Saturday, September 22, 2007

Um, There's Something On Your Face

Sorry, I forgot that hadn't posted about this.

Did you know the Royal Adelaide Show goes for nine days? Nine! That's long.

Shelle and I went by ourselves, cos everyone else had already gone (on a dark and stormy and cold and drizzly night - sucks to be you!). It was a lovely hot (for Adelaide) sunny afternoon and didn't even get too cold when it got dark. There were a heap of people and I see why the Show Committee would want to spread that out. It wasn't bad when we got there but got worse as it got later.

First thing we did was get tattoos.

Then we wandered around all the stalls for a while. Bought some earrings. And a bag. My hat, that I was so happy to get early because no-one else at Formal Dinner would have it? All over the Show.

Then we went on the Breakdance, Space Roller, and something else like The Claw but not. It's the last year of the Mad Max but we said goodbye from afar, mostly because they would have charged us ten bajillion dollars if we wanted to actually go on it. In my day, show rides did not cost thirty, ten, or even seven dollars.

And then we ate lots of crap cos there were no parents around to tell us not to!

And finally, we discovered that you shouldn't try to tell the time on my watch (Shelle) but that we have impeccable bus timing anyway.

Oops, I forgot the most important thing: we not only acted like crazy kids for the whole day, we looked like one too:

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