Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Returning to the Hall

I'm pretty sure I'll be applying to come to the Hall next semester. I'm liking the views (although not the stairs) and I study more when I have a limited supply of entertainment things in my reach, or distractions like friends and work and basketball.

So I got to thinking. What do they look for to see if they'll let you come back? And I started making a list.

  1. Well, I got a HD, there's the academic bit taken care of.
  2. You have to have been to Marion at least once a week since you've lived at the Hall, usually on a Friday to get groceries.
  3. You catch the 680 or 681.
  4. You must have attended some drunken social activity (Toga) and been to Shennanigans on a Wednesday (guess I fail).
  5. You must have been hanging out for Monday to come so you could get some food.
  6. You must have sat in the common room and yelled for someone to change the channel (or not) cos the other show was starting (or hadn't finished).
  7. You must be used to waking up at 8:50 for a 9am class cos you know you can make it in time.
  8. Waking up too late late for lunch only means it was after ten.
  9. You must be counting down the days til the end of semester so you can go home. Bonus points if you've already booked your flights.

If there are any Hallies who somehow stumble across this, feel free to add to the list.

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