Saturday, September 30, 2006


Having fun messing around with the bajillions of template maker thingies on the web.

What do you like and not like on a blog?
What would you change if you could?

Changes to come!

Friday, September 29, 2006

Why breakfast is too early in the morning

So this-girl-I-know-by-sight and I had bonded over Vegemite and this guy's t-shirt about how to ditch a girlfriend. Then she clearly felt she should be 'making conversation' (possible rant-to-come right there) so she says:

"Did you straighten your hair?"

Only every single day since I got here.

Except this week, when I had barely raised a brush to it, let alone a bottle of shampoo.

Oh, and? Today my hair was in like eight little plaits all over my head.

"Yes I straightened my hair."

Silly girl, trying to talk before midday.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Things you can learn at Flinders

If you sit outside in the sun and shiver, you'll still get sunburnt.

It is possible to eat not in front in the television. (Only cos they have dinner so. damn. early.)

It is possible to eat things not cooked on a barbeque. (You know who you are. And I'm not saying they're better, in fact I miss sausages in bread.)

It is possible to take your own lunch to uni and not look like an idiot. (You may get sick of it after a while though.)

You cannot convince elder relatives that young people know how to cook. (Just cos I don't doesn't mean I can't. It just means I'm lazy when it's only me that will be praising my food.)

I can do without DVDs but I need books to read. (Still haven't got my computer CD drive fixed and am now planning to wait til I get home. But then - well, the DVD collection better watch out!)

You really can do without a car. (But not without a scooter or motorbike!)

Words I Like

malice aforethought

And here is a, um, thing, of the most-used words here at the ranch.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Next Year Take Two aka My Skills With html

Ok, here is a table I've made which may or may not make it easier to understand what I've been going on about.

Why is it so far away?

Allllll the waayyyy

Not the mention the way it's royally screwed up my sidebar.

I really have no idea. I assume there's some computer-geek explanation for it. I've got nothing.

First YearSemester OneENGL1004
First YearSemester TwoENGL1008
Second YearSemester OneEnglish
Second YearSemester TwoEnglish
Third YearSemester OneEnglish
Third YearSemester TwoEnglish

- The purple and maroon bits are credits awarded from previous study, so you can basically ignore them.
- The light grey is English, and the dark grey is History.

- Each square is not one subject.
- A subject in first year takes up 3 squares, and you do four of them per semester. One subject in first year is worth 1/4 of a full-time load.
- A subject in second and third years takes up 4 squares and you do three of them per semester. One subject in second or third year is worth 1/3 of a full-time load.

- I am currently doing four first year subjects. I was awarded credit for four first year subjects, so I will be finished first year at the end of this semester.
- I was awarded credit for four upper year subjects, meaning I have eight to go. Normally you do six in a year (3 per semester) but I will be doing
Four subjects in semester 2 06
Four subjects in semester 1 07
Four subjects in semester 2 07
Allowing me to (hopefully) graduate at the end of 2007.

Monday, September 25, 2006

I sense a smackdown

7:00 - 8:00pm Ch10 Australian Idol
8:00 - 11:00pm Ch10 Brownlow Medal Count
8:30 - 9:30pm Ch7 Grey's Anatomy

Anyone else seeing a problem here?

Heh heh heh.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Next Year

So I was thinking of doing a unit over the holidays. However, my geekly aspirations have been cut down as Flinders does not run classes over the summer holidays (except in random shit that does me absolutely no good whatsoever) and the fact that Flinders is just weird.

First year: Four subjects Semster One, Four Subjects Semester Two
Second Year: Three subjects S1, Three subjects S2
Third Year: Three subjects S1, Three subjects s2
As opposed to everywhere else in the whole of the country who just does four every semester.

I am doing four this semester, as it is basically first year.
Next semester I will need to do four (second year subjects).
The semester after that I will do four third year subjects.

So, keeping in mind that a normal load at Flinders second and third years is three subjects, do you see why I wanted to do one on the holidays? No? Oh, you're very confused. Me too.

Oh yeah, the point. Any class that I do through Open Universities would be worth 1/4 of a full-time load. However, any class I do for the rest of my time at Flinders will be worth (will need to be worth) 1/3 of a full-time load. So there's no point studying anything over the holidays as it will worth jack-all to the good people of Flinders.

Hence, how I end up doing 4/3 of a full time load my entire final year.


Guys. Seriously. How hard is it to have a five line address? Apparantly, too hard for anyone in the world. Even when I write it down for you, you insist on making it shorter and thus, wrong. Even if I make it shorter for you, why won't you trust me when I say that they world Hall is a vital part of the address? If the person in the mail room gets RSI from using that "Please notify sender of your correct address" stamp on all my letters, you know it's gonna be your fault.

Decisions, decisions

I just recieved a letter from the Admissions Office here at Flinders. Really, the letterhead should have tipped me off, but it didn't, so I kept reading.

Dear Missy

We are writing to you as you have expressed an interest in studying at Flinders.

Yes, I'm really interested.

As you may know, applications close on Friday 29th September 2006.

I didn't, as it turns out. But thanks for letting me know.

If you are needing additional information on studying at Flinders, out Admissions/Prospective Student staff would be happy to assist you.

Damn. And I just went to the BA Office for some additional information. All that time wasted speaking to the wrong people.

You may also like to know that overall student satisfaction with the quality of their courses at Flinders is consistently high.

That's good to know. Overall paper wastage by university staff is also high.

You have recieved this letter as you contacted the Admissions/Prospective Students Office at Flinders University during 2006, if you do not wish to recieve updates please indicate this to us by phone and we will remove you from our mailing list.

I should definitely do that. One may have thought actual admission would have done that already, but apparantly not. And PS, I do hope this display of punctuation is not common to all satisfied Flinders grads.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Holidays at the Hall.

The Common Room is very uncrowded. I can get a seat and a footrest.
There is no-one to jump up at change it to Grey's before Idol has fully finished.
I have to eat dinner earlier.
Everyone has to eat dinner earlier. The dining hall is crowded.
There is never anyone in the kitchen or bathroom when I want to be in there.
There are no classes to keep me occupied.
I have lots of essays to do.
They will most likely run out before the end of the holidays if I keep going at my current rate.
I am not at home.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sunday Drive

I will get around to writing this post one day. Swear to god.

Ok, well, it probably wasn't worth waiting for, but here goes.

Gma and A Lyn picked me up on Sunday morning (the day after Toga). It was a nice day, even warm in the sun but with a chilly breeze. We drove up and around, and I didn't throw up my breakfast cos I hadn't had any. Ate some Ritz as my traditional road-trip stomach settler.

Got to Handorf and found a carpark. Checked out two motorbikes parked there also (only the first of many for the day). One was a Ninja, a nice dark aqua colour (which did kinda match the mood of the day).

We wandered out on to the street, decided it was too cold, so returned to the car for hoodies and cardigans.

After that, we re-commenced our walk, going up the road on one side, planning to walk as far as the bakery and then come back on the other side. Lots of arty/crafty-type places which were cute for a very limited time. Had a cruise around a nursery (a plant one, not a baby one) - had cute little stone turtles and these like sign things, one of which said "Dad's Shed - beer in, women out". I should Gma and she goes, "That's sexist," and walks away. lol. Had a browse through a used bookstore but there was nothing much (especially as I'd promised myself a visit to Marion library sometime later in the week). Saw a fresh-doughnut shop across the road and decided to get a few on the way back.

Got up to the bakery, crossed the road and had a look (we'll be back!), then turned around and walked back down the street. Had a look at a couple more places, but it was getting on to lunch time, so we were checking out menus and people's plates on the way. Got played at by an old guy with an accordian thing in (traditional German?) costume.

Ended up at some hotel/pub/restaurant thing just as the power went off. Ordered anyway and got a table in the front bar. Turns out we got $2 off the price cos we didn't sit in the back (fancy) restaurant, so that was fine. We'd each gotten a burger, but probably could have split one between us. Why does everyone insist on putting chicken salt on everything? Even when you're not eating chicken? Grr. But the burgers were delicious. I had a bacon-and-egg-and-cheese burger in honour of the recovery breakfast that I was missing.
Just as we were finishing, the power came back on again, which meant where we were sitting became very loud and front-sports-bar-ish. Good thing the power'd been off so we could happily sit there and get $2 off our meals.

Started walking again, on our way back to the bakery way way away (we thought there might have been a better one but there wasn't), then to doughnuts, then to the car. Saw lots of Harleys on the walk, and a funny-looking Royal Enfield, and lots of really nice road bikes. Anyway, got our chocolate eclairs and kitchener buns from the bakery and went back down the street (again!) to the doughnut shop. And now for the big disappointment of the day.

The power was off in only a few parts of Handorf, one of which was the doughnut shop.

How. rude.

So we went to the chocolate factory instead. (Melba's if you must know, near horse-riding.) A Lyn and I went on a samples scavenge. Scavengers never prosper though, especially on the days when they have chocolate-coated coffee beans out. Anyway, managed to make up for it with fruit tingle-type things and looked for things to actually buy. Ended up with a big chocolate M (we decided that was the letter with the most chocolate in it) and some dark and milk choc-mint things, choc frogs, and something that I don't think I asked for, and if I did, don't know what I thought I was getting. But they're ok. Decided against the cow pats. Maybe next time.

Oh yeah, and when we were deciding what to have for lunch, Gma was like, "I'm not that hungry, just a toasted sandwich or something would do me," then thought about it and added, "Although, you might want something bigger, cos this could be your main meal for the weekend."
I swear to god, she doesn't think I could cook myself a thing. At least I had a kitchener bun to keep me going til Monday.

The dinner dance

At first glance, the dining halls of the Hall and KSA seem like long communal tables where everyone is sitting with everyone else. This is not the case however. At KSA, you had to sit with your bunk, and your bunk had to sit at a specific table. Your position at the table was determined by where you sat the first week, and it did not change.

It is kinda funny how stereotypical the Hall dining hall is of a high school in some teen movie. There is the Asian table, and the sports (read: boy) table, and the A-students (read: HC and tutors) table. It's very cute, and very sad. However, I have discovered that most people will be polite if you say hi and sit at their table.* This is good. Also, on the holidays there are less tables available and so everyone is kinda squished and forced to sit with strange people.

'The dinner dance' to which the title of this post refers refers to the fact that there are two sittings, and regardless, people finish eating at different times. There is a sort of dining hall etiquette regarding where you can sit based on how much other people have eaten. Like, if someone is just finishing dinner and you're arriving? If they're onto dessert? But then there're some people who sit and talk so you can arrive and eat and be gone before they get up. Basically though, you eat with people who came in at the same time as you. Otherwise, people feel compelled to stay and keep you company and make conversation. It's really funny that they do, as really, people are here to eat dinner and someone else being there shouldn't impact on that right? I'm not forcing anyone to stay. And yet it seems rude making them stay there while I'm still eating. However, it's not like you can say, "You don't have stay here for me." Egotistical much?

Yes I'm over-thinking this. I know. But it's fun. Crazy things that someone should do a study on.

*There are some tables I wouldn't sit at if I hadn't put on makeup and designer jeans to come to dinner.

I just wrote a huge long post and it ate it. When I've fixed the crack where I punched my computer screen, I'll redo it for ya.


How do you write an essay?

I think someone should do a study on this.

I usually start with going and getting lots of books from the library. I look up things in the index, but I don't actually read the information. Then sometimes I photocopy and highlight, or copy huge chunks that I think will be relevent. I do the same with info from the internet.

Then I start a new MS Word document and type out the question in bold. There. That looks nice and scholarly. Then I write down all the questions that I plan to answer in my essay. Sometimes this bit happens before the chunks of info part.

So I end up with lots of information, questions, answers usually in quotes or point form. Even though I've started a new document called "French Revolution Essay" or whatever.

At this point, I open another new Word document. I set it it Times New Roman, size 12, justified, and 1.5 spaced. (Two is too big, but if it's a bit spacey, clearly it's a real essay.) This is my real essay, and has essay-type language, and paragraphs, and sometimes an introduction already (although this sometimes gets altered if I changed the questions hehe). It sometimes has headings which I may or may not take out.

I have the footnote button and the instant word count on my taskbar thingie cos I use them a lot. The footnote one cos they like us to cite things a lot and the wordcount so I can be going, cool 1025 words, that's almost 1500, which means I only have 500 to go! I do this a lot too.

After that's all written, I fix up all my footnotes, which I've just done in short form, and put all the commas and italics in the right places (hopefully, crossing my fingers cos they're so. damn. picky) and then open another document to write my bibliography. My bibliography heading and my page numbers are always in Arial font and bold. (Oh, I used to write Pg whatever in my references (or Pgs whatever-whenever) but I've decided not to annoy them any longer and just write p or pp (even though my way is prettier). And I change it to double-spaced and the right margins and all, cos once again, these things are vitally important.

I usually start my day with a bit of surfing the internet, just to get my fingers warmed up. And then my eyes need a rest before I actually start typing, so I go read a book for a while. It's probably time for lunch somewhere in there. Then I get back on the computer, check my email and WebCT one last time, then I'm good to go.

And there you have it. An essay. All prettiful.

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Eve To Her Daughters - Judith Wright

It was not I who began it.
Turned out into draughty caves,
hungry so often, having to work for our bread,
hearing the children whining,
I was nevertheless not unhappy.
Where Adam went I was fairly contented to go.I
adapted myself to the punishment: it was my life.

But Adam, you know...!
He kept on brooding over the insults,
over the trick They had played on us, over the scolding.
He had discovered a flaw in himself
and he had to make up for it.

Outside Eden the earth was imperfect,
the seasons changed, the game was fleet-footed,
he had to work for our living, and he didn't like it.
He even complained of my cooking
(it was hard to compete with Heaven).

So he set to work.
The earth must be made a new Eden
with central heating, domesticated animals,
mechanical harvesters, combustion engines,
escalators, refrigerators,
and modern means of communication
and multiplied opportunities for safe investment
and higher education for Abel and Cain
and the rest of the family
You can see how pride had been hurt.

In the process he had to unravel everything,
because he believed that mechanism
was the whole secret-he was always mechanical-minded.
He got to the very inside of the whole machine
exclaiming as he went So this is how it works!

And now that I know how it works, why, I must have invented it.
As for God and the Other, they cannot be demonstrated,
and what cannot be demonstrated
doesn't exist.
You see, he had always been jealous.

Yes, he got to the centre
where nothing at all can be demonstrated.
And clearly he doesn't exist; but he refuses
to accept the conclusion.
You see, he was always an egotist.

It was warmer than this in the cave;
there was none of this fall-out.
I would suggest, for the sake of the children,
that it's time you took over.

But you are my daughters, you inherit my own faults of character;
you are submissive, following Adam
even beyond existence.
Faults of character have their own logic
and it always works out.
I observed this with Abel and Cain.

Perhaps the whole elaborate fable
right from the beginning
is meant to demonstrate this: perhaps it's the whole secret.
Perhaps nothing exists but our faults?
At least they can be demonstrated.

But it's useless to makesuch a suggestion to Adam.
He has turned himself into God,
who is faultless, and doesn't exist.

"The Other Half" Collected Poems Pg 234.

Eve Speaks - Jan Heller Levi

Once I was in Eden and I walked, blithely, out of it.
How was I to know?
There seemed another Eden,
just next door. It looked familiar,
and I was tired of the new.
All day he strolled around with his name tags
Glitter turned specific, but I craved
the blobbiness of things,
the inexact borders,
the possibility that this could also be
that. Of course I was an idiot. I'd run back
now, if I could, bear his painless
children, even call the girl If Only,
the boy, I Told You So. Instead of living in this okay crowded world,
I'd make all my mistakes in Paradise.
Is that possible?
Is it?
I didn't even see the gate.
Then the gate closed.

The Women's Review of Books Sept 2001 Pg 18

Eve - Kate Llewellyn

Let's face it
Eden was a bore
nothing to do
but walk naked in the sun
make love
and talk
but no one had any problems
to speak of
nothing to read
a swim
or lunch might seem special
even afternoon tea wasn't invented
nor wine

a nap might be a highlight
no radio
perhaps they sang a bit
but as yet no one had made up
many songs

and after the honeymoon
wouldn't they be bored
walking and talking
with never a worry in the world
they didn't need to invent an atom
or prove the existence of God

no it had to end
Eve showed she was the bright one
bored witless by Adam
no work
and eternal bliss
she saw her chance
they say the snake tempted her to it
don't believe it
she bit because she hungered
to know
the clever thing
she wasn't kicked out
she walked out

The Penguin Book of Australian Women Poets Pgs 159-60

Eve's Soliloquy - Collette Inez

When I was riddled with pizzazz
and hot to trot,
gnats and mosquitos didn't
bother me,
but now I'm past the middle
of that carrying on,
so long immunity.
Bugs bite
parts once sleek
as that trickster snake,
and still fair,
the blush of apples,
where curves quiver.
So says the mower
in our garden.
Adam gone soft
in the middle hasn't solved
the riddle of love
any more than I have,
pulls me by the hair,
wants his dessert
when I want mine
while time, bent and warped
in its space time event,
prepares to blow out
our lights in a tryst
with incalculable pi.

Ploughshares Winter 2002 Pg 119

Eve - Alison Leonard

Watch it.
I'm back at the gate of Eden
but this time with a queue of us,
broad, tear-stained, laughing out loud
and seeing each other for the first time.
We've found our way by the stones you laid
to trip us up.

I thump my heels in dance
along the queue.
Delilah calls out, 'Lilith's back!'
and we circle, sand-treading
each other's toeprints,whooping moonsongs
in lilyish rhythm. And yet

if our blood seeps in and out
and through one another
like a delta on the verge
of the sea so, as moon longs
for sun, we long
for the unnamed Adam,
the memory of lust and
the haunting of wisdom.

'Eve etc' Edinburgh Review 107

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Happy Birthday to Tim

Dear Tim.
Happy Birthday.
Love, Missy.

What do you mean, who? Missy. Cousin. Darwin. Yes, that Missy. How many do you know that would come to your birthday party? Yes well, you didn't invite me either, but still. Yes I look different. I'm not twelve anymore.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Posts to come

Sunday drive
Toga recap
Coming back to the hall

Vote 1

There's some kind of election to-do going on here at Flinders. It's quite annoying. I dislike being unable to walk between sets of stairs without being accosted by some politician telling me to vote for them.

Do I feel like I should care about this stuff?
No actually I don't.


Oh PS, there's a bunch of Hallies wanting to get elected for something or other. Go Hallies! Ok, happy? That was my university spirit right there.

Toga Recap

So, there was a Toga Party.

I went, I drank, I danced. Nothing amazing happened (either amazingly good or amazingly embarrassing). I drifted from group to group, going where I possibly knew someone enough to be considered acquaintence enough to be standing with them. Mostly, I tried to be one of those people who, y'know, get 'lost in the music' to justify my lack of friend-type people that I was not dancing with. This got easier after the vodka and raspberrys had a chance to kick in.

Had discussions about the difficulty in going to the toilet in a toga.
Watched drunken idiots push a wheelchair around (with an incapacitated, non-drunk person in it).
Had to dodge flying red frogs as people thought it was more fun throwing them than eating them.
Got kicked out half an hour early (not just me, everyone) cos someone took a crap on a car.

Lots of people got killed. (We're doing the whole-Hall charity version of the aforementioned Assassins game. We, the Hall in general, not we, me and the rest of the people playing the game.)

Debating posting this, but what the hell. Think what you want.

An acquaintance tooks photos and offered to email them to me. If she does, I'll post them and you can see my pretty toga. Actually I really had fun getting all dressed up and prettified. Note to self however: I think it would have been easier to pin a toga if I had someone other than myself in the room. But I could be wrong.

Sorry if this post isn't the cheerful drunk-happy party recap you were expecting. I don't know why this all appeared on the screen.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Returning to the Hall

I'm pretty sure I'll be applying to come to the Hall next semester. I'm liking the views (although not the stairs) and I study more when I have a limited supply of entertainment things in my reach, or distractions like friends and work and basketball.

So I got to thinking. What do they look for to see if they'll let you come back? And I started making a list.

  1. Well, I got a HD, there's the academic bit taken care of.
  2. You have to have been to Marion at least once a week since you've lived at the Hall, usually on a Friday to get groceries.
  3. You catch the 680 or 681.
  4. You must have attended some drunken social activity (Toga) and been to Shennanigans on a Wednesday (guess I fail).
  5. You must have been hanging out for Monday to come so you could get some food.
  6. You must have sat in the common room and yelled for someone to change the channel (or not) cos the other show was starting (or hadn't finished).
  7. You must be used to waking up at 8:50 for a 9am class cos you know you can make it in time.
  8. Waking up too late late for lunch only means it was after ten.
  9. You must be counting down the days til the end of semester so you can go home. Bonus points if you've already booked your flights.

If there are any Hallies who somehow stumble across this, feel free to add to the list.

Didja see? Didja see?

New things!

First, there's links. People I know. I do actually know more than one person, I just only know one person in the real world who is brave enough to admit she has a blog. Go on over and check it out. She is infinitely smarter than me. And she has a nice car which she might even show you one day.

Ok, this isn't turning out to be a very long list.
Yes it is, I just thought of something else. I crossed off another book on my reading list. Loaded. There may be a rant forthcoming.

Riiiiight down the botton there's a thing that's been there for a while which nobody's mentioned. So I don't know if you haven't noticed it already. Or something. Anyway, it's there, just doing its thing.

And the grand finale. I've also added something new and pretty to the sidebar. Yep, over there. Go down a bit maybe. Ya see it? Whatdya think? Pretty cool huh. For anyone with access to my bookshelf, feel free to send me all the ISBN numbers of all the books on all the shelves. K? Cool.

Oh and you can go here if you want one of your very own.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Lost in a good book...

Ok, my mind is kind of on The Eyre Affair, hence the title, and Jane Eyre, which this is kind of about.

So in the lecture today, the lecturer woman said she'd "grown up on Jane Eyre."* Wow, there's an English lecturer for ya. Then she said that she'd read it "oh, at least a dozen times since she was ten years old." Now let me tell you, even if she read if once a year since she was ten years old, she's still missing about forty readings of it. I have read it at least five times since I was ten years old. Does that mean I grew up on it?

*She also asked if any of us did - um, no, we grew up on Sweet Valley and the Babysitters Club.

Edit: My history teacher: "And that first speech of Maggie Thatcher's, remember that?" Once again, no.

Saturday, September 09, 2006


Well, tonight is the night of the great Flinders Uni Hall Toga Party.

I have bought material and gold ribbon and fake tan (jk) and anticipate a night full of drunk people. Whether I'm one of them is yet to be determined.

I'd like to point out that it's minus a bajillion degress right now, and I'm pretty sure anyone wandering around in a toga will be liable to die of hypothermia. Maybe that's what the alcohol is for. Seriously, couldn't we have had like an Eskimo Party or something. Lots of fur and sheepskin and ugg boots is all I'm saying.

Verdict to come.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

First asssignment back


85% - High Distinction.

A very well written, well structured essay. You attend to this question with insight and intelligence. A very good discussion of both the strenghts and limitations of this film. You reach sound conclusions based on balanced analysis.
This paper was a pleasure to read. Well done.

How cool is that?

For once in my life, I managed to come down off the fence and reach a conclusion. I hope she doesn't think she'll be seeing that again.

Some posts are meant for family. Some are meant for friends. This one will be one I can read and say, "See, I rock!" I have a feeling the grades will rapidly decline from this point on, so I'll probably need it.

PS. I have totally changed my stance on 500-word essays hehe.


For the Royal Adelaide Show:*
"Miss it, and you'll have to wait a whole year."
What a load of crap. Or possibly, it's funny cos it's true? Nah, it's just crap.

For Toga Party:
"Toga: more than just a sheet." or something like that.

Incidentally, from what I can gather, Toga is the big event of the semester, along with Hall Ball which happens a bit later on. I should go right?

*Why are all the shows 'Royal'? I've not noticed any royalty wandering around sideshow alley or exploring the animal displays.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Yearbook Profile Update

1) Name, birthday, course, email.
4th August 1985, BA (English and History)

2) If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be and why?
My power would be to instantly go from one place to another, so I don’t have to walk up any more damn hills.

3) What’s your poison?
If we’re talking alcohol, it’s a toblerone.

4) Where will you be ten years from now?
Let me check my crystal ball… lying on a beach drinking rum.

5) Voted most likely to…
Not answer this question.

6) Most memorable event of the year?
Coming to Flinders. And going home for the holidays. Not that it's happened yet, but it will.

7) Describe your best spew of the year.
Not at the Hall. I’m pretty sure I remember it being a good night though…

8) Complete this sentence: In the hall, I am the_____________ who always__________. I like to ___________ and I think that__________.
Help me out here guys. What the hell am I supposed to write?

9) If you had half an hour left to live, what would you be doing, where and with who?
Doesn’t really give me much time to get on a plane, so hmm finding a motorbike to ride. Otherwise, Ireland with my dad.

10) If you were born the opposite sex, what would you have been called?

Note to self

Note to self: do not go on IMDB and look up a movie you will be discussing in class.

Facts do not help. The film-makers' actual motivations - and especially lack thereof - are not helpful in a discussion of themes and deep important messages in the text.

Just go with it. "Really, that's not what I thought. I thought the film-maker was actually making a very important point of the state of the egg economy in South-East Asia." It's all about how you interpret it. Facts? Pfft. A solid arguement is what's needed.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

To Whom It May Concern

This post is not directed at most of you. This person does know about my blog (I am not writing this for no reason) but if you’re someone who said, “I read your blog. It was so great,” then you're not that person.

Putting down other people does make you a cooler person.

Being rude or short with people does not endear you to anyone – either to people witnessing it, or the people you’re being rude to.

I can tell when you’re rolling your eyes over the phone.

I understand you have friends and a life and things to do. So do I.

Some people depend on you for certain things. You need to be able to give it to them.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Attn: Only for people interested in shoppping (you know who you aren't)

$15.00 – maroon sweater top
$19.95 – side button jeans
$19.95 – blue button back tie top
$19.95 – black white and silver patterened tee with white halter

$6.95 – good cream pants
$6.95 – grey pants

$33.96 – panel suede tote bag
$16.96 – floral suedette small tote bag

$15.00 – blue v-neck band top

Just Jeans
($9.95) – exchange – red and white stripe bustier

Table Eight
$25.95 – mint satin bra and g-string
$25.95 – chocolate t-shirt bra and briefs

$79.95 – high brown boots

Total: $286.52.

Not bad for a day's work now was it.
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