Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Lost in a good book...

Ok, my mind is kind of on The Eyre Affair, hence the title, and Jane Eyre, which this is kind of about.

So in the lecture today, the lecturer woman said she'd "grown up on Jane Eyre."* Wow, there's an English lecturer for ya. Then she said that she'd read it "oh, at least a dozen times since she was ten years old." Now let me tell you, even if she read if once a year since she was ten years old, she's still missing about forty readings of it. I have read it at least five times since I was ten years old. Does that mean I grew up on it?

*She also asked if any of us did - um, no, we grew up on Sweet Valley and the Babysitters Club.

Edit: My history teacher: "And that first speech of Maggie Thatcher's, remember that?" Once again, no.

1 comment:

  1. i grew up on sweet valley and baby sitters club too! of course, roahl dahl (is that how to spell it) was a legend in my time too. and john marsden. and paul jennings. and morris gleismann. and enid blyton. and emily rhodda. i didn't know much about the classics until year 11 when we had a british english teacher take over the world, sorry, class, like the evil dictator, sorry "teacher" she is.


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