Thursday, September 14, 2006

Toga Recap

So, there was a Toga Party.

I went, I drank, I danced. Nothing amazing happened (either amazingly good or amazingly embarrassing). I drifted from group to group, going where I possibly knew someone enough to be considered acquaintence enough to be standing with them. Mostly, I tried to be one of those people who, y'know, get 'lost in the music' to justify my lack of friend-type people that I was not dancing with. This got easier after the vodka and raspberrys had a chance to kick in.

Had discussions about the difficulty in going to the toilet in a toga.
Watched drunken idiots push a wheelchair around (with an incapacitated, non-drunk person in it).
Had to dodge flying red frogs as people thought it was more fun throwing them than eating them.
Got kicked out half an hour early (not just me, everyone) cos someone took a crap on a car.

Lots of people got killed. (We're doing the whole-Hall charity version of the aforementioned Assassins game. We, the Hall in general, not we, me and the rest of the people playing the game.)

Debating posting this, but what the hell. Think what you want.

An acquaintance tooks photos and offered to email them to me. If she does, I'll post them and you can see my pretty toga. Actually I really had fun getting all dressed up and prettified. Note to self however: I think it would have been easier to pin a toga if I had someone other than myself in the room. But I could be wrong.

Sorry if this post isn't the cheerful drunk-happy party recap you were expecting. I don't know why this all appeared on the screen.

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