Thursday, September 07, 2006

First asssignment back


85% - High Distinction.

A very well written, well structured essay. You attend to this question with insight and intelligence. A very good discussion of both the strenghts and limitations of this film. You reach sound conclusions based on balanced analysis.
This paper was a pleasure to read. Well done.

How cool is that?

For once in my life, I managed to come down off the fence and reach a conclusion. I hope she doesn't think she'll be seeing that again.

Some posts are meant for family. Some are meant for friends. This one will be one I can read and say, "See, I rock!" I have a feeling the grades will rapidly decline from this point on, so I'll probably need it.

PS. I have totally changed my stance on 500-word essays hehe.


  1. vsquared11:03 pm

    HD is Ok for a start, but where do you go from there? You've put yourself under a bit of pressure.

  2. A friend of mine got a HD on her first assignment, a D on her second one, and a C on her latest one.

    Not that that's gonna happen here or anything...

  3. congrats on the HD! apparently harder to achieve outside CDU, so well worth a pat on the back, or a celebratory toblerone!


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