Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The dinner dance

At first glance, the dining halls of the Hall and KSA seem like long communal tables where everyone is sitting with everyone else. This is not the case however. At KSA, you had to sit with your bunk, and your bunk had to sit at a specific table. Your position at the table was determined by where you sat the first week, and it did not change.

It is kinda funny how stereotypical the Hall dining hall is of a high school in some teen movie. There is the Asian table, and the sports (read: boy) table, and the A-students (read: HC and tutors) table. It's very cute, and very sad. However, I have discovered that most people will be polite if you say hi and sit at their table.* This is good. Also, on the holidays there are less tables available and so everyone is kinda squished and forced to sit with strange people.

'The dinner dance' to which the title of this post refers refers to the fact that there are two sittings, and regardless, people finish eating at different times. There is a sort of dining hall etiquette regarding where you can sit based on how much other people have eaten. Like, if someone is just finishing dinner and you're arriving? If they're onto dessert? But then there're some people who sit and talk so you can arrive and eat and be gone before they get up. Basically though, you eat with people who came in at the same time as you. Otherwise, people feel compelled to stay and keep you company and make conversation. It's really funny that they do, as really, people are here to eat dinner and someone else being there shouldn't impact on that right? I'm not forcing anyone to stay. And yet it seems rude making them stay there while I'm still eating. However, it's not like you can say, "You don't have stay here for me." Egotistical much?

Yes I'm over-thinking this. I know. But it's fun. Crazy things that someone should do a study on.

*There are some tables I wouldn't sit at if I hadn't put on makeup and designer jeans to come to dinner.

I just wrote a huge long post and it ate it. When I've fixed the crack where I punched my computer screen, I'll redo it for ya.

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