Saturday, September 09, 2006


Well, tonight is the night of the great Flinders Uni Hall Toga Party.

I have bought material and gold ribbon and fake tan (jk) and anticipate a night full of drunk people. Whether I'm one of them is yet to be determined.

I'd like to point out that it's minus a bajillion degress right now, and I'm pretty sure anyone wandering around in a toga will be liable to die of hypothermia. Maybe that's what the alcohol is for. Seriously, couldn't we have had like an Eskimo Party or something. Lots of fur and sheepskin and ugg boots is all I'm saying.

Verdict to come.


  1. vsquared9:51 pm

    How did the ancient Romans (or even the relatively youthful ones) cope with the problem of cold weather.
    Did they have summer togas and winter togas? Surely they must!
    So how come all we ever see is something resembling a thread-bare sheet, draped across one shoulder, secured by a a safty pin?

  2. France at the end of summer was cold enough for a hoodie. I doubt ancient Rome was really that different. Maybe it's all a myth.


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