Saturday, September 23, 2006

Next Year

So I was thinking of doing a unit over the holidays. However, my geekly aspirations have been cut down as Flinders does not run classes over the summer holidays (except in random shit that does me absolutely no good whatsoever) and the fact that Flinders is just weird.

First year: Four subjects Semster One, Four Subjects Semester Two
Second Year: Three subjects S1, Three subjects S2
Third Year: Three subjects S1, Three subjects s2
As opposed to everywhere else in the whole of the country who just does four every semester.

I am doing four this semester, as it is basically first year.
Next semester I will need to do four (second year subjects).
The semester after that I will do four third year subjects.

So, keeping in mind that a normal load at Flinders second and third years is three subjects, do you see why I wanted to do one on the holidays? No? Oh, you're very confused. Me too.

Oh yeah, the point. Any class that I do through Open Universities would be worth 1/4 of a full-time load. However, any class I do for the rest of my time at Flinders will be worth (will need to be worth) 1/3 of a full-time load. So there's no point studying anything over the holidays as it will worth jack-all to the good people of Flinders.

Hence, how I end up doing 4/3 of a full time load my entire final year.

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