Sunday, September 16, 2007

"Myth, myth." "Yeth?"

I had two essays due on Friday. Yeah as in past tense Friday. I didn't hand them in. Oops, my bad! But it's for research! I'm testing an urban legend!

English assignments have to be in by 4pm before the woman checks the drop-box and relegates your 4:01 submission to the next day, and therefore minus 2%. BUT! The Social Sciences one is different: if you hand it in before 9am the next day, it will still count as the same day. (Where Monday morning = Friday's next day.)

Or so I've heard but never been brave enough to test. Until now.

I handed one in yesterday and the other one will be done and handed in tonight. Now we'll find out if it was all just a myth. Wish me luck.

(My note reminding me to write this post says "mythical ass drop-box." You know, like crazy-ass schedule, or lazy-ass study practices.)


  1. carlabalala5:23 pm

    Oooh! Testing uni urban legends! Hope you don't awake to find a horse's head in your bed. Or is that only in Sicily?

    By the way, here in AUSTRALIA it's spelt ARSE.

  2. yes, but "ass"ignment is not spelled "arse"ignment, is it now?

  3. carlabalala10:22 pm

    No, it isn't. But "ass" on its own is spelt ARSE!!!

  4. it's not on its own. it has a 'crazy-' in front of it!

  5. carlabalala9:23 pm

    IT. IS. HYPHENATED (HYPHANATED?). It is not actually one word.

    therefore it is still ARSE. Australia, Missy! Are we even on the same page? Clearly not the same country...

    And no, your blog entry above does not mean I lay off. I am but a loyal soldier, protecting the English language to the death.


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