Saturday, September 01, 2007

Blog Day 2007

Today is Blog Day for 2007. Actually it was yesterday, since today is the 1st of September, but somewhere it's still yesterday ... which means today is Blog Day.

Bloggers all over the world are supposed to embrace this opportunity to not have to think up a post topic while simultaneously clueing in their reader/s to new and exciting blogs. This automatically lets out a few awesome blogs that you all should be reading anyway, which means that everyone should be getting a whole bunch of brand new blogs to read.

For a full list of the blogs I frequent, you can go to my bloglines list, otherwise, here is my five:

1. If I Were Queen of the World / Supertiff

Tiff (or Supertiff as she is also known) was one of the first blogs by a normal person that I started reading. (Not to imply that the ones mentioned aren't actually normal people.) This won't actually be a new blog for anyone who has ever looked at my links, but since she has a brand-new site, I decided she qualified. If you like funny, touching, ranty, intelligent posts, go check her out. (Her blog, you sickos.)

(I was totally going to do my research and provide links for each of those adjectives, but instead I'm just going to direct you to the great never-ending BlogHer07 post and also perhaps her archives.)

2. Semantically Driven / Jaycee

I haven't been reading this one for long. I came across Jaycee at BlogHer (the site, not the convention thing unfortunately). She is located right in here in Adelaide, which I thought was very exciting. She is hosting the next Carnival of Australia which means there will be lots more great stuff coming soon.

3. This Fare City / Heard In My Cab

This is the blog of a female cab driver in Portland, Oregon. As you can imagine this makes for some funny experiences and well as some that would be hella scary if they ever happened to me. But then, I don't think I'm brave enough to be driving a cab anywhere, so we don't really have to worry about that do we now. Luckily she seems to have an awesome sense of humour and a smart mouth on her which make for some great posts.

4. What Were You Expecting? / Holly

This is another one I've been reading for a while. (I feel like I've run out of adjectives at this point, but I'll give it a go.) She's funny and observant and smart, and has great taste in wedding dresses y'all. She's getting married! Go congratulate her!

5. You tell me.

I have run out of ideas. What is your favourite blog ever, and what is your favourite blog that people might not have heard of?


  1. Hi there - Thank you for putting me in your five!! (do I sound like a cell phone comm'l? :o)

    Me?? "Smart mouth" *snort*

    Thanks much. I'm always glad to know that someone likes - and actually reads - my stories.

  2. Thanks for the mention and if you haven't already (I haven't checked all my emails yet) please submit to the Carnival of Australia. PS: I also got your email. Cheers.


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