Friday, September 29, 2006

Why breakfast is too early in the morning

So this-girl-I-know-by-sight and I had bonded over Vegemite and this guy's t-shirt about how to ditch a girlfriend. Then she clearly felt she should be 'making conversation' (possible rant-to-come right there) so she says:

"Did you straighten your hair?"

Only every single day since I got here.

Except this week, when I had barely raised a brush to it, let alone a bottle of shampoo.

Oh, and? Today my hair was in like eight little plaits all over my head.

"Yes I straightened my hair."

Silly girl, trying to talk before midday.


  1. vsquared10:42 pm

    Some people actually think breakfast is a time for social intercourse. they are wrong.
    if you really must eat breakfast eat it alone, or if you must share the room with someone else, adopt a facial expression that will ensure no attempts at pleasantries.

  2. I don't mind social interacton, as long as it is limited to things like grunts and raised eyebrows (and not too many).

  3. skywalker2:07 pm

    well... personally i think breakfast is a time of not much.........

    but some people think differently so.....
    im no psycologist so i dont no wat they think and dont have much opinion on the matter


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