR NEW DVD PLAYERS, don't you think?

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

More than you ever wanted to read about my boobs

Holidays are boring yo. Especially with no internet.


I have a lump in my breast.

This does not strike fear into my heart. Maybe it should. But I’ve had it for years. Literally. At least three and probably a lot more. Why didn’t I do anything? I didn’t think it was anything. The one time I brought it up with The Witch, she dismissed it, probably taking her cue from my tone. So I didn’t do anything.

Until a couple of us were chatting about…I don’t even know what. The Gardasil vaccine, among other things. And I mentioned it. I don’t usually talk about my boobs, although I’m aware I do it a lot more these days. Probably because (a) I’m drunk a lot more these days and (b) I actually have some to talk about now.

So Shelle told me I should get it looked at. Which…duh. But since I was getting the vaccine anyway, I did. The doctor was all, wow there’s a lump. I guess she gets a lot of girls who hallucinate lumps in their breasts? Anyway, as she was having a prod around, she asked me, “Are you freaking out?” Well I wasn’t before, but thanks for suggesting I should be. Now I know how to feel.

She was good actually. I’m not suggesting she wasn’t. She booked an ultrasound for me for the next day and an appointment with the breast clinic at the Med Centre in a week.

I had the ultrasound today which was … exciting, actually. Also boring. I got to wear a gown! Just like on tv! And I had an ultrasound, without that whole OMG I May Be Knocked Up thing going on. (And I’m glad she knew what she was looking for, cos I couldn’t make out a thing until she drew the diameter lines in.) Anyway, she was pretty awesome too, and very reassuring, which was … reassuring, I guess, even though I still wasn’t behaving properly and freaking out. She was very calm and practical though, which I did appreciate. And she found another one! She’s better at Hide-and-Seek with my breast lumps than I am. This is apparently a good sign; we all agree that they’re benign fibro-adenomas.

I do still have an appointment at FMC, and a “fine needle aspiration biopsy of the palpable abnormality may be of value.” That sounds scary. The results aren’t scary (at the moment) but the big needle is.

So yeah. Go say hi to your girls! Wear pink! Have boob chats with your drinking buddies!

And, oh yeah, come fix my internet!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

"Myth, myth." "Yeth?"

I had two essays due on Friday. Yeah as in past tense Friday. I didn't hand them in. Oops, my bad! But it's for research! I'm testing an urban legend!

English assignments have to be in by 4pm before the woman checks the drop-box and relegates your 4:01 submission to the next day, and therefore minus 2%. BUT! The Social Sciences one is different: if you hand it in before 9am the next day, it will still count as the same day. (Where Monday morning = Friday's next day.)

Or so I've heard but never been brave enough to test. Until now.

I handed one in yesterday and the other one will be done and handed in tonight. Now we'll find out if it was all just a myth. Wish me luck.

(My note reminding me to write this post says "mythical ass drop-box." You know, like crazy-ass schedule, or lazy-ass study practices.)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Photoshop Phriday

See what an English major gets you these days? Clearly, more computer skillz than spelling.

Anyway, here's a pic that I put up a while ago and have been wanting to play with. I finally managed to get Photoshop to do what I wanted and I thought I'd share my mad skillz with the interwebz.

Turns out it was much easier to do than I was trying to make it, so there's nothing too impressive about it, but I like it.

And speaking of which, there's a little button there with which Blogger makes your links for you. And here I've been messing with all this href crap.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Sip Bacardi Like It's Your Birthday

The after-party for Formal Dinner 3: International was held at the Tav. That same night the Tav was holding their Snow Party, sponsored by Bacardi. With every Bacardi Breezer bought from the Bacardi Girl (and Guy), you got your choice of dog-tags, lanyard, or iPod cover. You also you an entry form.

I got a phone call today and I'm sure you can see where this is headed... I WON A DVD PLAYER!

The moral of the story is: always take entry forms away from drunk people and fill them in "for them."

More Tutor Crap

Dear Tutors,

Fuck off and leave me alone.


This post was brought to you today courtesy of the note that was laying on my bed when I got back from tea tonight:

"Hi Missy!
Came back to check your room but still can't see the floor. Will come back tomorrow (Sat) between 12-2pm.
Cheers [Senior TutorScum]."

Which means they were already in here once that I didn't know about until now, and they'll be coming back. What business it is of theirs if my (clean) clothes are spilling out of my Ikea boxes and onto the floor? None, unless it constitutes a safety risk, which this doesn't. There is a path from the door to my desk, and to my window (so they could totally check the flyscreen for holes or other maintenance issues). Fuck off, Tutors.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ok, it was. Maybe. Whatever. Tutor Scum.

The answer was (e) none of the above.

Apparently, at a recent event at which a lot of alcohol was consumed, I said something "derogatory" about tutors, to a tutor, within another tutor's hearing. They were concerned about me, or something.

The tutors in question have no idea what is normal for me therefore couldn't know if this was out of character. Fuck off with your concern.

Dean Lady is protective of her tutors. How bout your tutors start being protective of themselves instead of running back to you all the time? I would have been much more amenable to discussion if it were them doing the discussing.

And oh yeah, maybe if they did it at the time I would have ONE FREAKING CLUE WHAT THEY WERE TALKING ABOUT. I don't think Dean Lady appreciated that I really didn't remember. Instead of agreeing that I don't have huge deep-seated Tutor Issues, she concluded that 1. I hadn't actually forgotten, and either way 2. I had drunk too much.

Which leads me to... the only time I have been in the Flats (where this ALLEGED incident occurred) was Soccer Celebrations. So... I do something good for the Hall, and I get hauled in to see Dean Lady. Right, that makes sense.

She also asked about my uni life (fine), my home life (fine), my sex life (non-existent, but that's ok), and my Hall life (fine, til about five minutes ago). Clearly, me mouthing off when I'm drunk means I have some Major Issues that I need to talk about.

Crying probably didn't help the Everything's Ok Image though, right?

It doesn't help that one of the tutors in question called herself Tutor Scum, to me, on a night when she'd had way too much to drink. And the other was messaging me at 3am after Toga, but couldn't spend a second clueing me in to what was going on.

The thing is, there are people who truly dislike tutors, there are people with major problems (ONE OF WHOM I EXPRESSED CONCERN FOR, BUT NO, AN IMAGINARY INCIDENT INVOLVING YOUR TUTORS IS WAY MORE IMPORTANT THAN THAT), and there are times in my Hall life that I've been ... well, not unhappy, cos that's not how I roll, but certainly less involved with the Hall etc when some concern from my friendly neighbourhood tutors wouldn't have gone astray - and I'm the one in the meeting today.

Let me just (the internet: 'just.' ha! after that novel you just wrote?) say that I don't this has done anything to promote "harmonious" relations between me and any tutor, ever again. Good work, Dean Lady.

It wasn't me!

I have a meeting with the Dean (or something like of that) of the Hall in about half an hour. (I should be early right?) I have no idea what it's about.

I got a message on my phone asking me to make a time to see her, with some options thoughtfully provided. I went to the office to make the appointment, and I asked if I could find out why I'd been asked to come. The office lady didn't know, Dean Lady's assistant didn't know, and DL herself was in a meeting and so couldn't confirm or deny anything.

I'm a tad bit nervous. I had no idea she even knew who I has. In fact, it's probably a huge case of mistaken identity. I'll walk in and she'll be all, What are you doing in my office? Scat.

Things It Could Be About:
  • This.
  • The Ranch.
  • Tutor positions close tomorrow but I haven't done anything worthy of consideration for Tutor. Plus I'm not going to be here next year.
  • I take a lot of photos at Hall events. Maybe something to do with that?
  • My room is a mess. Then again, nothing unusual about that.
In short, I have no frickin clue and it is freaking me out.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Geeking Out Just A Little Bit

1. There's a new header.

1a. I just got Photoshop on my computer.

But obviously I'm not briliant at using it. I'm not totally completely happy with it, but I am slightly in love.

2. There's a new thingy in the sidebar.

2a. See 1a.

I wish I could put all the other things on my sidebar into their own little boxes, but uh, I have no idea how to do that. Anyone? Bueller?

3. I handed in my Invisible Flinders website last week.

3a. I just now figured out how to use the Print Screen button.

But I don't have my final copy saved at home so this is still a draft. Also, it's not actually on the server yet I don't think, but I'll give you the link when it is so you can see all the others. Marcus did one one on the bath tub which was pretty great.

4. I got 22/25 on a History test.

So I'm not quite as mad at her for suggesting that I put an apostrophe in the wrong place. Although she runs over time every single week. She's got some PR work to do I think.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Memory Monday #1

(Which may become Flashback Friday or Memembering Wednesday or Remember That Time Tuesday etc etc.)

New feature! Very exciting! At least more exciting than yet another essay post (two due on Friday) or a bitch about how lecturers feel the need to tell us how and where to use apostrophes five times in as many days as if we made it through high school without knowing that! (You guys didn't want to hear about that again did you?) And potentially not even that exciting, as I have a feeling this may be one those things where you had to be there.

So in high school, actually in years 11 and 12, there was three of us. Me and Hel and Lolly. (Hi girls!) There was a fourth but she wasn't quite as three-ish as the three of us, and also the three of us went to uni together after high school which may be influencing my view.

Anyway. I had a kind of triangle metaphor in my head but thinking it out just now, it doesn't really work. Two of us were the same and one of these things is not the other is closer. Hel and I were smarter, but Lolly and Hel were more popular. Hel was smarter than us in Chem, but Lolly and I had wayy more common sense. Which led to this classic exchange which basically summed up our respective positions in the triangle (see? I knew I could work it in somehow!):

Cue the three of us walking through Cas, as we did. A lot.
We walk past a bag with a picture of a fluffy kitten on it. (I couldn't find the actual one, but it was something like this.)

Hel: Oh my god! Isn't that so cute?!
Lolly and I in total unison and complete unenthusiasm: No.

HAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No? Okay then. See you next Monday!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Summer School

The good weather we've been having lately signals the death of my academic career.

Yesterday? On a blanket in the courtyard.

Today? On a blanket at Henley Beach.

On both occasions I took my history readings along for a ride. I think they enjoy the chance to get out of my room. They must appreciate a little time off from being read and/or highlighted.

And nothing to do with the weather... This morning? Bed. Tonight? Toga. Tomorrow morning? Bed.

Assignments. Tomorrow. I promise.

(Also signalling the death of schoolwork being completed in a timely manner? Bloglines. When I went to look at my list today, I had sixty-three new posts waiting for me. Why do you all have to write so much that I want to read, huh?)

Friday, September 07, 2007


Last night we were all supposed to go shopping for Toga outfits.

One of my friends hadn't answered her (room or mobile) phone all day, wasn't at dinner, and wasn't in her room (or at least didn't answer the door).

We ended up going Toga shopping anyway, but when we got back we got right back to being worried. We had a pretty good idea of where she might be (hospital) since she was there last week for dehydration, but what if she wasn't? And even if she was, we still wanted to know.

And that's the thing. We wanted to know. We wanted our worries put to rest.

We eventually called the Duty Tutor who let us in to our friend's room, and then let us use the Duty Phone to call the hospital. We found out she was there, but asleep, so we couldn't talk to her. I left a message but I doubt she'll call from the hospital. Last time she joined us for dinner as usual the day she got out.

Not answering your phone and not calling is a pretty clear indication that you don't want to talk. The DT congratulated us on being good friends, and I know we are. It's just confusing. Was it the right thing for the wrong reason, or the wrong thing for the right reason or some combination? It's the What Ifs that get in the way. What If she hadn't been in hospital?

And like I said before, we needed to know where she was. Not if she was ok. 'Oh she's in hospital. That's ok then.' Um, Self, I think being in hospital is a pretty good indication that it's not ok.

And I don't know what I'm supposed to do to make it better.

Monday, September 03, 2007


It's official: we are the number one soccer college in Adelaide.

Here's to *Flinders* she's true blue
She's a pisspot through and through
She's a bastard so they say
Shoulda gone to heaven but she went the other way so
Skull, skull, skull, skull...

Cheers girls!*

*Accessories sold separately. Pictures of goon spins, gully runs, fourth-floor nudie runs, and the bathtub full of ice and drinks being tipped over on the hill not included. Available now: The Great 'More Than A Handful Is Just A Waste' Smackdown. PLUS: Have Your Say: Poppas or Fruit Boxes.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Blog Day 2007

Today is Blog Day for 2007. Actually it was yesterday, since today is the 1st of September, but somewhere it's still yesterday ... which means today is Blog Day.

Bloggers all over the world are supposed to embrace this opportunity to not have to think up a post topic while simultaneously clueing in their reader/s to new and exciting blogs. This automatically lets out a few awesome blogs that you all should be reading anyway, which means that everyone should be getting a whole bunch of brand new blogs to read.

For a full list of the blogs I frequent, you can go to my bloglines list, otherwise, here is my five:

1. If I Were Queen of the World / Supertiff

Tiff (or Supertiff as she is also known) was one of the first blogs by a normal person that I started reading. (Not to imply that the ones mentioned aren't actually normal people.) This won't actually be a new blog for anyone who has ever looked at my links, but since she has a brand-new site, I decided she qualified. If you like funny, touching, ranty, intelligent posts, go check her out. (Her blog, you sickos.)

(I was totally going to do my research and provide links for each of those adjectives, but instead I'm just going to direct you to the great never-ending BlogHer07 post and also perhaps her archives.)

2. Semantically Driven / Jaycee

I haven't been reading this one for long. I came across Jaycee at BlogHer (the site, not the convention thing unfortunately). She is located right in here in Adelaide, which I thought was very exciting. She is hosting the next Carnival of Australia which means there will be lots more great stuff coming soon.

3. This Fare City / Heard In My Cab

This is the blog of a female cab driver in Portland, Oregon. As you can imagine this makes for some funny experiences and well as some that would be hella scary if they ever happened to me. But then, I don't think I'm brave enough to be driving a cab anywhere, so we don't really have to worry about that do we now. Luckily she seems to have an awesome sense of humour and a smart mouth on her which make for some great posts.

4. What Were You Expecting? / Holly

This is another one I've been reading for a while. (I feel like I've run out of adjectives at this point, but I'll give it a go.) She's funny and observant and smart, and has great taste in wedding dresses y'all. She's getting married! Go congratulate her!

5. You tell me.

I have run out of ideas. What is your favourite blog ever, and what is your favourite blog that people might not have heard of?

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